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Your June 22 Weekly Horoscope Is Here, & So Is Cancer Season


It's time to get in touch with your heart, soul, and intuition, because as of last week, the sun officially entered Cancer. This season is about building the home you desire, getting in touch with your closest loved ones, and remembering what matters most to you. Although a sensitive and emotionally intense time, Cancer season reminds you of who you are on an intrinsic level. Although you're still dealing with the overwhelmingly transformative effects of a new moon in Cancer, your June 22, 2020 weekly horoscope will help you pick up the pieces as your embark on this next chapter.

With the North Node currently in open-minded Gemini and eclipse season well underway, you'll likely feel inundated with the truth. You're realizing a lot of things about who you are, the way you see the world, and where you need to go next, and it's as if the clouds are parting, revealing what lies in the sky. With Neptune — planet of dreams and illusions — stationing retrograde on June 23 (where it will remain for the next five months), the fantasies you escape to and the lies you convince yourself are true will slowly begin coming undone. Although subtle in its effect, Neptune retrograde takes an idealist and turns them into a realist. It's time to see the truth for what it is.

However, as one retrograde begins, another comes to an end. On June 25, Venus — planet of romance, luxury, and friendship — will station direct after a retrograde that has lasted over a month. All the pressure and tension creating issues in your social life and love life will slowly begin to lift, giving you a better understanding of how to solve these conflicts in the future. But let's not forget Mercury — planet of messages and cognitive function — is also retrograde, creating confusion in communication, thought process, logic, and planning. There is so much overlap between what can happen during Mercury retrograde and Venus retrograde, so make sure you take it easy and think twice before taking action, even as the retrograde energies begin to ease up.

Even though it's difficult to get motivated during Mercury retrograde, you're receiving a major boost of energy this week. As of June 27, Mars — planet of drive and courage — enters its home sign of competitive, ambitious, and combative Aries. While this turns up the aggression and conflict, it also acts as a fire burning within you, encouraging you to go for it. Plus, Mars will form a stabilizing sextile with sturdy Saturn on June 28, providing you with a solid platform to work off of.



You're learning how to identify what you need and communicate those needs. Understand there is strength in being vulnerable and speaking your truth. The way others react is their problem, not yours. This week, you have the power to courageously conquer so many of the things that have felt unconquerable. Own your strength, accept what you cannot change, and be yourself.


This week, you're understanding your true worth. Although you may have been questioning it lately, the universe is letting you know you are enough just as you are. It's time to heal yourself from any negative perspectives you may have had about your own self-esteem. If you remind yourself of all the reasons you are powerful, lovable, and worthy of respect, it will stick.


You're remembering who you are again. If you've drifted far away from yourself, it's time to come home. Remember what makes you you. Your uniqueness has the power to inspire positive change in others. By sticking to your guns, even when others ask you to adapt to the situation at hand, you're setting an example the world will follow.


You're learning how to feel comfortable on your own. There's a part of you no one else will ever see or understand. You're learning it's up to you to accept your inner world and love yourself through the process. Inner-acceptance is a puzzle piece that will complete a beautiful picture, and once you achieve it, your outer success will fall into place. It'll let the rest of the world know you're ready.



You have so much vision this week. It's as if your dreams and wishes are coming into focus and your heart knows exactly what it desires. You have the power to begin the journey towards making them a reality. Accept that the journey is filled with mistakes, wrong turns, and moments of doubt, but never forget your ultimate dream. It wants you just as badly as you want it.


You're feeling more competitive than ever. You're ready to put your name out there and be recognized for all you've worked so hard for. In fact, you're even prepared to sacrifice things you've loved or relied on if it brings you one step closure to winning. Understand success always brings new responsibility with it, and growing up means growing out of what you no longer need.


You're feeling openminded about the path you're on and ready to leave behind stubborn perspectives. See things from the other side, because it could make all the difference in a relationship. You have the power to commit to, strengthen, and build a relationship that lasts this week. However, it may require you to be flexible and compromise. Do that, and you might be surprised by what you find.


Passion is coursing through your heart and you're thinking about what you're prepared to pour all your energy into. While it may not be the perfect time to make the commitment yet, you're certainly considering all the pros and cons before you make the decision. Your feeling more productive than usual this week, and if you start forming healthy habits now, they'll follow you into the future.



You're beginning to understand where you stand in your relationships. After a long period of introspection, you're getting a better idea of what you need, what needs to change, and how your relationship patterns can improve. However, this is not the time to settle. You deserve romance in its purest and most passionate form. You're never too old to demand magic in your life.


After a long period of procrastination and disorganization, you're beginning to get a handle on your routine again. Focus your energy on self-betterment, whether that means working harder or taking a well-deserved break. You're searching for a peaceful, loving, and nurturing state of mind. Luckily, it all begins with you. Start by enforcing habits that bring more positive energy into your life.


You're reconnecting with your creative spark this week. Rather than allow yourself to feel bored and restless, pour your heart into activities, hobbies, and environments that allow for artistic expression. You're craving knowledge, experiences, and stimulating conversations. It may be time to do something out of the ordinary; something that makes this week different from all the rest.


You're learning more about what you need in order to feel safe, secure, and emotionally content in your universe. It's time to remove the sharp edges in your life and replace them with something softer. Set an intention focusing on stability. Even if you crave chaos, staying grounded, peaceful, and calm will serve you more. Right now, you're building your foundation. Make it a strong one.