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Your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope Will Give You A New Perspective

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It's time for the infamous and annoying transit everyone loves to hate: Mercury retrograde. That's right, the planet of communication and cognitive function stations retrograde on June 8 and stations direct once again on July 12, so gather your bearings, because it's coming at you fast. However, before you start running for cover, let's talk about all the good that can come out of Mercury retrograde. In fact, when you read your Mercury retrograde summer 2020 horoscope, not only will you have a better understanding of what to expect, you'll also realize the experience has a lot of important things to teach you. There's no need to be afraid.

Taking place in intuitive, protective, and homebody Cancer, this retrograde will reveal where your heart stands, giving you a better idea of how you process your feelings and show you care. To be quite frank, this will also make the experience a sensitive one, so don't be surprised if your emotions feel overwhelming during this time. Cancer is a sign that tends to communicate empathetically; by simply sensing how others are feeling and assuming their feelings are being understood in return. However, seeing as Mercury will be retrograde, which tends to cause misunderstandings, this sets the tone for a lot of indirect communication. Let's remember Cancer is symbolized by the crab, and instead of charging forward, the crab tends to slink away by moving sideways. Mercury retrograde in Cancer is no different, so keep in mind that passive aggressive styles of communication will probably not get the desired result.

Fortunately, you don't need to overthink what happens during Mercury retrograde because it tends to be a period of impermanence. Generally speaking, you're not advised to begin new projects or relationships during this time because they might lose steam later on. Instead, it's a beautiful time to return to old projects you've disconnected from or to reconnect with people from your past and finally get a sense of closure. Think of Mercury retrograde as an opportunity to take a break from everything and engage in reflection, review, and reform. It's a slow and steady process, but Mercury retrograde always encourages you to go back to the drawing board.

Here's how it will affect you, based on your zodiac sign:



Whatever is blocking your heart from feeling safe and loved will arise during this time. You'll want to spend your time thinking about how you can solve longstanding conflicts with loved ones and issues related to your home life. Do what needs to be done to make yourself feel as though you belong.


You're learning how you can communicate your thoughts and opinions most effectively. If you've been keeping quiet when you should speak up, you'll learn how to harness your voice. If you've been speaking over others, it's time to start listening. It will transform the way you learn.


Your spending habits are coming to light. It's time to think about how you can spend more wisely, make more money, and improve your perspective of your finances. Learn what you need in order to thrive, but make sure your self worth isn't based upon external factors; it comes from deep within.


You may spend this period questioning who you are and how you feel. However, these questions are meant to help you get to the bottom of yourself. Understand it's normal to change over time, so embrace being a constant work in process. Let yourself be open to new emotions, perspectives, and possibilities.



You may feel haunted by your past during this time, as though you're not truly over trauma from your past. However, this is an opportunity to understand what went wrong and forgive yourself for whatever you've been going through. Your past doesn't define you, so set yourself free from its clutches.


You're rethinking your friendships and the people you spend your time with. You may benefit from reconnecting with people from your past and getting a sense of closure from the experience. You might even meet a new set of people who will have a major impact on you, no matter how long they remain in your life.


You may experience a few career setbacks during this time, but rather than viewing these as failures, see them as opportunities. You now have the chance to try things differently or return to a career path you've set on the back burner. By the time this retrograde is over, you'll have a better understanding of your goals.


You're reconsidering where you're going and how you're getting there. Now is not the time to obsess over the destination, but to think more deeply about what you're getting out of the journey. Make sure you're paying attention to your surroundings; to the opportunities offered to you. Don't let them pass you by.


You're understanding your attachments and how they harness your spiritual energy. It may be time to rethink whether certain commitments have held you back or whether your fear of commitment has prevented you from progressing. Focus your heart on something that matters to you and brings out the best in you.


You're becoming aware of your relationship patterns. You may feel encouraged to reflect on a relationship that has come and gone, helping you learn from your mistakes and release yourself from the grief of letting go. You'll take what you've learned and it will make all your future relationships stronger.


You're taking a closer look at your priorities and your daily routine. You're seeing the repercussions of time spent on the wrong things. It's time to rethink what you choose to focus on and consider regimens, techniques, and projects that will bring the best results for your future. Let your wellbeing be the most important thing.


You're reconnecting with your creative spark and learning how you can express yourself clearly and without apology. Identify what fears and mentalities are preventing you from harnessing your fullest creative self. Learn how you can let go of the self doubt preventing you from experiencing every inch of your soul.

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