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Don't Get Too Comfortable — The Next Mercury Retrograde Isn't Far Off


Mercury retrograde is one of those things you simply can't avoid. Aside from it creeping up on you at least three to four times a year, it also comes in a number of different flavors, inspired by all 12 zodiac signs. When is the next Mercury retrograde? The good news is, you already got one retro haze down; the bad news is, you've still got two more to go.

Mercury — planetary ruler of Gemini and Virgo — governs the mind; its essence has everything to do with communication, due diligence, and e-commerce. While the area of technology typically belongs to Uranus, Mercury also has a say in this. Uranian energy is scientific and innovative, but Mercury is the one at fault whenever social networks like Instagram suddenly stop working.

So, When Is The Next Mercury Retrograde?

As I previously mentioned, the curious messenger planet retrogrades three to four times a year, and after a complex retrograde phase through Aquarius and Pisces, Mercury the trickster will kick off its second retrograde journey through Cancer's cardinal waters on June 18 at exactly 12:59 a.m. ET, and station direct on July 12. Before you expect the absolute worst, it's important to acknowledge two major key points:

  1. The logic behind Mercury retrograde
  2. The sign(s) Mercury retrogrades through

What Happens During Mercury Retrograde?

It doesn't matter whether you're referring to savvy Mercury or another heavenly body in the solar system, when a planet retrogrades, it slows down. However, despite the notorious backlash stemming from this highly dreaded astrological phenomenon, its mission goes far beyond the nuisance of technology glitches and petty misunderstandings.

Let's say you've been stressed out working on a tedious project and you take a second to gather your thoughts. What would you do next? Something very similar happens to Mercury. Swift and incredibly resourceful, when the mischievous messenger god retrogrades, it specifically wants you to take a second to review, reflect, and reassess the situation at hand. Keep in mind, Mercury is the planet of communication, which means whatever you're taking a second look at is most likely a conversation needed to be had, a contract needed to be signed, or general unfinished business. Mercury also governs all things related to your daily routine, due diligence, and immediate environment. So, if there's something that needs to be reworked or organized in your day-to-day, it will surely resurface during this time.

Mercury Retrograde In Cancer 2020: June 18-July 12

Emotional is an understatement. Remember, Cancer's water is cardinal, which means it flows confidently and effortlessly. In astrology, water is a symbol of intuition, emotion, and the universal undercurrents, so you can already imagine what happens when curious Mercury transits through Cancer, let alone retrogrades. This is a combination of handling matters related to family and dealing with the repressed emotions coming to the surface. Reuniting with relatives and reviewing paperwork related to domestic property is also a possibility. Honoring your emotions and nurturing the sanctuary of your heart is a priority, so don't be afraid to embrace your softer side.