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The First Mercury Retrograde Of The New Decade Will Impact Every Zodiac Sign

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There are sure to be plenty of crossed wires in the near future, both figuratively and literally. That's right, it's time for the first Mercury retrograde of 2020. From Feb. 16 to March 9, you're going to need to exercise extreme levels of patience. Fortunately for you, we've got a breakdown for how you can minimize the impact of this three-week cycle in your 2020 Mercury retrograde winter horoscope.

Mercury retrogrades last for about three weeks and happen three to four times every year. When they do, all hell can break loose within the areas of life governed by Mercury: communication, transportation, and information. Best friends break up with each other; crucial appointments fall off your calendar; exes show up to distract you; phones get lost in Lyfts and tablets get swallowed up by seatback pockets on planes... You get the idea.

This particular go 'round Mercury's moonwalk takes place in two parts of the zodiac wheel: From Feb. 16 to March 4, the messenger planet backstrokes through Pisces' soulful waters. While Mercury is retreating through this mutable zodiac sign, take nothing at face value; this is the sign of illusions and fantasy, so people may have hidden agendas. Accept the fact that it’s going to take until mid-March to get a straight answer out of anyone.

Then, from March 4 to 9, Mercury rounds out the retrograde in intellectual Aquarius' heady space. Communication could go completely haywire within your squad during this time, especially if you're trying to figure out a plan via group chat. Close your messages and make face-to-face contact, because it’s a lot harder to shade someone when they're sitting right next to you. Also, since Aquarius is the natural ruler of the internet and all of your wired-up devices, definitely take extra care of your gadgets.

We know Mercury retrograde can be frustrating. The best thing you can do is be prepared with your horoscope.

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There are times when life could feel as surreal as a reality show. When it does, that's most likely your welcome to the world of Mercury retrograde in your twelfth house of illusions, Aries. For you, the truth will be stranger than fiction until March 4. Tap into this imaginative period to develop on your own artistic passions, possibly picking up a half-finished project from months ago.

From March 4 to 9, when Mercury heads into Aquarius, old collaborators could return. Get the band back together, at least for one reunion show.


Snap that bumper case onto your phone, Taurus. With Mercury backing up through your digital domain, you — more than any other sign — need to protect your tech. If you don't want to start March off with a cracked screen or a lost gadget, take the precautionary measures. Tension with teammates could reach a fever pitch during this time as well, so watch that "raging bull" temper of yours.

Once this retrograde rounds out in Aquarius, you could encounter a few roadblocks on the job. Try not to lose it on your boss.


You've got goals, Gemini, but while Mercury's moonwalking through your career zone from Feb. 16 to March 4, you should slow down and make sure you've handled every detail. If you're overwhelmed, slice big jobs into smaller tasks and tick them off one by one. If you know you're facing an impossible mission, ask for a deadline extension or bring on support.

Your travel plans could stall between March 4 to 9, so you may need to think of a backup plan. This week could also spell some miscommunication, so choose every single word carefully.


With Mercury gone rogue in your audacious ninth house until March 4, speaking your truth could land you in hot water. This is not the time to decide to be a daredevil, Cancer, although you may be tempted. Save your Twitter drags and jaw-dropping debuts, along with any way-too-complicated travel plans, for post-retrograde season.

Come March 4, the green-eyed monster (aka jealousy) may find its way to you. It's fine if you want some space away from the ones who caused it, but try not to push anyone too far away, because you may regret it later in the month.

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Is it business, pleasure, or something else altogether, Leo? Beware of any blurred lines during this retrograde, which is wreaking a little bit of havoc on your relationships. This is not the time to experiment wildly with people in any category. If you're mildly attracted to someone (but not over the moon about 'em), you're better off remaining just friends. Exes could also pop up like springtime flowers — pretty to look at, but the bloom will fade quickly. Even if you think there's legitimate potential for a second round, pace yourself.


How balanced are your partnerships, Virgo? Between Feb. 16 and March 4, you may need to give bae more tender, loving care than usual — and vice versa. If you're bored, or not getting the attention you desire, you could be tempted to start a fight. But that strategy could truly backfire, making it even more difficult to get your connection back on track. You'll have to work harder to be "in the moment," following the ebb and flow until things stabilize mid-March. If the one you love is unavailable, reconnect with people from your past who actually have time for you.

From March 4 to 9, get back to the gym and eat clean. If you're feeling under the weather, now's the time to get an actual checkup instead of diagnosing yourself via Google Search.


You'll have to work hard to keep some law and order in your life, as Mercury scrambles signals in your systematic sixth house until March 4. Staying on top of the details could be stressful, and your self-care schedules could shift due to work demands. Slow down, prioritize, and bring in support. You might only miss a few workouts before you're back on the horse.

In terms of romance, things could get complicated from March 4 to 9. Don't try to turn a fling into a happily ever after.


Keep it chill, Scorpio. Mercury's causing mischief in your fifth house of romance and drama, which could draw you to a complicated ex. Even if you're happily hitched, you might find yourself starting trouble just to keep things interesting. Instead, pour your passion into a creative project, or work with a teacher to cultivate your skills.

Reconnecting with an important family member could happen from March 4 to 9. Embrace it.

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It may be tough, but try to keep things chill under your roof between Feb. 16 and March 4, as tension could heat up with roommates or relatives. You could be the moody one though, so if you need more space, get out and visit old friends.

Between March 4 and 9 would also be a good time to reunite with pals from your past, as well as finish up any writing projects you may have forgotten about. As an alternative, ramp up the self-care and start reimagining your spaces.


You'll have a double shot of retrograde action, since Mercury's backing up through your communication house until March 4. We know honesty is the best policy, but timing is everything, Capricorn. You might want to wait before you unleash your feedback and pro tips, especially with siblings, coworkers, and neighbors who are going through a rough time. Best thing you can do is just lend them your ears.

Tighten your belt from March 4 to 9 — that's when Mercury is back in your money zone, and it's sure to cause some budgetary blips.


Coworkers will probably annoy you more than usual, and office electronics could break down at the most random times, but try not to let it get to you, Aquarius. Money could also burn a hole in your pocket, as Mercury wobbles back through your financial district until March 4. Check your spending and charging habits, and look where you could save more for important investments.

When Mercury retrogrades back into your sign from March 4 to 9, you may feel misunderstood about the most basic points. Don't bother arguing or explaining — this five-day stretch is better used for quiet observation and developing genius ideas in your private test kitchen.


Nothing can take down birthday season, but celebrations might be a tad more low-key than usual if you're born between Feb. 18 and March 4. With Mercury backstroking through your sign, you're better off opting for a sit-down dinner with your besties instead of dancing at a club all night. If you've been an open book, keep the personal intel under lock and key for a couple weeks. Refine your ideas behind the scenes before any big reveals.

Need to let go of a grudge? March 4 to 9 paves the way for forgiveness, but while reconciling, make sure you actually deal with the problem that drove you apart in the first place.

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