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This Mercury Retrograde Will Be Frustrating For All — Especially These Signs

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The dreaded Mercury retrograde is making its rounds once again. This transit tends to entail disturbances, such as a long-lost ex suddenly re-entering your life, bumper-to-bumper traffic everywhere, delayed flights, accidentally liking someone's Instagram post from way back in 2014, and all that fun jazz. Basically, if it's frustrating, it's something that will happen during Mercury retrograde. This is when the planet of communication and thought process is out of order, sending out missed signals and mixed messages galore. Everyone will be affected by it, but these zodiac signs will have the absolute worst Mercury retrograde this season: Aries, Gemini, and Virgo.

This Mercury retrograde might be even more confusing than usual for one simple reason: It will take place in bewildering, unfocused, and irrational Pisces. When Mercury is in Pisces, it's in detriment, which essentially means this planet is not functioning at its optimal strength. In fact, Mercury being in Pisces alone is enough to make you feel as though Mercury is retrograde. Mercury wants to analyze, calculate, and solve problems. However, when it's in Pisces, Mercury would make decisions based on emotion rather than logic. How's that for inconvenient?

Taking place between the dates of Feb. 16 to Mar. 9, this Mercury retrograde might not be the best time to make any major commitments or permanent decisions, because you have a higher chance of overlooking the fine print. Instead, spend this time rethinking every option you have and exploring possibilities you never considered before. While this retrograde is not ideal for getting things done, it's definitely ideal for healing and introspection. As long as you're willing to let go of your expectations, the experience might be way more beautiful than you ever would have imagined.


Aries: You Might Feel Uncomfortable Spending Time Alone

You're often such a loud and boisterous presence, Aries. The world can always rely on you to make an entrance. This is why it might feel so strange when you start withdrawing from the world during this upcoming Mercury retrograde. You might suddenly need to take a break from your social life so you can finally get the rest you need. However, don't convince yourself that you're all alone just because you'd rather be alone. There's a difference between solitude and loneliness. There's nothing wrong with spending time with no one but yourself.

Gemini: You Might Feel Disappointed With Your Career

Mercury retrograde is always a drag for you, Gemini. This is your ruling planet, after all. This time, you may find it takes a toll on your career and possibly even your reputation. You may find that a career development you've been hoping for does not pan out the way you expected. You may even decide you're committed to the wrong career altogether. This is serious stuff, but you can take comfort in the fact that there's no reason to make any major decisions just yet. Roll with the punches. The right opportunity will arrive when it's supposed to.

Virgo: You May Be Giving In To Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

People might think Mercury retrograde is annoying, but no one knows the depth of its frustration quite like you do, Virgo. Because Mercury is your ruling planet, its retrograde can get a little intense for you. This time, it has the power to cause conflict and miscommunication within your relationships. It may even bring you back in touch with an ex partner, making you question your decision to leave them behind. Your feelings may be fooling you, Virgo. Maintain those boundaries of yours, and remember there's a reason they are an ex.

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