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You Might Feel More Stressed Than Usual On The First Day Of Fall

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The fact that the season of sunshine and warmth is finally nearing its end is enough to make anyone feel bummed out. All those carefree days, lounging at the beach and soaking in the sun are now becoming memories instead of your reality. With the seasonal transition into fall growing closer, the change is bound to give summer lovers a case of the blues. If you're ready for the change, perhaps even you might still be wondering, "Will the autumn equinox make me stressed?" While this moment is made of bounty, abundance, and prosperity, there are several reasons why this change could challenge your sense of self and invite difficult thought patterns.

Taking place at Sept. 22, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. ET, the autumn equinox is an essential phase in the yearly cycle of birth, growth, decline, and death. Mirroring your own mortality, the natural world continually reincarnates. Think of it like this: In spring, you plant a seed. That seed grows and thrives all throughout summer. Once autumn arrives, that plant is now ready for harvest. However, it has also reached the crux of its life, and as we descend into winter, that plant will inevitably die, only to be reborn once again in the spring as another seedling.

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Any Cosmic Shift Can Make You Feel Strange At First

Even if you're looking forward to fall, the autumn equinox will create a dramatic shift in energy that can initially feel odd. The last phase of summer took place while the sun was in analytical, logical, and overly detailed Virgo. However, at the moment the seasons change, the sun will leave behind Virgo and embrace the harmonious, loving, and partnership-oriented vibes of Libra.

Because Virgo is ruled by earth and Libra is ruled by air, their energies run at immensely different speeds. Virgo is slow, pragmatic, and practical. It considers all the fine print before making a judgment, searches for ultimate perfection, and believes only what is tangible. This is unlike Libra, which flows like a quick breeze. This cardinal air sign desires a sense of completion and would rather move forward than reconsider smaller details. Always looking for aesthetic, balance, and harmony, Libra wants everything to simply get along. If you've been bogged down by Virgo's eye for flaws, this shift toward finding the beauty in everything could feel overwhelming at first.

You May Not Feel Proud Of Your Spiritual Harvest

The autumn equinox is a moment in which you're meant to look back on your year and feel pride in all of your many accomplishments thus far. Whether these accomplishments include huge milestones that you've been working toward all your life or you're simply in a better headspace than you were a few months ago, it's time to thank yourself for your journey. Nothing about existence is easy, and yet here you are, making the best out of it.

However, taking stock of your achievements can make even the most ambitious person feel as though they haven't been working hard enough. If you're not happy with the strides you've been making, the autumn equinox could give you a sense of shame instead of pride.

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Allow Any Stress To Power You Forward

If the spiritual harvest of the autumn equinox leaves you feeling empty-handed rather than filled with abundance, it's essential that you make the effort to rearrange your perspective. What's done is done. If you didn't work as hard as you know you could have in the last year, you can't go back in time and change anything. The only thing you can do is move forward, so take your emotions and use it as fuel for the journey that lies ahead.

Remember that the seasonal cycle is perpetual. There's never an end in sight because reincarnation is always just around the corner. The universe is always ready to give you another opportunity the minute you ask for one, so take it. Learn from your mistakes, and try not to be so hard on yourself. Chances are, you've accomplished far more than you're giving yourself credit for.

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