Why Your First Roommate Is The Best You'll Ever Have, So Keep Her Extra Close

Dear, first roommate. Thank you for everything — from making sure the fridge was always stocked with the best snacks, to obsessing over who would get that last rose on The Bachelor. Oh yes, this girl has made such a memorable and amazing mark on your life. You could go on and on with all the reasons why your first roommate is the best you'll ever have. (Be sure to show her some extra appreciation, OK?)

You remember the first day you went off to college. Your siblings helped you pack your suitcases into the trunk of the car, and you hit the road. In a very movie-esque moment, you watched your hometown get smaller in the rearview mirror, and then focused on the road ahead. This was just the beginning of arguably the best four years of your life, and you were ready to make every semester count.

When you rolled up campus, you were full of excitement and some nerves. You anxiously awaited your roommate's arrival, and made sure to keep your bins and boxes to one side of the room. Up until this point, you had only talked over text message, and figured out you loved the same television shows. She walked in the door with a huge smile on her face, and a pillow in her hand. The rest is history.

Looking back on it all, you're realizing that there's always going to be a special place in your heart for this cool human. These seven reasons definitely help, too.

She Was Your Main Buddy The First Week Of College

During your first week on campus, you were a little fish in a very large ocean. You spent a day or two before classes started wandering around the buildings and trying to get your bearings straight. You found your favorite spots in the cafeteria, and discovered the comfy chairs in the back of the library. But, you didn't do any of that alone.

Yes, your first roommate was there for all of those sweet, little adventures. She stuck to your side during those initial moments of college, and you appreciate her for it so much. Sometimes college can feel like an entirely different world, and she made it feel smaller.

She Went Shopping With You For Dorm Decor

There's nothing quite as sweet as shopping trips with your roommate. Suddenly, picking out fresh fruit at the grocery store becomes more fun, and you don't mind spending an entire afternoon running errands. Along the way, you stop and grab some burritos or a cup of coffee. (Is this adulting? If so, please sign me up for this — for, like, ever.)

Buying cute decorations and tapestries for your dorm room is what you will remember the most. Those trendy neon signs will end up in your first apartment, and be a symbol of your college years. Watch out: Time flies.

She Encouraged You To Join Some Clubs

The first semester, you really wanted to get involved on campus. You went to the fairs and scoped out all the cool clubs, but didn't join anything quite yet. You wanted some more time to get comfortable in your new home.

Once you started to get more settled in, your roommate encouraged you to join some clubs. She cheered you on when you were practicing for tryouts for the dance team, and listening to you rant about the school newspaper and what you wanted to write about. Without her, you're not sure where you'd be right now, because those opportunities truly expanded your horizons.

She Taught You How To Live With Another Person

Prior to your first semester of college, you might not have shared a room with anyone else. You may have had a bunk bed with your sister, or run into your mom's room when there was a thunderstorm. But, you were really little then, so you don't think it counts.

Coming to school, you had to learn to live with another person outside of your family, and respect their space. You didn't realize that making popcorn at midnight was probably not a good idea until you woke up your roommate one time. Not to mention, you became a lot more patient and tolerable of little things, like the television being on while you're doing work.

She Listened To Your Stories From Home

Shoutout to your first roommate, because she always listened to your stories from home. It's totally normal to get homesick, especially if you're going to school somewhere that's far away. And in those moments, it can be helpful to talk about your friends and family, and share your memories from high school. Your roomie listened to every single inside joke, and gave you a friendly nod even when she didn't quite understand the reference. What would you have done without her?

By the time second semester rolled around, she was following your besties on Instagram and possibly texting them, too. It's weird how worlds collide like that, huh?

She Welcomed You Back To Campus After Breaks

Breaks from school are bittersweet. On the one hand, you're so excited to get home. But, on the other hand, you really miss your roommate and living the #dormlife. Soon enough, you're back on campus, though, and reuniting with all of your friends who live down the hall.

Your first roommate was always your favorite part of the welcoming committee, and she hugged you the second you walked in the door. Together, you'd have a celebratory squeal and then just start catching up on everything. You never knew you could miss someone so much, and the weekly dance party was always a little livelier after being apart.

She Stayed In Touch Over The Years

This girl ended up sticking with you throughout the years. You decided that you loved living together, so you rented an apartment together the following year. You started a lot of traditions, including "Taco Tuesday." Now, you have separate rooms, but the bond is still super strong.

Even if she's not your roommate right now, you two have still made a solid effort to stay in touch. You text each other for special occasions, and grab coffee on the weekends. She's one of your best friends and continues to listen to your lengthy AF stories about studying abroad or your internship. There's always going to be a special place in your heart for her — there's no doubt about that.