8 Insta-Worthy Neon Signs To Buy That'll Make Your Dorm Room Look #Lit

Girl, get your glow on. The semester has just begun, and you're ready to light up every room. You plan on wearing the cutest back-to-school outfit, and raising your hand constantly in class. Even when it's early in the morning, you'll put on a smile and wave to your friends from across the quad. It's going to be a good year — can't you feel it? You're crossing your fingers that this energy radiates into your dorm room, and that's totally possible with the right decor. I've gathered up some neon signs to buy that'll make your dorm room feel like home.

You've scrolled through Pinterest enough to know exactly how to create an aesthetically-pleasing space. Succulents and a fluffy white comforter are essential. You might even pick up one of those sloth pillows as an accent for your bed. Tapestries can tie everything together, if you find the right ones. All summer long, you were sending pictures to your roommate of different options, and she'd reply with an approving thumbs up or, "Eh, what else is there?"

Together, you'll probably do lots of shopping throughout the semester. The initial grocery store run is always an adventure, and you tend to stock your fridge with only the best snacks. When all is said and done, you'll feel cozy and content with your cool dorm room. One of these neon signs is all you need to take it from average to totally lit.