8 Neon Signs To Buy That'll Make Your Dorm Room Look Lit

Girl, get your glow on. The semester has just begun, and you're ready to light up every room. You plan on wearing the cutest back-to-school outfit, and raising your hand constantly in class. Even when it's early in the morning, you'll put on a smile and wave to your friends from across the quad. It's going to be a good year — can't you feel it? You're crossing your fingers that this energy radiates into your dorm room, and that's totally possible with the right decor. I've gathered up some neon signs to buy that'll make your dorm room feel like home.

You've scrolled through Pinterest enough to know exactly how to create an aesthetically-pleasing space. Succulents and a fluffy white comforter are essential. You might even pick up one of those sloth pillows as an accent for your bed. Tapestries can tie everything together, if you find the right ones. All summer long, you were sending pictures to your roommate of different options, and she'd reply with an approving thumbs up or, "Eh, what else is there?"

Together, you'll probably do lots of shopping throughout the semester. The initial grocery store run is always an adventure, and you tend to stock your fridge with only the best snacks. When all is said and done, you'll feel cozy and content with your cool dorm room. One of these neon signs is all you need to take it from average to totally lit.

1This Cute "Babe" Sign

Babe Neon Sign Table Lamp

Urban Outfitters

A neon sign should hype you up. (At least, that's my personal opinion.) When you're getting ready in the morning, you might not have your roommate around to tell you that new back-to-school outfit is so cute. You'll be feeling yourself, and may even take a couple candids selfies in your full-length mirror. Let this sign remind you that you're a babe and a total girl boss. You're going to be smiling as you walk across the quad, and acing all of your classes. The world better watch out for you!

2This Colorful Rainbow Sign

West & Arrow Rainbow 15" Neon Marquee Sign


Life is meant to be lived in color. So, you and your roommate should consider adding a rainbow light to your decor. After a long day of class and running around to your various commitments, coming home to this cozy sign will boost your spirit. Coffee doesn't always do the trick, and this vibrant design will give your mood the glow it needs to conquer the day.

3This Dreamy And Magical Sign

Latitude Run It Was All A Dream Neon Sign


For many of us, college is a dream come true. You've been thinking about how you'd decorate your dorm room since the days of high school. At that time, you thought you'd stick to a bold color scheme or put posters of your favorite artists on the wall. You wanted a record player on your nightstand and twinkly lights hanging around the windows. Hopefully you were able to recreate all of those visions, and this sign will be the finishing touch. Reality can be just as good as your dreams — believe it or not.

4This Relatable AF Sign

Ugh Neon Sign Table Lamp

Urban Outfitters

Sometimes you're just feeling, well, "ugh." You may have stayed up way too late the night before, or are seriously procrastinating with your favorite show on Netflix. It's raining outside and you're snuggled up in your super cozy blankets and pillows that you brought from home. Can anyone really blame you for choosing naps over reviewing new study guides? This sign knows exactly how you're feeling, and will create a warm ambiance in your space. Let yourself relax for a bit and watch another episode. It's OK, assuming you make some time for work later, too.

5This Bright Lightning Bolt Sign

Pillowfort™ Lightning Bolt Neon LED Sign


Leave it to a lightning bolt to brighten up any room. It's powerful, lively, and will help you hit the ground running this semester. You might plan on being part of various clubs, and finally trying out for the dance team. Maybe you'll participate in some sports teams or start a hustle on the side. There's nothing you can't do, especially when you put your heart and mind to it. Not to mention, college is the time to get out and try something new. When will you have this much space, energy, and resources again?

6This Glowing Peace Sign

Oliver Gal Peace Neon Sign


When in doubt, peace it out. This neon sign is all about radiating good vibes, and you're grateful for it. At least once during the semester, Mercury seems to go into retrograde. Everything starts going wrong: You spill your coffee on the way to class, or completely forget about that group project. It happens, and you have to remind yourself to take a deep breath and keep your head up. The stars will align again, and your world will feel calm and collected. Until then, this sign will keep the peace and send some positive energy in your direction.

7This Sweet #Blessed Sign

The Oliver Gal Artist Co. #Blessed LED Neon Sign

Urban Outfitters

When you're off at college, you feel too #blessed to be stressed. Sure, you spend some very late nights in the library during midterms or finals week. Your roommate is right there with you, sharing her snacks and making sure you have enough coffee. Looking at your planner, you could easily be a tad overwhelmed. But, you're lucky enough to have a friend on campus who sends you memes on the reg. In those moments, all of your worries wash away, and you realize that life is pretty sweet — textbooks and all.

8This Oh-So Lovely Sign

Where Love Lives Neon Sign

Urban Outfitters

Love is in the air. You want your dorm room to be a peaceful space where people get along and make some memories. Most of the time, that requires a little bit of unconditional love — especially when your roommate decides to leave the dirty dishes in the sink for a few days. Put up this neon sign as a constant reminder that this is a shared area. That's a good way to bring light and life to your room, and start this semester off on the right foot.