8 Cute Planners To Buy On Etsy If You're Already Excited For School

Keeping track of all of your commitments can be hard. You may put every appointment and coffee date in the calendar on your phone, or put sticky notes all over your mirror. But once the school year starts, you know that won't be enough. You'll need one place for your to-do lists and every group project meeting in between. Naturally, you've already done lots of school shopping, and even picked up some sweet gel pens. Now, the last thing on the list is one of these cute planners to buy on Etsy. You're so excited for school, and don't want to slack off by skipping out on such a sweet deal.

Supporting a local artist or entrepreneur will help you start this semester off on the right note. You'll want to grab a pack of stickers or two, so that you can mark events and special days. (After all, nothing makes a dentist appointment better than a little tooth with a smiling face next to the reminder on the page.)

When you walk into class with your planner in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, you'll feel ready to take on the world. You might be busy AF, but being organized will help you get through each day. One of these eight planners from Etsy will be a must on your back-to-school shopping list.

1A White Marble (And Personalized) Planner

White Marble A5 Personalized Planner


What's better than a white marble planner? Quite possibly nothing, especially if you're trying to stick to something simple and aesthetically-pleasing this school year. This look is classic, and will help you keep all of your business in order. Not to mention, you'll never lose it amongst the stuff in your dorm room, because it can be personalized. Just pick what month you want your planner to start, and make a note to the seller of the initial you want on the front. It's that easy.

2A Planner Filled With Pineapples

2018-2019 Academic Planner


Not ready to give up on summer quite yet? Put a slice of something sweet on your planner. These pineapples will put you in a sunny state-of-mind, even if you're in the most boring class, like ever. You'll basically be sitting on the beach instead of staring at a PowerPoint, and every day will feel a bit brighter. Truth is, even though you're so excited for the semester to start, you're a little melancholy over the long summer nights and warm weather you're leaving behind. Do you think somebody could bring some s'mores to class?

3A Planner With All The Florals You Can Find

Green Yellow Watercolor Leaves Planner


School is all about letting yourself bloom. You want to become the best version of yourself, and that means chasing after your passions and learning new skills. This semester, you may discover that you love video editing or your business class. Run with that feeling as far as you possibly can, and see what it's store. Following your passions requires a planner, though, and this bright and floral product will be the one for you. Staying organized while you follow your dreams will help you live your best life.

4A Planner That Shoots For The Stars

2018/2019 Planner Big Full Moon with Stars


The sky isn't the limit this semester if you're planning on shooting for the stars. That's right — there is an entire galaxy of possibilities out there, and you're ready to walk on the moon. You're going into all of your classes with energy and ambition, and crossing your fingers that Mercury doesn't go into retrograde anytime soon. A lover of the universe like you needs a planner that is full of good vibes. So, pick up this one as soon as possible, and know that the Milky Way is on your side.

5A Planner For The Adventurer In You

And So The Adventure Begins A5 Planner


The adventurer in you can't wait for the semester to start. On the weekends, you'll explore your college town or go hiking with your roommates. You've even started to think about spring break already, even though it's months away. From the minute you move back into your dorm room, the adventure begins. Can you feel the rush of excitement running down the halls? Get yourself a planner that keeps you catching flights and sitting on the edge of your seat.

6A Planner That Loves Coffee, Just Like You

But First, Coffee Planner


Let's be honest: Your cup of coffee is necessary in the morning. You always pay a visit to your favorite barista on campus before heading off to class. Sometimes when you're in a rush, you spill a few drops on all of your stuff. Ugh, not again! Don't worry — this planner is already one step ahead of you. It appreciates your love for caffeine, and makes the most of those cinnamon-colored rings. Now, all you need to add is a caramel swirl.

7A Planner With Lots Of Llamas

Llama And Cactus Planner


Let there be llamas (and cactuses, too). You've got a quirky personality that truly makes you stand out in the classroom. So, it's necessary that you buy a planner that has a similar style. Around campus, you definitely won't see any of these animals roaming around. But, you may have a few succulents sitting on the window sill of your dorm room.

8A Planner That's Falling For Flamingos

Whistle And Birch Flamingo Planner


Life is better when it's lived in pink. This planner knows it, and is covered in flamingos, just so you don't ever forget it. Truth is, not every moment of the semester will be so sweet. You're going to have long nights in the library, or might get into an argument with your roommates over the TV remote. That's OK, because you'll have a planner in your hands that reminds you to keep those positive pants on. Soon enough, it'll be spring break, and the school year will be basically over. You were so excited when everything began. Where did all that time go?