The Best Back To School Look For Your First Day Of Classes, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Pack up your backpack and grab an extra cup of coffee, because it's time to go back to school. This summer flew by, and you probably have a lot of emotions and excitement going into this semester. Maybe you're heading to college for the first time, or reuniting with your roommates after being apart for a few months. You've been preparing for this day for a while now, and possibly thinking about what you'd wear to art class on Monday morning. The best back to school look for your first day of classes has been picked for you by the stars. You know they always have your most fashionable interests (and zodiac sign) in mind.

Growing up, you'd always do lots of shopping leading up to the first day of school. Your mom or older sister would take you to the mall to pick out a new outfit and a pair of trendy sneakers. You wanted give your teachers a good first impression. Not too much has changed, and right now you're stuffing your car with suitcases of clothes and cute decorations for your dorm.

Soon enough, everybody will be wearing sweatpants and cozy crewnecks to class. But, the first day always calls for a chic outfit right off the rack. The universe picked out the best look for you to crush it.


UO Sienna Belted Paperbag Pant

Urban Outfitters

An Aries girl is bold with her life and her sense of style. If this is you, then you really don't back down from any sort of challenge, and are confident that you'll have another great semester at school. You're probably double majoring, and have a planner packed with activities. You're the captain of the dance team, and go hiking on the weekends. This season, a pair of super stylish pants with a bit of drama is in. So, find a cute belt and know your outfit will be fire for the first day of school.


Women's Printed Ruffle Blouse, Universal Thread Navy Print


Taurus, you're the one everyone wants as their partner for group projects. You're just so reliable, and know how to get the job done. You would never procrastinate studying, or leave those important presentations to the very last second. Odds are, you've probably already picked out your outfit for the first day of class. But, if you've been caught up making s'mores by the bonfire this summer, then let the universe lend a hand. This top will be fun and flirty, for a stylish start to the semester. Pick up a cute pair of high-waist denim shorts to tie the look together.


Women's Plus Size Freeborn Denim Jacket, Universal Thread Medium Wash


Girl, you're a Gemini, which means there are a lot of layers to your personality. On Saturday nights, you're the one in your friend group who's telling everyone to rally. But, you can also be a bit reserved, and aren't a big fan of giving a "fun fact" on the first day of class. The beginning of the semester means that summer is basically over, and you have to start getting your wardrobe ready for fall. This jean jacket will be the perfect addition to any outfit, and it'll speak to your zodiac sign, too.


Charlie Black Long Sleeve Top


Cancer, as far as your fashion sense is concerned, it's all about comfort. If you could wear joggers and a crewneck to class on the very first day — well, you would in a heartbeat. But, you know that look isn't always the best when you want to give a good impression. It's not that you're lazy, you just love to feel comfortable, and that's totally OK. Sometimes, waking up for those early classes can be such a struggle. Why make it worse with a pair of jeans? This long sleeve top will be everything your closet has been looking for. Pair it with some shorts, or layer it over a romper for the best look.


Santa Monica Summer White Dress


You're not quite ready to give up summer, Leo. Sure, you're excited to get back to school to see all of your friends, but you'll also try and convince your roommates to check out the local beach on the first weekend, when everybody else will be hanging at school. Since you're a summer baby, having an outfit for the first day of class that feels like a ray of sunshine will be key. Maybe you'll grab a scoop of ice cream at the local spot in between science and art history. Now, that's a way to start a semester on a sweet note.


John Galt Hooded Windbreaker Jacket


This semester, you're planning on spending a lot of time in the library. You've signed up for some of the hardest classes, and feeling ready to take on the textbooks. Virgos tend to have that "work hard, play hard" attitude. So, for every exam that you ace, you'll treat yourself to a shopping spree. (Don't tell the professor, but you just found some great deals in the middle of class!) For the first day, you'll want an item like this jacket, that's stylish and a bit durable. It will work so well with a casual tank and your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans.


Leanne White Romper


On the first day of class, you're going to show up a little early, Libra. You'll set your alarms for the morning, leaving yourself enough time to eat breakfast, and grab a coffee on campus. You may have to wait outside of your classroom, while students from the previous class finish up their work. But, then you'll snag the perfect seat while wearing the most stylish outfit ever. A majority of the time, you live your life five minutes too fast. You just don't like being in rush or causing a major fuss. So, a cute but casual white romper will be the right look for you, too.


John Galt Acacia T-Shirt


Keep it simple on the first day of class, Scorpio. For you, the beginning of the semester holds a lot of possibilities. You're going into these next four months hoping to make a ton of sweet memories. Every weekend, you and you crew will have an adventure, and you're already crushing on someone in your class. Thank goodness you're not a senior, yet, because you're not ready for such a wonderful time in your life to end. This long sleeve top will be comfortable and a bit flirty for your first day, paired with some high-waist shorts. (Don't forget to study in between searching for your soulmate!)


John Galt San Francisco T-Shirt


You've been everywhere, Sagittarius. In fact, this semester, you're probably checking even more things off your bucket list. You're jet-setting to Florence or Barcelona to study abroad, and already made plans for spring break. College is an adventure, but you've found a way to take it to the next level. For the first day of class, you'll want to wear a graphic tee that shows off where you've been (or possibly where you're going). You love your campus, but let's be honest: You won't be here for long, because there are so many other places to explore.


UO Contrast Stitch Mini Dress

Urban Outfitters

Capricorns are the most classic girls on campus. You're the one walking across the quad with your cup of coffee in hand, and carrying a cute backpack. You have your headphones in, and are listening to all of your favorite playlists. Honestly, you need a look for the first day of class, purely because you'll probably end up in a brochure. Do you think this adorable mini dress will make the perfect statement? According to the universe (and your zodiac sign), you're one of the most spirited people at your school. You love going to hockey games, and have a thousand sweatshirts from the bookstore. Thank goodness you're back, huh?


Women's Plus Size Striped Chambray Pants, Universal Thread Blue


If you're an Aquarius, then you probably love the social aspect of going back to school. You succeed in all of your classes, because you're sort of an intellectual, but you also know how to celebrate every good grade. In your friend group, you're the one to find the best spots to go on a Saturday night, and your roommates are always raiding your closet. Don't let them wear these pants before you, though, because they'd be perfect for the first day of class. You'll show up to school in style, and then be able to transition your look for nighttime. I hear there's a bar nearby that has trivia on Monday nights (for those who are 21 or over). Sign me up, please!


UO Brendan Drapey Flannel Button-Down Shirt

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Pisces, you'll never be caught in an early morning class. Getting out of bed is such a struggle for you, and you need that extra time to be bundled up in your blankets. On the first day, you'll only hit snooze once and maybe watch a little Netflix before getting ready for class. Putting on a flannel will make this whole process so much easier. You could wear it with a pair of shorts and a loose tank top, or layer it over a jumpsuit that's been in the back of your closet. Soon enough, you'll be wearing sweatpants to every study session, but for now, you want to have the best look for the first day of class.