7 Traditions To Start With Your First College Roomie, So That You're Bonded Forever

College is right around the corner. You've had a countdown going on your phone since graduation, and can't stop daydreaming about living your best life on campus. You'll make lots of new friends, and scope out the best coffee shops. Not to mention, you get to decorate your dorm and have a roommate for the first time. You're really hoping that you two become besties, and stick together beyond these four years. These traditions to start with your first college roommate will be necessary, so that you're bonded forever and ever.

Before you went off to college, you probably were a little nervous. You spent your summer prepping for the semester and hanging with your besties from your hometown. You wondered what life would be like without them around all the time. After all, they've been there since day one, when you were sharing your Oreos at the lunch table. Is it possible to recreate such a strong bond with your first roommate? The answer is yes.

At first, you may feel a bit awkward, but you and your roomie will likely be the best of friends soon enough. You'll watch some of the same television shows, and rant about your professors. Navigating college isn't always easy, and you'll love seeing her familiar face from the other side of the quad. You may consider starting some of these traditions, to truly seal the friendship deal. You want her to be in your life forever, and not just four years.

Find A Spot On Campus To Call Your Own

You and your freshmen year roomie will do a lot of exploring around campus. During those first few weeks, you'll likely hang on the quad and try to find your classes. You don't remember the school feeling so big when you took a tour. Don't worry — soon enough, you'll know every sidewalk by heart.

When you're out and about, you may find one spot that feels like your own. Maybe it's a booth in the cafeteria, or a coffee shop that you and your roommate have come to love. Call that your signature spot on campus, and you'll be bonded for life.

Go Grocery Shopping Together

When you lived at home, you might not have had to worry about keeping your fridge stocked. Now that you're in college, though, grocery shopping is totally up to you. (Personally, I love roaming the aisles and finding new snacks. Although, it takes a lot of effort to stick to my list, and not splurge on an extra bag of tater tots.)

During freshmen year of college, you'll probably eat most of your meals at the dining hall. But, you'll want to make sure you have some food back in your room, too. Bond with your roomie by making the trip to the store together. Maybe you can even share a pack of mac and cheese!

Explore Your Area At Least Once A Month

There's so much to explore beyond your college campus. Especially if you're in a city, there are all kinds of restaurants and parks you'll have to scope out over the next four years.

To truly bond with your first college roommate, make a pact that you'll go on an adventure at least once a month. You'll hop on the subway and see the Flatiron district, or take a drive to the nearest beach. College is all about broadening your horizons, and seeing new places is always better with a buddy.

Make A Playlist For When You're Cleaning

Cleaning your dorm room is always such a struggle. You have to pull out the vacuum and get rid of all of those empty pizza boxes. (Gross!) You were also secretly hoping the laundry would take care of itself. But, you and your first college roomie will find that tackling the mess together can be quite the bonding experience. You'll figure out how to work the washing machines, and help each other put the sheets on your loft bed. Making a playlist of songs and dancing while you dust will be your favorite tradition, too.

Decorate Your Dorm For Every Holiday

Throughout the semester, you and your roomie will want to decorate your dorm for every holiday. You'll want to put up lights around Christmas, and some spooky ghosts when it's Halloween. What will bond you for life, though, is the unique holidays you should celebrate together. Everyone on your hall will be jealous when you're making waffles in the spirit of breakfast food, and decorating your room with Polaroids on National Selfie Day.

Create A Routine For Going Out On Saturday Nights

Weekends at college are always an adventure. Sometimes, you and your roomie will spend your Saturday just watching television and taking naps. You may catch a sporting event, or hit up your favorite restaurant.

Going out is sort of a process, and you and your first college roommate should come up with a getting ready routine. Maybe you make pasta for dinner and then do your makeup. A tradition like this will keep you bonded for life.

Order Takeout Food Every Day Of Finals Week

When the semester is almost over, you and your roomie will still want to start some new traditions. You'll be going home soon and will sadly be apart for a few months for an unforgettable summer break. Bonding while you're both still on campus will be a must.

During finals week, you may be a bit stressed out. You're going to be tired of eating at the dining hall, and looking forward to some home-cooked meals. A tradition you can start, though, is ordering takeout every night with your roomie. One night you can get pizza, and the next you'll get Thai food from that restaurant down the street. Exams are a little easier when you have some french fries and your first college roommate by your side.