Why You Never Forget Your First Summer Break With Your College Besties

Best friends forever starts with a summer full of making memories. Up until now, you've always had the sweetest months in the sun with your friends from home. You all grew up going to summer camp together, where you'd spend afternoons by the lake. Once you got older, those days just turned into endless beach trips and adventures that would later make it onto social media. But now, you have a whole new set of besties to hang with during break. There are a few reasons why you never forget your first summer break with your crew from college. You'll be looking back on these moments next semester, and in the years to come.

These are the girls who lived in your dorm, or understand your love for the Food Network. They'd be your buddies when you had to pull an all-nighter in the library, and bring along your favorite snacks. You'd all spend your Saturdays together exploring your college town and going on sushi dates. One day, you'll probably have an apartment in the city together. But, let's slow down, because this summer, in particular, is meant to be savored.

Like every single s'more you'll share with your besties by a bonfire, this summer is sweet and will likely go by way too quick. Being apart for a few months means having new adventures and taking polaroids that are picture perfect. This first summer break with your college friends is unforgettable for seven reasons. Study up on this, OK?

You Reunite, And It Never Gets Old

The reunion with your college besties is probably going to be the best part of your summer. You're so used to seeing them every single day, that being away from each other feels weird right now. You can't just walk across the hall when you want to hang out, or grab last-minute ice cream. Not to mention, there are some things that texting just can't solve.

So, the highly-anticipated moment of when you can hug your main squeezes again is going to be one that you remember for awhile. When the semester starts again, you'll be happy to be back, purely because you won't have to be without your college crew. But, in the meantime, the reunion will never get old.

You Hang With Their Family And Home Friends

You've heard a thousand stories by now about your college friends' crews back home. During those first few weeks of the school year, you actually spent a lot of time talking about your own family and bringing everyone up to speed on your embarrassing moments with your besties and the like. But, what will make this summer truly memorable will be when those worlds collide.

You'll get to hang with their siblings, and vice versa. You may even go along on a trip with your college bestie and her day ones. Seeing this new side of someone you've come to love is always an important milestone.

You Take Road Trips Together

Being apart from your besties means that you have to plan adventures if you really want to see them before the semester starts. Sure, you'll likely head to the beach with your friends from home a thousand times during the sunniest season of the year. But, the road trips you take with your college crew that first summer break will be the most memorable.

Maybe you'll go all-out with your wanderlust, and check out the dreamy spots along the Pacific Coast Highway. Even just taking a drive between your different hometowns would be enough of an experience.

You Still Talk On The Reg

Just because your college besties are out of sight, doesn't mean they're out of mind. In fact, the endless FaceTime calls you'll have with your crew will help to make this first summer memorable.

You'll be bored on the train headed home from your internship, and decide to give them a call. They'll catch you up on their latest weekend adventures and current crushes, so you're seriously never out of the loop. Sharing those laughs and little moments will surely make this summer one for the books.

You Keep Some Similar Traditions

Summertime doesn't mean that you and your besties can tune into Chopped at the same time. Sure, your schedules will be a bit different, but you'll still manage to keep some of those traditions that started during the semester. You'll watch The Bachelorette together, and the group chat will be blowing up with everyone's opinions. It's truly like you never left school.

In fact, those moments are exactly what will make you feel closer to your friends from college, despite the fact that you're living in different places. You'll constantly look forward to those little things that have stayed the same, during a one-of-a-kind summer.

You Take Lots Of New Pictures

When you and your besties are together, you'll fill your camera roll. You'll want to document every moment, just like you would those Saturday nights back at school. The amount of selfies you'll put on social media with the caption, "Reunited and it feels so good," will be endless. But, you don't even care. For once, you're not making memories in the library or hanging on campus. So, it's worth snapping all that fun in the sun.

You Recharge From The Semester

A lot can happen in just one semester of college, and summertime is always about getting relaxed and recharged. You'll head to the beach to wash your worries away with the waves, and spend hours in the afternoon just swinging in a hammock. Soon enough, you'll be back to books and some unnecessary drama. So, it's important to soak up all of this serenity right now. Your first summer break with your college friends, you'll all be able to leave the stress behind and refocus your energy.