Why Traveling With Your Leo BFF Will Give You The Best Summer Yet

Let's talk about your Leo friend: She's truly going to be the best travel buddy for you this summer. If you're anything like me, you've been trying to plan a trip since the start of winter. You were daydreaming about tropical destinations, and watching every single vlog you could find on YouTube just for some sort of escape. The only reason why you didn't purchase any plane tickets is because you didn't want to see these sights all by yourself. Now that it's the sunniest season of the year, though, you should consider traveling with your Leo friend. She'll truly make this the best summer yet — just you wait and see.

Seriously, get your suitcase and passport ready, because you're going to be taking off hopefully sooner rather than later. You'll be scoring new stamps at the airport before getting all the Instagram-worthy photos for your feed. Yes, life is going to be so sweet. But, as many of us know, a trip is only as good as the company you take with you.

Your Leo friend is probably already such a radiant beam of sunshine in your everyday life. You like having her around, because there's truly never a dull moment when you're together and making memories. You've had some pretty rad adventures so far with her by your side, but there are still so many more to come. Traveling with that Fire sign is a must this summer for seven simple reasons.

She'll Have So Much Energy

The Leo in your life always has an endless amount of energy. Especially in the summertime, she could wake up bright and early and still be dancing until dawn. This will make her truly the best person to travel with, because every day will be a constant adventure. With her by your side, you best believe you'll be taking excursions, heading out into the electric nightlife, and sharing a thousand laughs in between.

She'll Find The Cutest Shops

Leave it to your Leo bestie to find the cutest shopping areas, no matter where you go this summer. Like a Taurus, she's just always had such an eye for lavish things, but also for scoring some sweet deals on outfits from the big brands. She'll go into a store and pick out the brightest and boldest sundress, or try out the latest dad sneaker trend without fail. Especially if you're checking out a European city, you'll love having her around to navigate the fashion capitols of the world.

She'll Always Be Down For The Beach

Summertime means you're going to take a ton of beach trips with your besties, but you may even decide to book a getaway to somewhere tropical. You want to travel like your favorite bloggers, and see the beauty of Bali for yourself. You'll hop the islands of Greece, or even just soak up the sun and surf in a sweet spot in the Caribbean.

Lucky for you, the Leo in your life will always be down for some time spent with the sea. After all, she's a summer baby. So, even if it means a bit of a drive, she'll be willing to do whatever it takes to get to the coast.

She'll Share Her Food

Some of us couldn't imagine ever sharing our food, but this girl won't mind one bit. Her star sign makes her incredibly generous, and over the years, you've truly gotten some of the best gifts from your Leo lady. The best present she'll give you, though, is her company when you're taking a trip this summer.

You'll be heading off to somewhere abroad, and want to try a taste of everything Italy has to offer. The wine, the pasta, the paninis — where do you even start? This girl won't mind splitting a few dishes, or letting you grab a bite of what she ordered. Phew! Crisis averted.

She'll Find Humor In Sticky Situations

When you're traveling, you're bound to end up in a few sticky situations. You'll be navigating the lines at the airport, or accidentally miss your train and need to figure out a new way home. In those embarrassing moments with your bestie, it's sometimes better to have a good laugh instead of freaking out about what you have to do next.

You may get lost on your way to see the sights. It's all part of the adventure, and the Leo you're traveling with will be a reminder to stay positive throughout it all. Let's be honest, a few months down the road, you'll be looking back at those stressful times and calling them memories, too.

She'll Pose For Every Picture

A Leo loves to be in the spotlight. So, posing for the cutest social media pics won't be a challenge for your bestie turned travel buddy. In fact, she'll probably hop behind the camera, too, and hype you up while snapping all the best shots for the 'Gram. She'll tell you to channel your inner Gigi Hadid, and maybe cue up some Rihanna music in the background.

After the photo shoot, she may even help you edit the photos so that they flow perfectly with your feed. Did I mention that she's totally a pro at this? Well, you'll see for yourself.

She'll Love Wherever You Go

This girl has such a bright personality, and it radiates through every part of her, including her mindset. The Leo you're going to be traveling with tends to always look at things a bit optimistically, and that's why she'll likely love wherever you go.

Sure, you two will probably decide on a destination and book your plane tickets well in advance. You'll agree on an Airbnb and maybe start looking into things you want to do. But, when it finally comes time for the trip, she'll pretty much go with the flow.

She'll fall head over heels for something in every situation and place on this globe, making your experience so much easier. Are you ready to take a trip with this Leo, yet? It's summertime, so sign me up!