The One European City You Need To Visit ASAP, Based On Your Personality

Probably the most difficult part of planning any trip is deciding where to go. Sometimes, you may consider just closing your eyes and letting your finger fall on the map. You look at where would be cheap to travel this time of the year, or the islands that your favorite bloggers have been to in the past few months. Let's be honest: Your Instagram is full of people going on exotic getaways, or taking to the tropics. It's your turn to pick the best European city to visit, in particular — and based on your personality, there's one place that'd be a perfect fit for you.

Pack your suitcase with some lightweight sweaters and a comfy pair of shoes, because you'll be doing a lot of walking. You'll spend your mornings hanging with the locals in quaint coffee shops, and will see all the sights in the afternoon. The Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and the beautiful Spanish beaches are all musts during your travels. Where do you even begin? Personally, I'd start with the pasta in Italy, and eat my way through the entire continent.

You're already beyond excited to get your passport stamped, and know that a few long hours on a plane is so worth the adventure that awaits. No matter where you go, it's bound to be a trip for the books. But, based on your personality, this is the one European city you need to visit ASAP.

If You're On The Shy Side, Head To Dubrovnik

So, you're shy, huh? When it comes to certain social situations, you'd rather hang back in the conversation and just listen. If this sounds familiar, then a city like Dubrovnik in Croatia will bring out the best in you.

Everybody in this country is so friendly, and you'll feel a warm welcome from the sunshine and natural beauty of this place. Be sure to try some seafood, and hang by the Mediterranean Sea while you're there. Even taking a Game of Thrones walking tour may be on your agenda.

If You're A Passionate Person, Jet Off To Paris
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The "City of Love" is calling your name if you're a passionate person. Maybe you just love relationships, or have found yourself falling head over heels for the little things in life, like a perfectly-brewed cup of coffee and a sunny afternoon spent in the park. You've thought about letting your favorite romantic comedy decide where you'd travel to this summer, but your personality seems like a safer bet.

Paris will be a dream come true. You'll watch sunsets by the Eiffel Tower, and eat crêpes outside of the Palace of Versailles. This city is full of fashion-forward people, so you'll want to do some shopping on your way to the Louvre. Strolling through an art museum with your SO, and seeing all the sights near Sacré-Cœur will be beyond romantic.

If You're A Chill Soul, Check Out Dublin
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If you're a chill, low-key girl with a lot of wanderlust, traveling can be a bit difficult. You want to see the world, but the comfort of your couch keeps you from booking those plane tickets every time. A city that will instantly feel like home is the place for you to go then.

Dublin is home to lively pubs, and a lot of Guinness. Your vacation in Ireland will be whatever you make of it, and relaxing with the locals at a pub is a pretty perfect way to spend the afternoon, too. Although, the Cliffs of Moher are a sight to see!

If You're Independent, Copenhagen Is Calling
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Being independent is a great trait to have when it comes to traveling. You'll likely bring along at least one friend who makes the best travel buddy for your European adventure. But, that doesn't mean that taking a trip solo hasn't been on your mind.

Copenhagen should definitely be your next stop, whether you have some company or not. Denmark is rated the happiest country in this planet, according to CBS News and the United Nations' World Happiness Report. Why would you want to go anywhere else? You'll spend your mornings biking around the city, and will see The Little Mermaid statue at some point as well. Be sure to capture it all on your camera!

If You're Creative, Head To Florence
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Being creative means you just love to get a little artsy from time to time. You were put on this planet to create, whether it be in the form of painting, photography, or even dancing on a stage. So, Florence has likely been on your bucket list for awhile now.

You could've spent the semester studying abroad in this city, and wandered through the streets lined with gelato shops, staring at the detailed architecture everywhere. Would you even want to come home? Personally, I fell pretty hard for Florence. Drink as much Italian wine as possible, and don't be surprised if you catch yourself daydreaming about the Duomo later on.

If You're Outdoorsy, Lisbon Is The Perfect Place For You
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Please tell me you've thought about Portugal, especially if you're outdoorsy. Sure, you might have places on your bucket list that travel bloggers go, like Bali or Thailand that are filled with jungles and waterfalls. But, don't sign off on Europe quite yet. Lisbon is right where you want to be.

Sitting on the coastline, there are colorful buildings and beautiful beaches. You'll for sure want to spend every second outside and exploring. Maybe you'll take a day or two and head to Lagos, to experience the Algarve region of the country. Cliff sides and coves are everything your adventurous soul needs for a trip well-spent.

If You're The Outgoing Type, Barcelona Is Waiting
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Girl, you're going to fall in love with Barcelona. You'll likely travel with your usual crew, but after one night out on the town, you'll have picked up some new friends, too. This city is colorful and bustling everywhere you look — so trust me, you'll never be bored. A place with a good social setting is crucial to consider when you're buying those plane tickets.

Pack your bathing suits and sandals, because you'll want to spend some time down by the beach. You'll eat plates of paella for dinner, and maybe share some tapas with your travel buddies, too. Seriously, did I mention you could eat your way through Europe?

If You're Decisive, You Already Know London's Calling
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Out of all of your friends, you're the one who's the best at making plans. They've been trying to get together and book plane tickets or an Airbnb for months, but it'll be you who finally puts all of those ideas into action. You're always the first one to be ready, and show up in the trendiest outfits, too. In London, you will love shopping at Harrods, before grabbing your afternoon tea. All in all, you know exactly what you'd do in this city, where there are so many must-see sights that you wouldn't want to miss out on.

Of course, seeing Buckingham Palace is on your list, and you'll eat fish and chips for dinner. Since the royal wedding, you've been dreaming about everything England has to offer. This place is perfect for your personality, and you need to book those plane tickets and pack your suitcase ASAP.