The 8 Types Of Friends Who Will Give Your Summer Travels A Major Upgrade

Summer break is better with besties, but you're so tired of the same 'ole scene. You'll head down to the beaches, or maybe take a sweet dip in the lake and sip on some lemonade. But, adventure is out there, right? It's time you take advantage of everything this world has to offer. You could travel solo and have the experience of a lifetime, or you could bring a bud along and share those memories with someone you love. After all, your girl crew is always down for some good times, and you need to get a few solid pictures for the 'Gram. There are certain types of friends to travel with this summer to seriously upgrade your break. So, make sure you pick a person who fits the criteria — and owns a passport.

Whether you're taking a road trip across the country, or hopping on a plane to a tropical getaway, you'll want someone by your side who's ready to travel. Personally, I can't imagine not having that constant desire to head to new destinations. But, there are friends in our crews who are perfectly comfortable at home and might not want to do some sightseeing.

Although that's totally OK, that's not the type of friend you want when you're following your wanderlust. Instead, you'll want to find the girl who just can't get enough of the world, or studied abroad. These eight types of people will truly make for the best buds for all of your summer travels.

The Sagittarius Friend

Possibly the most obvious adventure buddy for your summer travels is the Sagittarius in your friend group. This girl has already had her passport stamped a thousand times, but will always be down for another trip. Truth is, her wanderlust just never runs out, and she wants to live her life constantly exploring new places in the world.

No matter what kind of trip you go on, you'll be able to rely on her for the best experience. She'll be down for excursions, but also won't want to make much of a plan going into it all. She'll strike up conversations with the locals, and make sure that the two of you are scoping out all of the hidden gems. She truly beats to her own drum, but will be the bestie you'll want along for the ride this summer.

The Blogger Friend

Leave it to the blogger friend to go to new levels for the 'Gram. You'll be taking lots of pictures no matter where you go, but no friend will help you capture it at all angles better than the blogger in your crew. They'll make sure you snag a snap of your food before digging in, and will help you pose for those sweet shots along the Mediterranean. Even outfit planning and packing your suitcase will be made easier with this kind of buddy by your side.

If you're headed somewhere tropical or a place with the perfect palette for social media, this friend will be sure to get sandy and wake up for sunrises just for the photo opportunity. Bringing along a camera is always a must, and lucky for you, this girl already owns the best one in the business, too.

The Daring Friend

We don't all have a daredevil side, but there's likely at least one friend in your crew who loves an adrenaline rush. This is the girl who might have studied abroad in South Africa, and went scuba diving with sharks and bungee jumping on the weekends. She has been skydiving, or at least has it at the top of her bucket list, and is really ready to try anything.

Sure, not all trips come with wild excursions that lead to some rad stories. But if you're headed somewhere that has white water rafting or even some really unique food, you may want to consider bringing along the daring friend. They'll get you out of your comfort zone (if that's where you want to be), and turn your summer travels into a serious adventure.

The Foodie Friend

Every spot you travel to is going to come with lots of food. If you're headed to Greece, you'll likely try a gyro, and the coast of Italy always promises the best seafood. In Thailand, you'll start your mornings with some fresh fruit in the jungle, and in France you'll fall in love with the baguettes. It's only right that you bring along the friend who considers themselves a foodie, ya know?

This is the one in your friend group with the most experienced palate. They take a picture of every plate before eating it, and love watching endless episodes of Chopped on Food Network. They'll always be cooking something good in the kitchen, and aren't afraid to try a gourmet recipe from Pinterest. You'll be eating good for every meal with a travel buddy like this one.

The Chill Friend

The chill friend should be your go-to travel buddy if you're looking to take a trip quite spontaneously. Sometimes, you just have to book the plane tickets and go, and this girl will absolutely down. Truth is, you've been putting off your wanderlust for so long now, and the work week will always be there for when you come home.

Since she's already so comfortable with going with the flow, this girl won't mind packing a suitcase last-minute and traveling without a specific plan. You two will wander wherever your hearts desire, and will probably find some of the most lovely spots around the world because of it. Adventure shouldn't come with a plan, after all.

The Organized Friend

Not every trip needs a plan set in stone, but especially if you're traveling abroad for the first time, you may want to bring along the organized friend. This is the girl who will tackle booking plane tickets and Airbnbs. Those tasks aren't always so fun, and can honestly be quite confusing. But, she won't mind spending a few hours on her laptop before packing her suitcase, so that you're absolutely good to go.

She'll likely scroll through Pinterest months before the trip, and will pick out the best things to do in the city you're traveling to. Be prepared for a full itinerary, and an endless amount of fun packed into a few days with this friend.

The Outdoorsy Friend

The outdoorsy friend will be the best bud to bring along if you're going somewhere with lots of nature. Maybe you're road tripping through the mountains, or camping with a fully stocked Jeep Wrangler.

This friend will likely know how to build fires, or at least has some solid hiking experience. They'll know how to pitch a tent, or at least will be down to try it for the first time because it's always been on their bucket list, too. Odds are, they're the one in your friend group who's watched at least one season of Survivor, or was a Girl Scout back in the day. You'll be singing campfire songs until dawn and making the sweetest memories (and s'mores) for sure.

The High School Friend

When was the last time you and your high school bestie made a memory? Odds are, when college came around, you sort of went your separate ways, but have spent winter and summer breaks having other smaller adventures in your hometown. It's time that you two took a trip, so that you can put some new photos into your camera roll and bond all over again.

This friend has known you since day one, and I'm sure since then, some things have changed. You may be more adventurous now, or have had new experiences along the way, but you've both been dreaming about Paris or London since the days of locker rooms. Break out your passports and get that trip in the books.