7 Things You Should Know About The Sagittarius Friend Before Traveling With Her

If you're wondering what to do with all of your wanderlust, look no further than your Sagittarius friend. She's the girl in your group who's already jet-setting to places all around the world whenever she can. She spent a semester along the coast of France, and took a road trip in California for spring break. You're unsure if you'd ever be able to keep up with her lifestyle. Hopping on planes every other week might not be in your budget, but you still want to get a few passport stamps. There are some things to know about the Sagittarius friend before you travel with her, but know that she's probably your best buddy when you're in need of a trip.

Seriously, it's summer, and you're probably more than ready to leave reality behind for a week and see what else is out there in this world. Your bucket list has only grown over the years, and travel bloggers have made it nearly impossible it seems to keep up with the latest spots to see. You've heard the waterfalls of Iceland are pretty unreal, but then there are always safaris and sunsets in South Africa. How do you even pick just one place?

The girl who's a Sagittarius leaves that worry behind, because it's her mission to make it everywhere one day. For now, she'll just come along for the adventure and your wildest ideas. But, these seven things you should also know about her before packing your suitcase and preparing for take-off.

She'll Want To Do Excursions

Sagittarius girls love getting outdoors. Despite the fact that they are winter babies, they thrive the most in the summertime. The one in your friend crew probably suggests camping trips with your crew, or to go hiking after work when the weather is warm. You feel lucky to have a buddy who's always down for an adventure, even if it's just staying out late and going to the diner in your town for some home fries.

You can expect that this girl will want to do an excursion during your trip. She'll want to try scuba diving, or maybe paragliding over the Swiss Alps. It's not that she's a daredevil, or even loves the adrenaline rush. She just knows that a lot of these experiences are once in a lifetime. How could you ever pass that up?

She Doesn't Want To Make A Plan

The Sagittarius friend never wants to stick to a schedule. When you're trying to make plans with your big friend group, she's always the one who bails last minute or is always running late. She just can't stand sticking to a routine, and that includes when she's traveling.

Sure, she'll look at travel guides on Pinterest and watch endless vlogs from her favorite YouTubers. She'll go into the trip knowing which places are tourists traps and where are all the good spots to eat. But, she wants to leave the rest up to adventure. She's spontaneous, and knows that the best memories in her life are the ones that have happened without penciling them in.

She'll Likely Talk To Everyone

When this girl travels, she gets so social. At home, she may wander off in the middle of the bar when she sees a slightly familiar face, and likely strike up conversation with a girl in the bathroom and make another new bestie.

Traveling with her will definitely mean that you're going to meet new people, and probably get comfortable with the local crowd. Sure, at once this side of her may have seemed annoying, but when it comes to taking trips, you'll be grateful that she can be so extroverted.

She Won't Be On Her Phone Much

This girl in your friend group is constantly on the search for something more in life. She wants to find her purpose, and wanders the world in hopes that a place will show her what she's truly passionate about. She's hopeful and always optimistic that there's an adventure out there and more to explore.

Screens would only get in the way of soaking in her surroundings and fulfilling her mission. So, you won't catch her on her phone too much. Sure, she'll pull it out so she can take a few sweet snaps for Instagram of her travels. After all, she's likely an aspiring blogger, or is just constantly trying to find the perfect palette. Otherwise, she'll be on airplane mode and letting those pictures on Tumblr come to life.

She'll Want To Leave Something Behind

Wherever this girl goes, she leaves feeling like a different person. Every place leaves a stamp not just in her passport, but in her mind and on her heart. So, she'll likely want to leave something behind on every trip so she can make an impact, too.

Everybody wants to make their mark on the world, but for the Sagittarius girl, that means traveling and having an effect on the people she meets and the places she goes. Maybe she'll leave a polaroid somewhere for somebody to find, or give one of her bracelets to the woman who runs the panini shop on the corner. Those moments make her feel more connected to her travels and like she really put a positive footstep on the globe.

She Won't Want To Come Home At First

Does anyone ever really want to come home from a trip? Let's be honest, every vacation I've been on, I always hop on the plane or get back in the car and feel so sad. It's like nostalgia hits right away, and you're suddenly OK with flying for another eight hours if only it meant you could go back to where you were.

The Sagittarius girl, in particular, won't handle coming home very well. She'll likely want to extend her trip, or maybe check out another country while she's already in Europe. For her, traveling is a constant escape from reality, and she loves having the freedom to roam the world. Unfortunately, going back home normally means routines and planners — and that's not quite her passion.

She'll Come Back A Different Person

No matter where in the world she travels, the Sagittarius friend will come back a different person than she once was. Truth be told, that happens to all of us, especially after major trips like studying abroad for the semester, or seeing a different country for the first time. You experience another culture, and see how other people live their lives. Of course, you're not going to look at the world with the same lens as when you were just departing.

At her core, she'll still be the same friend that you decided to travel with. But, she also lives for thinking differently and will leave with a much more open mind. All in all, she'll be the best travel buddy, but there are few things you should know about this Sagittarius before taking off on a trip with her.