You're Officially Growing Up Once You Stop Having These Friends In Your 20s

Some friends just aren't forever, and that's OK. You have your day ones, and the girls from school you can't live without. There's the chill bestie in your crew, and the one who's always traveling. You've grown up with some of them, and others you met in college. Adulthood came quickly, and you rely on your besties when it comes to navigating what's next. Honestly, you're wondering how to know you're growing up, because you might not feel entirely like an adult.

Truth is, the best sign is the friends you stop having in your 20s. In high school, you may have had quite the crew. You surrounded yourself with as many people as possible, from teammates to buddies from class. Even in college, you found a couple of people you love spending time with, even if it's just to grab coffee in between study sessions. They make life an adventure, and your Saturday nights pretty sweet.

Along the way, you've also had those friends who you've been better off without. You loved their company and the memories you made, but when you grew up, you realized they were doing you more harm than good. On the bright side, you've found some pretty rad people to take their place. There's always a silver lining to leaving these six kinds of friends behind in your 20s.

The Petty Friend

Let's be honest, we all have our petty moments, but the petty friend is one you'll want to leave behind once you've really grown up. This is the person in your crew who just can't be straightforward. They're probably a little passive aggressive, and will indirectly cause drama over things that don't deserve the time of day. Remember when you forgot to text her about that coffee date? Well, she'll go off and make plans without you and talk behind your back, just out of spite.

Truth is, being petty is such a waste of time. Holding grudges is never good, and not having this friend in your life will give you some serious peace of mind. You want to surround yourself with an understanding girl crew. Sometimes life happens, after all.

The Jealous Friend

Especially when you're off to college, the jealous friend is one you'll be so over. In high school, she might have copied your ideas and claimed them as her own without giving you any credit whatsoever. She's also always annoyed AF anytime you're successful or in a relationship, because she always wants to one up you.

These kind of friendships are never comfortable, and going forward, you'll feel less on edge when you leave this girl behind. You want to be able to share your ambitions and accomplishments with your friends, and not have someone find them as a threat. You're a goal digger, and now a grown up, too.

The Friend Who Loves Drama

Leave the drama back in high school. Now that you're a grown-up, you don't need the friend in your life who's causing so much unnecessary stress in your world. These are the ones who are stuck in the days of high school cliques, and haven't realized that there are no lunch tables in the real world. It's honestly for the better that you're leaving this friend behind.

Without the dumb drama, you can focus on having fun in your friendships and taking on the world together. Being 20-something will come with enough obstacles, and you don't need someone in your life creating more. Having reliable sidekicks who put things in perspective is key.

The Negative Friend

Let's all put our positive pants on. The negative friend will find a way to see the glass as half empty every single time. They're the ones who always see the grass as greener on the other side, and expect for everything to go horribly wrong. You've found yourself to be a bit moodier after hanging out with this kind of friend, and always need to put extra energy into your mindset. Welp, it's been pretty exhausting.

Now that you've grown up, you're realizing you need to surround yourself with brighter people. Life can get draining when you're constantly doubting it, and you have so many dreams to pursue. Following them takes friends who are optimistic and can be rays of sunshine even on the cloudiest of days.

The Clingy Friend

The clingy friend is the one who always wants to sit with you at lunch. They follow in your footsteps, and don't ever seem to do their own thing. Being an adult means taking your own path, though, and you're so done with having a shadow.

You want to share your experiences and successes with someone else, but also be able to live your own life. You'll make new friends in college, and score that cool apartment in the city with a couple of roommates after graduation. Sure, it's nice to have a sidekick, but the silver lining of ditching this kind of friend is being able to be your own person and have your space.

The Flakey Friend

Growing up, you might not be in the same place as some of your favorite people, but you've realized you still want to stay close with your crew despite the distance. You'll have the friends who put in so much effort. They'll check in with you, and plan trips to come and see your new place. You'll also have the flakey ones, though, who are constantly bailing on your friendship. Those people in your crew are probably best left in your past.

You're over the one-sided friendships, and know that you don't want to waste your time. Especially when you really need a supportive shoulder to lean on, having friends you can truly count on is important.

The flakey friend has let you down one too many times, but the bright side is, you're better off with all of the new friends you've made in your 20s. What would you do without them?