You’re Officially Growing Up Once You’re Over These Things In Your 20s

You're not quite sure when it happened, but you seriously grew up. It seems like just yesterday when you were a kid eating all the cool snacks on the playground, and now you're going grocery shopping and picking out the essentials for yourself. Sure, there are parts of being an adult that are seriously cool, but there are other things you fall out of love with along the way. It's just a sign that you're really adulting — and that's something to be proud of.

When you were a kid, you couldn't wait to get to this part and be a grown-up. All of the coolest people in your life were adults and always knew what to say and do. Now, you're the one with the cool advice, and are telling the best stories from studying abroad to your younger cousins. They look up to you like you put the stars in the sky, and can't wait to go to be an adult and travel the world, too.

There are some things nobody tells you about growing up, though. For one, you never thought you'd fall out of love with these six things. I think it's safe to say you're an adult after all.

The Cool Crowd

Growing up means you don't care much about the cool crowd anymore. In high school, landing a spot at the lunch table and wearing the latest trends might have been high up on your priority list. You wanted to be besties with the captain of your soccer team, or the fashionista who always had the best shoes.

Now that you're an adult, you've fallen so far out of love with putting people on such a pedestal. You've figured out your own style, and let your personality shine in everything you do. Being your own person and making your own path in life is so much more fun than following a crowd, anyway.

Staying Up Late

When you've really grown up, you realize that staying up late isn't all it's cracked up to be. You want to use your Saturdays to adventure, and you already rely so much on coffee during the work week. Getting yourself to bed at a reasonable hour is just an underrated thing that comes with adulthood.

As a kid, you'd have sleepovers with your girl crew and see if you could stay away until sunrise. You'd watch movies all night long, and then inevitably spend the next afternoon napping, despite it being sunny outside. Nowadays, those nights when you can snuggle up in bed before 11 p.m. are always appreciated, because there's a real world to face in the morning.

Taking Life Too Seriously

When you were little, you assumed that every adult had it all figured out. You couldn't tell that they were winging a lot of it, and didn't really know everything. They'd ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up, and you'd likely always have an answer even if it had changed since last week. Now, the tables have turned and you've realized that having a five-year plan just isn't practical.

Sure, you have your goals and a bucket list full of places you want to see in this world. But, you're living more like Phoebe from Friends and aren't letting yourself get bummed out by what others are doing in comparison to you. Sometimes you just have to see what happens, and go with the flow instead of planning every second of the future — and that's OK.

Seeking Perfection

Making a thousand mistakes is just part of living life. Especially when you were navigating high school, it was easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others. You shopped at the same stores and woke up a little earlier in the morning so you could pick out just the right outfit.

Truth is, not everything in life goes according to plan, and growing up means not get too bummed out when things don't go your way. You'll have days when your coffee spills on a new shirt, or you forget to text back your friend. Life happens, and you're cheering yourself on, anyway. Falling out of love with being perfect has left a lot more room for being human instead.

Fake Friendships

Making friends in your 20s can be a struggle, but you've learned over the years how to find the best people for your crew. Growing up means leaving behind the friends who were fake, and keeping close the girls who lift you higher in life. You most likely have a few besties who have been around since day one, and roommates from college that'll be your sidekicks in the real world, too.

As a kid, you might have gotten close to the people in your class or your teammates. But, everybody changes, and you've fallen out of love with trying to make the shoe fit. After all, adulthood has brought you people who share the same passions and will have you laughing for hours.

Waiting For Your Dreams To Come True

As a kid, you were so in love with just the idea of your dreams, but now, you're falling out of those thoughts and letting them become your reality. Kind of cool, huh? You had a vision, and now you're actually creating it for yourself. Maybe you always wanted to start your own business, or travel the world. Whatever your adventure might be, you're so excited to see it unfold.

Growing up means you're just taking fate into your hands now and forging your own path. Settling for the status quo doesn't always have to be an option, and you're falling in love with this new life as an adult.