Why You Should Follow Your Wanderlust Right Now, Because You've Been Putting It Off

What are you waiting for? Your wanderlust is calling, and you've yet to answer. You've thought about those tropical trips and exotic experiences, but just can't seem to purchase the plane tickets. You're slowly running out of excuses, and wondering why you're even making them in the first place. After all, living would be quite the adventure and you weren't put on this planet just to pay the bills. There are a thousand reasons why you should travel right now, most of which you're probably well aware of. If you're in need of a sign or are waiting for all of the stars to align, though, just know that there's never been a better time to follow your wanderlust.

You've probably heard it enough by now that you're young and free. Sure, you have a packed schedule and plans with your friends most of the time. Life is still pretty sweet with your besties by your side. But, you're washing away your worries with caffeine and always waiting for the weekend. Why doesn't every day feel like Saturday?

Truth is, when you travel, you're creating a life for yourself. You wander the whole wide world, and see all of the beauty that's beyond what you could ever capture with a camera. You meet new people, and immerse yourself in different cultures. The only thing standing in the way right now is yourself. Hopefully these six reasons will remind you why you should follow your wanderlust as soon as possible.

You're Not Settled Down

Believe it or not, your schedule right now is quite flexible. You might not be settled down with a family, so you don't have to worry about juggling soccer practices on top of what's already in your personal planner. You could even leave your apartment to your friends for a couple of days, if you're worried about jet-setting off to another city.

One day, you'll likely need to spend much more time planning a trip. You'll have to include your family, or work it around other events and commitments. Right now, you could follow your wanderlust, and honestly leave behind few worries. Life will go on without you at home, and it'll give you some great stories to tell when all is said and done.

You Have A Bunch Of Travel Buddies Who Are Down For The Adventure

Traveling is always better with buddies, and if you're 20-something, you have a bunch of people who would probably love to stamp their passports, too. Everybody has a bucket list, and there's probably at least one adventurous girl in your crew who already has her suitcase partially packed. You could be putting off following your wanderlust because you're a bit nervous, and that's OK — but, that's also where besties come in, so you don't have to make memories alone.

Your roommates, besties from home, and college friends are all looking to hit the road, too. Planning a trip together might be just what you need to purchase those plane tickets, or book that charming Airbnb. You could sit around all summer break, or fill your camera roll with your crew. Sounds like an easy decision to me.

You Might Be Looking To Move Somewhere New

Especially if you just graduated college, the world is your oyster. There's so much to explore, and picking one place is honestly the hardest part. Following your wanderlust now will help you get started and see where you might want to call home for awhile.

You lived in a college dorm, and maybe moved back in with your family after tossing your cap. You've been waiting to see what's next for so long now, and traveling could give you all of the answers. Every place you see, you'll likely fall in love with. It only takes one city or town along the coast to really fill your heart and mind with joy, though, for you to pack your bags and make the move.

Your Social Media Is In Need Of Some Travel Pics

Nothing spices up your Instagram better than tropical snaps by the beach. You've posted so many pictures of your iced coffee already this summer, and could use a couple of palms tress to brighten up your feed. Doing it for the 'Gram seriously never goes out of style.

Take it from your favorite travel and lifestyle bloggers, who are constantly exploring dreamy destinations like Bali and Thailand. You're so obsessed with their profile, because they're scoping out all of the places on your bucket list. Channeling that lifestyle, if even for just a week, will give your social media a serious upgrade, while curing at least some of your wanderlust.

You're So Curious

Now more than ever, you're curious about what's out there in this world. You're still figuring out your passions, and finding yourself a bit. Traveling sounds like a pretty sweet way to fuel the fire inside.

You wouldn't be spending your free time at work scrolling through travel guides and watching vlogs on YouTube, if you weren't wondering about other places. Even the cities that are on the bottom of your bucket list would make for quite the trip, if somebody handed you the plane ticket. Truth is, you just have to buy it yourself, and invest in the inspiration that's to come.

You Need To Recharge

Odds are, you've probably gotten comfortable in your routine. You wake up on Monday mornings and grab your cup of coffee at the local cafe before heading into the office. Like Pam says in The Office, "There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things," and you may love where you're at. If your wanderlust isn't giving up, though, you really need to drop the schedule and just go.

When you're feeling uninspired and drained from work, traveling really lets you recharge. It opens your heart and helps you think differently, because you're seeing things you never have before. Be sure to find all of the adventure that's out there, and see how amazing it feels to finally follow that wanderlust of yours.