What Your Fave Rom-Com Says About Where You Should Travel This Summer

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What's sweeter: summer or our favorite romantic comedies? Personally, I don't think I'd be able to choose between the two. On the one hand, you have snuggling up with your significant other, or gathering up your girl crew for a night full of love stories. On the other hand, s'mores and bonfires by the beach are pretty rad, too. Lucky for you, the sunniest season of the year will cure some of your wanderlust and still include those films you could watch over and over. Where you should travel to in summer 2018 is solely based on your favorite rom-com. Leave the universe and star signs behind on this one. It's all about that movie that makes you fall head over heels.

Maybe it's because I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic, but there are movies out there that just never get old. I could probably quote you every single memorable line from Can't Buy Me Love, and love the old films like Breakfast at Tiffany's, where Audrey Hepburn has her little apartment in the city and is falling in love with a man who lives nearby. Ugh, if only real life came with such a romantic soundtrack and story. For now, I'll stick to watching them play out on the screen — I suppose.

Summer promises a lot of wild adventures, though. Maybe you'll meet your soulmate while wandering the world and seeing new skylines. It all begins with a trip, based on your favorite rom-com.

'13 Going On 30': New York City
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If you want to be 30 and thriving one day, you have to head to New York City right now. Sure, you may not be 13 years old and dealing with your awkward phase anymore. But, you might be in a little bit of a rut going into summer and need a fresh atmosphere to see what's really in store. Maybe you'll stop by a magazine's editorial department and make an appearance, or get an entire crowd to dance to "Thriller" in Times Square. This kind of trip is bound to be a good time.

'Friends With Benefits': Los Angeles
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Let's head to Los Angeles this summer, especially if you love Friends With Benefits, just like me. This romantic comedy mainly took place in New York City, as Mila Kunis introduced Justin Timberlake to the beauty of Grand Central Station and living in a bustling city. But, there was a solid part of the movie that headed back to Los Angeles, where Timberlake's character grew up.

The friends (Were they actually friends, though?) hung out by the beach and hiked around the Hollywood sign before getting removed from it via helicopter. You don't necessarily need to have that kind of adventure, but checking out the cool walls of the city will be a great place to start.

'Mamma Mia': Greece
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Mamma mia! You're headed to Greece. This movie never fails to spark every bit of wanderlust in us. The bright teal waters and romantic cliff sides with churches just above make us wish we were a part of the cast and living in that sort of dreamworld. We'd be dancing alongside Meryl Streep and diving into the beautiful waves, just like Amanda Seyfried.

Surely, your trip to the islands will be just as magical, just with maybe less ABBA in the background. You'll hang on the beaches of Mykonos, and pose along the white and blue scenery of Santorini. Don't forget to catch a sunset, and maybe crash a sweet wedding.

'Clueless': Beverly Hills
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There's Los Angeles, but then there's Beverly Hills. You could hike the Hollywood sign, or you could walk along Rodeo Drive and purchase a pair of unbelievable shoes. What would Cher do? Yes, we don't all want to be exactly like the main character from Clueless, but living in this part of such a bustling city had to have had its perks. I mean, prime access to some of the best shopping and afternoons spent at the spa? As if! Be sure to bring your bestie or your significant other along for this getaway, though. It's always better to be rolling with the homies.

'Bridesmaids': Milwaukee
Vickie Eisenstein on YouTube

Oh boy, do we love Bridesmaids. Anything with Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and Melissa McCarthy in the cast is bound to be hilarious. But, the second you put a bunch of puppies in any movie, the crowd will be seriously sold.

Milwaukee might not have been on your mind or your bucket list. Hear me out, though. If this is your favorite rom-com, you have to visit where all of the bestie drama went down. Lillian's engagement party may have been filmed in California, but Annie's apartment sits right in Milwaukee. So, hop on that plane you're sure to have an awesome girls' trip.

'The Proposal': Alaska
Casey Holmes on YouTube

Your significant other doesn't have to be popping the question for you to have an awesome adventure in Alaska. The Proposal has gone down in history as one of the best romantic comedies purely for that scene with Betty White and Sandra Bullock dancing in the woods. There was the plane ride toward the end of the film that had us all in our feels, and the relatable storyline of a couple who's still figuring a lot of things out.

This trip will likely be one for the books, and filled with seeing snowy mountains and endless evergreens. You may want to hit up Denali National Park, or snuggle up on a cruise ship instead. Although most of this movie is mainly filmed in Massachusetts, Alaska will be an incredible spot to check off your bucket list.

'Dirty Dancing': The Catskills
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Can all camping trips come with Patrick Swayze? Most of the scenes in this movie were actually filmed in North Carolina, but it's meant to be the Catskills. A storyline set in the serenity of the outdoors, with a bit of a vintage feel will get us every time. But, we're just hoping nobody puts us in the corner based on our dancing skills. I'd be lying if I said I didn't try to do that pose in the ending scene at least once (so far) in my lifetime — and miserably failed.

This summer, you may be looking to get adventurous and maybe fall in love. S'mores and so many other things change when you're in a summer romance in your 20s, and you're hoping somebody will sweep you off your feet and put you in the air like a swan.

'The Holiday': London
Kelsey Simone on YouTube

No matter what season it may be, I'm totally in love with The Holiday. Can anyone really blame me? The scene where Kate Winslet gets her gumption will forever be the girl power we need after a really rough breakup. Not to mention, Jack Black's piano playing can always wisps me away and puts me right in our feels. Unlike Cameron Diaz, I have no trouble crying at scenes like the ones set in England, where the couple is saying goodbye. Going to London won't be quite as tearjerking, but you'll likely get some lovely vibes from the land.

'Forgetting Sarah Marshall': Hawaii
Emitaz on YouTube

Have you ever been to Hawaii? Maybe you spent a week at a resort in Oahu once when you had a family wedding. But, hanging out and living the island life for awhile with one of your besties will be so much different.

Truth is, traveling is a great form of therapy when we need to get away from reality. Leave it to your favorite rom-com to show you all the possibilities, laughs, and love interests that can come with exploring a new place. Just watch out for Russell Brand, and pace yourself with the mimosas at breakfasts. It's a vacation from life, but you're also looking for love.

'Pretty In Pink': Chicago
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Life is pretty when it's in pink. OK, if I'm being honest, it's not always aesthetically pleasing as record shops and red lips. But, any romantic comedy with Molly Ringwald is a classic and makes us want to put on a pair of rose-colored glasses.

Chicago may just be a layover city to you. You've likely stopped at one of the airports on your way to the other coast. When you wander beyond the planes and jets, though, there's actually a whole lot to see and do, and it's where Pretty In Pink takes place.

You'll want to try a deep-dish pizza, and hang out in Millennium Park. You aren't in high school anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't catch a football game or hit up a lively party like in the movies, as well.