How Summer Changes Once You Have A Summer Romance In Your 20s

Love is in the air. Summer is already a fan favorite between the sunshine and endless scoops of ice cream. Most of us are crushing hard on Mother Nature when May comes around, and the warm weather is finally gracing us with its presence. We spend more time outside, and get social with our girl crew. But, the most memorable moments can come from a summer love story we wish would never end. When you're in love, you may be a bit blind to how summer changes. Lucky for you, I've rounded up what's really quite different about these days in the sun.

Leave it to Nicholas Sparks and romantic comedies to once again set the standards for love stories so high. The Notebook, The Last Song, and the catchy tunes from Grease all take place in summertime when the sun isn't the only thing bringing on the heat. No matter how many times I watch those movies, I'll still fall head-over-heels for the sweet scenes in the sand and surf. It's like the sparks are flying out of the television screen and straight into my feels.

Maybe you're in a relationship, or are just having a fun and flirty summer fling. When love is involved, every day is a bit brighter. You'll realize that these seven things are what really changes, though, when it comes to romance and the most radiant time of the year.

You Check Things Off Your Bucket List

Having an adventure buddy come summertime is a pretty sweet deal. This is the season when you're probably going to spend the most time traveling and exploring the outdoors. Hiking is always so much better when you have someone special by your side to share the views and snacks with. (Trail mix, anyone?)

You might have always wanted to learn how to surf, or needed someone to check out that drive-in movie theater with you down the street. A summer romance means never having to go on any adventure alone.

You Stay Out Later

Usually in summertime, you'd still be focusing on your schedule and what's to come at work this week. You'd hang with friends, but save the bonfires and nights where you're dancing until dawn for the weekends. When summer romances come into the picture, though, you tend to stay out a lot later despite what day it is.

Maybe you're doing some stargazing with your significant other, or are staying up late and having heart-to-hearts. Tomorrow, you'll likely be pretty tired, but your romance makes the extra cup of coffee seem so worth it. Don't forget to get some sleep, though. There's still a whole summer of adventures and sweet moments ahead of you.

You Look At The Brighter Side

If the endless amount of sunshine didn't already put you in a positive mood, your summer romance will really have you gazing through a pair of rose-colored glasses. You'll laugh at yourself more when you make mistakes, and take every setback as part of the adventure. Life is sweeter when you can see the opportunity in any situation, and you have love to thank for such a shift in perspective. With your partner by your side, anything seems possible.

You Add New Friends To Your Crew

Your girl crew used to be your go-to during summertime. But now that you have your significant other, your circle of friends has grown a bit. Suddenly, you're not just hanging out with your bestie and having a bonfire. Instead, you're buying s'mores supplies for a whole group and playing a full game of beach volleyball until the sun sets.

While making special plans alone with your friends is important, everybody is likely happy to have the extra company. The more the merrier, right? Your summer romance is pretty sweet for social life, too.

You Grow Up A Bit

This is the summer when you're really going to grow up a bit. You may already feel like you're adulting, but there are some things that love can truly only teach us. We learn about ourselves and what we're looking for in another person.

Even if your summer romance isn't with your soulmate, you'll find yourself leaving the sunny season with all sorts of lessons. That's honestly the most bittersweet part of relationships. Sometimes you can end up hurt, and other times, you're living on cloud nine.

You Worry A Little Less

When you're 20-something, you have so much on your mind. You're trying to figure out what career you'll take on, where you want to live, and how to balance your budget. Maybe it's the waves or your summer romance, but you'll realize that when love is in the air, many of those worries seemingly wash away.

The only thing you can think about is your significant other and what beach is best for the two of you to hit up next. You're constantly smiling or laughing at the little things in life, like holding hands and splashing each other in the waves. Too cheesy? Oh well, you're not worried about that, either.

Your Summer Is So Bittersweet

Hopefully, your summer romance lasts way past those saturated sunsets. But when fall comes around, people go back to school and leave their beach towns, and your summer may end on a bittersweet note.

You've spent your days making memories that'll last a lifetime with your significant other. College will come with classes, and work will get a bit busier now that the weather isn't so warm. You two will find a balance, or may just choose to focus on whatever's next. Just remember: What's meant to be will always be. This might be the start of something new, or just an unforgettable romance that changed summer as you knew it.