What The Traveler Really Wants On Her 25th Birthday, But Probably Won't Tell You

Some of us have an endless amount of wanderlust. No matter how much we travel, we can't get enough of the world and everything it has to offer. We wander in hopes of finding ourselves, new inspiration, and making memories that'll last a lifetime. Surrounding yourself in the beauty of other cultures will seriously never get old, and we've already started clearing our camera roll for the next trip. The girl who loves to travel in your crew can relate to this all too well. She really wants a few things on her 25th birthday, but will probably never tell you herself. Don't worry — I have you covered, so you don't just settle for a luggage tag.

She's likely the Sagittarius in your crew, and the one who will bring your wildest dreams to life. She has the coolest passport stamps from the semester she studied abroad, and has many stories about traveling to countries like Croatia and Morocco. There was the week she sailed on the Mediterranean Sea just off the coast of France, and now she's headed to Australia for more adventures. Can you even keep up?

This girl lives for experiences, so on her 25th birthday, you'll want to stay away from material gifts and focus on making memories.

A Road Trip With Her Crew

It's always a good time to take a road trip. You and your besties might have thought about renting a car for a week and checking out the California coastline, or even driving along Route 66. But, when the girl who loves to travel in your crew turns 25, you should turn those daydreams into a reality.

Plan out your route and prep your playlists. You'll likely want to make a few stops along the way, but leave some of your travels up to spontaneity. After all, this girl lives for adventure, and sometimes the best memories are made unexpectedly. Be sure to pack sneakers and a camera to capture all of those sights you'll see.

An Adventure Buddy

The girl who loves to travel really just wants an adventure buddy. There's probably at least one person in your crew who loves to live life on the spontaneous side as well. But, the more the merrier, and on her birthday, she wants to be surrounded by everyone in her squad.

This girl wants someone to share that immense passion for jet-setting on planes and exploring new places with her. She also wants to stop hearing excuses as to why the people in her life can't travel. Yes, sometimes the funds aren't there, or it doesn't seem like a good time to take off of work. But this girl doesn't want to wait to live life, and looks at traveling as way to make the most of every second. Let's be honest, passport stamps and plates of Italian pasta are more fun when they're shared with a bestie on your birthday.

Less Questions About Her Lifestyle

If you're constantly traveling, people start to ask questions. They wonder if you ever work, and tend to get critical of your lack of a routine. In some ways, you are living a slightly alternative lifestyle — and others will either be so jealous, or pretty judgmental of your passion to hop on planes.

On her 25th birthday, the girl who loves to travel in your crew just wants you to have a little faith in her spontaneous and adventurous soul. She's tired of hearing that she should be thinking about settling down, or be more serious about her career. There's a method behind her ways, and she's constantly choosing to look at the bigger picture. Save your questions for another day.

A Cute Passport Holder

If you really want to get this girl a material item instead of an experience on her 25th birthday, then go for something like a cute passport holder. She has a lot of adventures waiting for her in the years ahead, and will love packing her most reliable travel buddy in something stylish.

The best passport holders will hold her boarding passes and keep everything safe. Being a traveller, she knows all of the tricks to packing her suitcase, and finding the best flights. She'll need her besties on her birthday to back up her travels with accessories that show some appreciation. Maybe her new holder will sport a world map, or be personalized with her initials in the corner. It's always the thought that counts.

Some Time To Relax

Traveling all the time means that you have some serious catching up to do. This girl is likely pretty tired from her trips, and just wants to spend her 25th birthday recharging. You'd probably assume that hitting such a milestone would mean a night out partying with your ladies, but she just wants some peace and quiet. Please, don't take any offense from it.

Her pillow and bed sound so good, and she can eat cake in the comfort of her blankets and feel content. If you still want to get her something, maybe you'll pick up her favorite snacks or a bath bomb or two to really upgrade her solo time.

Birthdays are truly the best time to focus on self-care. The girl who loves to travel wants to live the treat yo' self lifestyle instead of doing anything extravagant — but she may never tell you herself.