10 Cute Passport Holders That'll Give You So Much Wanderlust This Spring & Summer

Winter is so over, and your wanderlust is honestly ready to embrace the warm weather. Sure, you took that tropical trip to an island in the Caribbean during spring break, but it wasn't nearly enough! You're just really ready to hop on a plane and see a place far, far away from the semester. You have your suitcase basically packed, and your passport's ready to be stamped. Is this what a Sagittarius feels like on any given day? Amongst all of the travel accessories you're bound to buy, you'll want to pick up one of these cute passport holders this spring or summer. After all, you'll probably take a picture once you're sitting in the sky, and want your best travel buddy to be looking better than ever.

We're all living our best lives when we travel. Truth is, we run into a lot of inconveniences, but we tend to call them an adventure instead. Whenever we have to wait in lines at home, we wonder if the world hates us and what we did to deserve such a thing. But, when we're standing in a coffee shop in Italy looking for our cappuccino, there's not a worry that could cross our minds.

You've hopefully booked at least one trip by now to somewhere oh-so-sweet, and have started planning where else you'll take your passport this year. Choosing one of these 10 cute passport holders will make that trip even more picture-perfect.

A Colorful Map

Map Maker Passport Holder, $24, Anthropologie

You're going to be covering some serious ground this spring and summer, and can't wait to see what all those stamps look like from different countries. This cute passport holder will surely have you daydreaming about all of the places you can pin on your map, and it'll inspire you to let your feet continuously wander. The pastels bring out all the best vibes of spring and summer, and will make that picture on social media a bit brighter, too. Seriously, you're going to be making all of your friends super jealous.

A Bunch Of Flowers

Wild At Heart Passport Holder, $24, Anthropologie

Getting out of your comfort zone isn't for everyone, and some people are OK with just hanging around home. Now that's fine as well, but if you're looking for adventure, then a passport holder that channels your free spirit will be the right fit. A bunch of flowers for spring? In the words of Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada: "Groundbreaking." But, traveling will bloom you into a beautifully open-minded person. So, it all sort of makes sense, right?

A Fun Phrase

Jet Set Passport Case, $26, Nordstrom

You're going to be "en route" to so many new experiences soon enough. Passports, like airports, are all about coming and going. It's kind of unreal when you think about how many happy moments have happened at the gates and where the security person gives you your stamp. You never come back quite the same, and you really wouldn't want it any other way. This passport holder will remind you that wherever you're about to go is going to be a trip you talk about forever. Your friends and family are going to be asking stories for a lifetime, and you already can't wait to see what's in store.

A Weekend Statement

Getaway Passport Holder — Available For Weekends, $24, Ban.dō

Even if it's just for a long weekend, getting away in the summertime sounds like such a good idea. There's nothing like taking a road trip or hopping across the pond to make a work week disappear. Seriously, think of all that stress you built up in the office. The minute you hit the beach in Barcelona, or take a sip of that wine under the Eiffel Tower, you're good to go. I think that's why we so often want to travel. Clearing our heads and experiencing new cultures is so rejuvenating.

A Tropical Print

Getaway Passport Holder — Paradiso, $24, Ban.dō

If you're headed for paradise, then you'll want to pick up a passport holder with a tropical print. Florals for sure say spring, but palm trees and big flowers are truly talking about those places that live endlessly in summer. Some of our favorite trips to take are the ones to beautiful beaches where the surf is bright teal and the sand is extra soft. We love walking along the waves at sunset, and soaking in every ounce of sun we possibly can. Especially after a long winter, those kinds of tropical destinations are must-dos.

A First Class Find

Getaway Passport Holder — First Class, $24, Ban.dō

Many of us wish that every time we hopped on a plane we were sitting up front where there are reclining chairs and just a little extra feet room. Especially on those long flights where we're trying to pass the time with movies and airplane meals, it would be nice to snuggle up just a bit in a larger-than-life seat. Sometimes we might have that luxury, and we definitely don't ever take it for granted. But, no matter what we know, this trip is going to be so sweet despite the seating arrangement.

A Little Bit Of Wanderlust

Wanderlust Collection Passport Holder, $14, Amazon

Your passport is sort of like a journal. All of your stamps and visas will tell stories of the places you traveled to, and where you may have lived and worked that one summer when you went abroad. You had an apartment right in the center of Paris, or lived with your extended family in London. It's all so romantic, really. This passport holder will surely capture all of that wanderlust and put it in one place. You'll want details that remind you of all the cities you've been, and where you've yet to wander. So, scoop it up quick before you board the next plane.

A White Marble Case

Eccolo Travel Passport Cover Case, $11, Amazon

When I studied abroad, I fell in love with Croatia. For one, it was perfectly settled on the Mediterranean Sea, and covered in white marble. The buildings, the sidewalks — everything was made of this aesthetically-pleasing stone. When I got home, I was surprised at how trendy it still was. My friends had laptop cases and covers on their phones that looked like the streets of Croatia. All in all, you'll want to pick up this passport case to channel all of those sweet European vibes and the latest trends.

An Alpaca Pun

Alpaca Cute Passport Holder, $26+, Etsy

Puns are for passport holders, too! If you love to have a good laugh no matter where you go, then you'll want to pick up this alpaca case for your most important travel buddy. You'll be doing a lot of packing, and you've probably done some scrolling on Pinterest to find all of the little hacks for getting your favorite shoes on board despite having a weight limit. The lighter you can go, the better off you will be. But, save some room for this alpaca who's also getting together all of his bags.

A Lovely Lemon

Lemon Passport Holder, $18+, Etsy

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. You've been hearing since you were little that you should always say "yes" to every adventure. You have to make the most of the little moments, and experience everything you can — especially when you're 20-something. Maybe in college you studied abroad, or you're just now discovering your love for planes in the post-grad life. This passport holder will remind you that traveling, like a lot of things in life, is bittersweet, because eventually you have to come home, too.

Onto the next one though, right? Your cute passport holder is surely going to be perfect for any season.