Traveling Like A Blogger Is In The Cards For You This Summer & Here's How

The wanderlust is too real, and you're ready to hop on a plane any second. Sure, there might not be quite enough in your budget for a ticket to the Maldives. But, you're willing to make it work if it means finally getting out into the world with your camera by your side. You dream about constantly going from one destination to the next, and filming vlogs along the way. Traveling like a blogger is in the cards for you this summer, assuming you add a few places to your bucket list to get the full experience.

When you're at work and staring at a laptop screen all day, you tend to pull up YouTube and watch endless travel guides. You've planned out some trips in your head, and know exactly where to get the best açaí bowls in Hawaii or go hiking along the Italian coastline. You keep saying that "one day" you'll finally go and see all of these places from social media for real. What are you honestly waiting for, though?

If you want to be a blogger, or at least travel like one, it's time to turn all of those daydreams into a reality. You'll want to pack up your suitcase and get your passport ready to be stamped, because from here on out it's all about adventure. These seven places will be must-sees for you this summer, and the best additions to your blogger-style bucket list.

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona
Tõnu Tunnel/Stocksy

Not every cool destination is out of the country, and Horseshoe Bend is probably one of the sweetest you'll find. You've heard of the endless amount of national parks that are on the West Coast, and the red rocks in places like Sedona. But, the adventurous side of you will want to see all of those saturated tones from entirely new perspectives.

Take a guided tour from the Grand Canyon, or combine your visit with an excursion to Antelope Canyon, as well. You'll want to pack your hiking boots and a quality camera. After all, no blogger would take a trip without snapping a couple of shots for social media.

Portland, Oregon
Leif + Jaci on YouTube

Personally, I think you'll instantly fall in love with Portland, Oregon. This city is a must-see for every travel blogger wannabe or adventurer. There are coffee shops, waterfalls, and a whole lot of evergreens. You'll likely want to spend at least a day or two exploring and eating your way through the somewhat bustling streets. But, make sure you leave some time to road trip to the coastline and Cannon Beach, too.

After seeing the Pacific Northwest and everything it has to offer, I now understand why so many bloggers are based out of this place. It's friendly, artsy, and stunning. Seriously, take a picture with the "Keep Portland Weird" sign just to say you've been there.

Kauai, Hawaii
Leif + Jaci on YouTube

Have you heard it enough by now that adventure is out there? Truth is, you've probably seen a waterfall or gone on a lot of hikes if you're totally in love with traveling. But, nothing will quite compare to what you'll see in Kauai. This destination is for those who are in love with the beach and all of Earth's beauty. Eat fresh pineapple in place that's out of this world, and watch the sunset from the sand.

If you don't already own a drone, or at least a couple of cute bathing suits, then be sure to stock up before you go. You'll be getting some serious Moana vibes from a place like this.

Tulum, Mexico
AnnieJaffrey on YouTube

Summertime means you're setting your sights on the tropics. You want to be chilling under the palm trees and soaking in the most colorful places around the world. Putting Tulum, Mexico on your bucket list will be the best way to upgrade those otherwise average beach days.

According to the endless amount of bloggers that I follow on Instagram, this spot is all about fun in the sun. Gather up your girl crew and pick a resort, and maybe have a flirty photo shoot with the sand and surf. Messy buns and wavy, saltwater hair is necessary, too.

Cannes, France
sarah cabalka/Stocksy

The coast of France promises international film festivals and pretty pink rooftops, and it's the perfect spot for the blogger in you. If you're anything like Selena Gomez in Monte Carlo, you've likely been dreaming about seeing Europe since high school. You thought you'd go to Paris and fall in love with your soulmate, or at least study abroad. But, you may have overlooked remarkable cities like Cannes.

From personal experience, I can tell you that anything along the Mediterranean Sea is worth seeing. The dark blue water is warm for swimming, and during the afternoon there's a ton to explore. You could head to the City of Love, and then check out a darling place like Cannes — whatever your inner compass desires.

Amalfi Coast, Italy
Dubbo Images/Stocksy

Bloggers find so much inspiration in their travels, and so can you in Italy. This country is packed with beautiful places, people, and plates of food. You'll want to spend a day sipping on Chianti wines in Florence. But, after all said and done, grabbing a bowl of seafood pasta in the Amalfi Coast is on the agenda.

The pastel houses stack along the cliffside, but you'd never know it when you're exploring the shops and purchasing a pair of custom sandals. If you studied abroad, you know that this place is perfect for summer, but even more so if you're looking to travel like a blogger.

Ubud, Bali
Lost LeBlanc on YouTube

Find all of your best blogger moments in Bali. Scrolling through Instagram, you've probably seen pictures of a girl swinging surrounded by palm trees and rice fields. If you looked at the location, those photos were likely based in Ubud or another city in Bali. Travel bloggers and filmmakers are living and spending so much time on this island in Indonesia, and I'm here for it.

Heading to Ubud will open your heart and mind to a whole new culture and content. Odds are, you're sleeping on everything Asia has to offer, including the Ubud Monkey Forest. When you travel like a blogger, you finally get to experience those sights firsthand, and are truly making the most of your summer.