Kauai Is The Instagram-Perfect Vacation Spot You’ve Been Sleeping On

by Alexa Mellardo

In Kauai, I promise you’ll fall in love with the land. You will find so much inspiration in the vibrant shades of the sunset, and you'll want to gaze at the swaying palms for all of eternity. When reality calls, your best bet is to park yourself like a seashell in the sand because Kauai will steal your heart. Of course, you'll want to capture the views forever on your upcoming trip, so make sure you’re equipped with your Polaroid camera and the right photo apps. (My personal faves are VSCO and A Color Story, but Kauai is so breathtaking, a filter isn't even necessary.) The best places to take pictures in Kauai are so stunning, you'll be doing a double take.

It's no secret that The Garden Island offers an immeasurable amount of beauty — so much so that you’ll find yourself questioning more than once if this is actually reality or you’re just caught up in a daydream. I recently had the incredible opportunity to travel to Kauai for five days, and looking back, it all seems so surreal. There's so much to see, eat, and soak up, and your trip will go by in the blink of an eye. Don't get too caught up in snapping the perfect shot, because you just might miss something spectacular while you're looking at your phone.

Live in the salty and sweet moments that Kauai offers you, and be sure to take in all of the good vibes of this dreamy destination. The sparkling turquoise and aqua hues in the ocean will speak to your soul, and you just might befriend a sea turtle or dolphin along the way, too. By the end of your trip, your camera roll will be overflowing with so much vibrance and beauty. Definitely incorporate The Shops at Kukui'ula into your itinerary, so you can look for picture frames that'll give such a special meaning to your favorite shots.

Cheers to an endless amount of stunning gems you'll discover in Kauai, and all of the amazing pictures you'll take while adventuring.

Shake Your Palm Palms
Alexa Mellardo

Some of the best shots you'll capture while in Kauai are when you're feeling grounded as you look up at the tall palm trees stretching into the sky. Standing next to one makes you feel extremely humble, and you'll really wish you could live the palm tree kind of life in Kauai. Imagine waking up to that view every single day! *swoons*

I snapped this colorful picture from the lobby at the Aqua Kauai Beach Resort, and I am in love with how much prominence and grandeur the palm trees bless the blue sky and soft clouds with. A vibrant snapshot like this one will bring so many tropical vibes to your feed.

This Dinosaur Is Trying To Score Some Digits, TBH
Kauai ATV

In addition to the overall epic (and muddy AF) experience on the Kauai ATV tour, posing for this snapshot with your girls is quintessential. Scenes from Jurassic Park and Jurassic World were filmed in Kauai, so you'll really feel like you're livin' life in the movies by posing for this shot during the tour. (For real, though, how does a gal successfully turn down a dinosaur on the spot?! Asking for a friend.)

There are a couple of different tour options, but I highly recommend the three-four-hour waterfall tour. Throughout the 23-mile trail, you'll have so many opportunities to park your ATVs and pose for pictures — from taking a dip under a stunning waterfall, to ridin' (extremely) dirty on your ATV and posing in front of the beautiful greenery in the jungle.

The Dreamiest Kind Of Shot For The Flower Child
alexamellardo on Instagram

I snapped this early morning shot while enjoying a cup of coffee on my patio. I stayed at The Grand Hyatt Kauai, and my doors opened up to this sweepingly picturesque view. Ah, to be one with the garden flowers every day is def my kind of vibe.

Of course, you will see so many colorful plants, fruits, and florals throughout Kauai. So if you scope out a spot that speaks to you along your travels, make sure you snap a couple of pictures from different angles, flower child.

Things Are Looking Lit
Alexa Mellardo

This vantage point of the Kilauea Lighthouse is so lit. This beacon of light is so awe-inspiring and the view really puts all of the encompassing beauty into perspective. If you really want to make your Instagram pop, don't sleep on this stunning scenic shot.

The Napali Cliffs, For That Hauntingly Beautiful Shot
Alexa Mellardo

There's something drop-dead gorgeous and so hauntingly captivating about the Napali Coast. Looking at where the turquoise water meets the tall cliffs from your catamaran will put you in a state of complete and utter bliss. As you cruise along the coastline, take it all in — because this is surely a sight you'll want to remember for a lifetime.

Soak Up As Many Hawaiian Sunsets And Sunrises As Humanly Possible
alexamellardo on Instagram

Kauai will bless you with so many colors throughout your stay, and you'll feel as if you were living life in black and white before visiting the island. Scrolling through my camera roll right now, I have so, so many pictures of Hawaiian palm trees. Their silhouettes are sweet perfection, and the most incredible thing about them is that no two shots will be the same, depending on what type of color show's streaming up in the sky.

This shot was snapped during my sunrise yoga session. You'll find many palm trees throughout the island, so set your alarm to experience some pretty unforgettable sunrises. Then, choose an angle and viewpoint that speaks to your soul before snapping away.

The Most Vibrant Close-Up
Alexa Mellardo

Alas, The Garden Island coming in clutch once again with its exquisite botanicals that instantly fill your world with so much color. I snapped this shot across the street from Japanese Grandma's (which I highly recommend checking out for a delish sushi and poké bowl lunch).

You'll meet many flowers throughout the duration of your stay, and every one of them will whisper something so special to your heart. Be sure to keep a listening ear out, and tell them to pose for a close-up.