7 Embarrassing Moments You Must Have With Your Bestie Before Turning 25

*Cue the cringing.* Some of us would love to never relive the times in life when we've felt embarrassed. It's those moments when you wanted to crawl into a hole, or escape to another country and change your name. Is that dramatic? I don't think so. But, it was never so bad when you had your bestie by your side. For some reason, she just made any situation much better, and you two continue to laugh about all the awkward times when you couldn't help but blush. These embarrassing moments with your best friend are a must before you turn 25. Yes, there are more of those bittersweet memories coming your way. Are you ready?

Honestly, you'd like to thank your truly cringe-worthy moments for bonding you and your best friend together like glue. You've truly been through it all, and every adventure has seemingly come with a story you'll be face-palming to later on. Sometimes you wonder who ever let you become adults. Considering how often you and your girl get lost or do something truly ridiculous, it's amazing that you're, dare I say, thriving in the real world.

Don't be too hard on yourself, though. We all have those embarrassing moments that make us so human.Before you turn 25, you'll hit a lot of milestones and make a thousand mistakes. It kind of just comes with the territory. Just be ready for these seven embarrassing moments you'll have with your bestie, too.

You'll Get Totally Lost

Getting lost with your bestie is inevitable before you turn 25. You won't necessarily be trying to dodge the GPS's directions, or purposely wander down the wrong street. Actually, this will likely happen when you and your bestie decide to finally follow your wanderlust, and take a trip to somewhere colorful and dreamy. You'll be trying to navigate the streets of a new city, and somehow end up in another country. As long as you're together, everything's OK — right?

You'll Show Up In Matching Outfits

You and your bestie will probably steal each other's look at least once during your friendship. What can you say? You two have very similar taste in style, and tend to shop the same brands. The last time you went to the mall, you were both eyeing that cute top on sale rack — it was truly bound to happen.

You'll walk into the bar on a Saturday night wearing identical skirts, or even just a movie night with your crew in the coziest matching sweatshirts. Everybody's going to think you planned it, but you and your bestie will swear it's not so.

You'll Have An Awkward Conversation

When you're awkward, everything seems to be embarrassing. You overthink your words and where to put your arms. Don't worry, you're not the only one, and you and your bestie will most definitely have at least one awkward conversation in your 20s. It won't necessarily even be with each other. In fact, you'll probably run into your old friend from high school while you're hanging out, or have to explain to your entire crew how you two managed to get into some trouble. Let's just never talk about this again, OK?

You'll Know Every Word To A Throwback Song

Dance parties and sing-alongs with your bestie are a must, no matter what age you may be. But, in your 20s, you'll probably belt out those throwbacks more than ever.

It'll be mid-study sesh when you're both tired AF from too many hours in the library, or just on a random afternoon when you have way too much energy. You'll throw on your playlist of Disney classics, or those summertime jams from the '90s, and wonder how you still know all the words. Seriously, it's like the Backstreet Boys' greatest hits are engrained in your brain forever. Oh well! *Drops mic.*

You'll Buy Something Pretty Ridiculous

Nobody convinces you that you need everything in Target more than your bestie. One second, you're walking through the doors with a solid plan to get eyeliner and then get the heck out. But, the next thing you know, there are bathing suits and electronics in your cart, and you're swiping your card at the register. All it took was a few steps into the dollar section for you two to find something that would look so cute in your apartment. You already have a handful of fake succulents, but why not get another? Next weekend, you're going to IKEA. Yikes, the world better watch out.

You'll Run Into Your High School Crushes

There are some things only your hometown friends will ever understand. So, when you run into your high school crush, your bestie will know exactly how embarrassing that moment was for everyone involved. She cringes when you tell her that you two made eye-contact, and later a little small talk.

In retrospect, you'd rather not think about how awkward that conversation was, and the fact that you're still wondering if they ever knew about those feelings. Nowadays, you've basically moved on. But, you can't help but have a special place in your heart for what could've been.

You'll Order Way Too Much Take-Out To Your Apartment

It all started with Food Network. You and your bestie were having a Chopped marathon, and getting deep into the basket ingredients. But then somebody got hungry, and it was game over. You two started craving every food in the books from pizza, to egg rolls, and even pancakes for dinner.

There are a few usual places that you always go to, or you could make yourselves a nice home-cooked meal. But, when it's the weekend and you're tired from work, it's much more ideal to just order a ton of take-out to your apartment. TBH, this is kind of legendary, and you're happy that you're making some memories with your bestie before turning 25.