7 Things Your Home Friends Always Understand When Nobody Else Does

Home is where your besties are. When you head off to college, one of the things you may miss the most is the friend crew that has been there since day one. They were in your kindergarten class, and played on your field hockey team in high school. The memories from pasta parties, band practice, and every adventure in between are endless. Sure, going off to school meant making new friends and finding roommates that would be your soul sisters for four years. But, there are truly just some things your home friends understand that nobody else ever does. Maybe that's why you love them so much.

You remember the days of watching Hannah Montana after school, and get a little nostalgic over the birthdays and heart-to-hearts you've had along the way. You've likely spent hours on FaceTime late at night catching up on weekends when you weren't together. Honestly, long-distance relationships are tough, and you have a couple of pictures in your room of your partners-in-crime, too.

The second you get home, you'll probably see your besties and give them the biggest hugs. Even though you were away, they have been your go-to girls for everything — from laughs to advice, and memes on a rather rough Monday. They know exactly how to make you smile, and will take you out for home fries at the diner when you're nervous about a date. These seven things they totally understand — and thank goodness, because nobody else does.

The Local Spots You Love

Leave it to your home friends to understand your love for some local spots. It makes sense that your college friends wouldn't share that same passion for the cute pizzeria on Main Street. They likely have their own places where they're a regular, too. But your besties back in your hometown will know that sometimes, you're just really craving sushi from that one particular place, and that nothing could ever compare to the milkshakes at the diner in your town. You'll even get a text from them every once in awhile saying, "You know what I really want right now?" Of course you do. It's the cheesecake from your crew's favorite bakery, duh.

Your Dating Type

Your hometown besties have been there for every second of your first relationships. They watched you crush so hard for that guy in homeroom, and remember when you finally got the guts to text him. You were so nervous, but they did some digging on social media and talked to mutual friends to find out that he had some feels, too.

You've learned a lot of lessons about love since then, but nobody will understand just who you have eyes for better than your besties back home. They know that you'll always fall for someone with brown shaggy hair, and need a significant other who can keep up with your busy schedule. Nobody else seems to get that, but them.

Your Embarrassing Stories

Growing up together has meant that you and your home friends have shared some pretty embarrassing moments. There were the days of high school when you thought those platform, slip-on sneakers were so trendy, and the times when you were trying to be cool. Don't get me wrong, you turned out to be a really rad person and are navigating the real world with so much style, but that doesn't mean that your best friends won't remind you of the times when you absolutely #failed.

Looking back, you laugh at yourself and feel lucky that your people at home know just how much you've grown. Nobody else needs to know those stories, but they certainly understand them.

The Things That Truly Cheer You Up

Nobody can put a smile on your face like your best friends from home. Whether you're miles apart or sitting on the same couch, all it takes is a meme or a funny memory for you to be laughing out loud. This skill has come in handy when you've been down or dealing with a breakup. These girls have been your reliable shoulders to cry on, but they also know exactly what flavor of Ben & Jerry's to buy that'll totally change your mood. They won't let you hang with that box of tissues for too long, and will spontaneously start a dance party to your favorite songs. It's quite magical, if I do say so myself.

Your Bucket List

You've had big dreams since the days of middle school. Maybe you've wanted to be an actress, move to the West Coast, or own a business one day. At one point, those ideas were all just in your head, but now, you have the passion and power to make them a reality.

The new friends in your life may know that you really want to travel like a blogger, or be a journalist in the city. But, only your friends from home will understand that your ambition started back in the days of disposable cameras on field trips and high school English class. There's so much more to the story than just having a few items on your bucket list.

Your Family Nonsense

Your besties are basically your siblings. They've been in your life for so long, that they aren't even phased by walking into your house when you're not home and grabbing some snacks. You'll catch them texting your mom, or hanging with your little sister. Seriously, these girls aren't just friends — they're family.

They remember the time when you and your sister fought over the scooter, or decided to run away from home. They even know that your mom never buys chips at the grocery store, and how it's always such a struggle. You love your fam, despite all of the drama they can cause, and your besties will always understand your really rad roots.

The Things You'll Do For Those You Love

You'd do just about anything for your ride or dies. Your besties know that you really don't hold back with your love, and tend to wear your heart on your sleeve. You'll help your friends and family reach their goals, and are the best bud when it comes to adventures. Sure, you've probably done some ridiculous things over the years, but you know that your hometown BFFs appreciate every ounce of your love.

Truth is, you don't know where you'd be without these people. They've been around through thick and thin, and understand every part of your personality. Sometimes showing off your weird side, or telling those embarrassing stories doesn't come easy. You may cringe even at the thought of it. Lucky for you, though, your hometown besties understand it already — despite the fact that nobody else does.