Why Seeing Your HS Besties For The First Time After College Is Never What You Think

With a few semesters of college under your belt, high school probably feels like it was ages ago. You've lived in a dorm room, turned roommates into besties, and figured out how to navigate your campus. Finals weren't always a breeze, but you made it through the long nights in the library, too. You've really made so many memories (and ordered a lot of pizza) in such a short amount of time. But, college hasn't been quite the same as the days of lockers, lunch tables, and soccer practice after school. Seeing your high school friends for the first time this summer is bound to be sweet, but you also might be worried it's going to be awkward. Don't stress, because the reunion won't be what you think.

High school was four years of homecoming dances, making it to states for track and field, and trying to stay awake in AP classes. Your hometown crew was by your side for your first crushes, and when you needed a buddy in the hallway. Surprisingly, that won't change now that you've all been to college. You'll still be sharing so many hugs and stories with your day ones, and will be reminiscing about the good 'ole days.

You're not entirely the same people you were a year or so ago. College has broadened your horizons, but your high school friends are really part of your roots. Seeing them for the first time this summer will be better than you believe for these six reasons.

You Pick Up Right Where You Left Off

Odds are, you and your BFFs probably talked on the phone at least once a week, because you missed each other so much during the semester. You wanted to catch them up on your weekends, and check in with their lives, too. All of those texts at 2 a.m. and in the middle of class have made it seem like you weren't even apart.

You'll see each other for the first time and will totally freak out. Sure, you had a picture of your crew from prom sitting on your desk at school, but seeing them in person is so much better. That reunion hug will remind you they're really not going anywhere — just to college, and then back to you.

You Love Hearing About Their New Friends

At first, you thought you might be jealous of your friends' new friends. But, you'll be surprised that hearing about their new crews doesn't bug you one bit. After seeing them for the first time, you'll know that new friendships come and go, but you're truly best friends forever. Your high school friends probably spent the first few days of the semester talking solely about you to them, anyway.

At college, you meet all kinds of people. You've befriended your roommates and the girls in your 8 a.m. classes. You bonded with your big sister in your sorority, and maybe joined the dance team. If anything, this just means your hometown crew has grown, and you're excited to meet the new people in your friends' lives.

You Have So Much To Talk About

There's a lot you need to catch up on with your crew. In high school, your friends were there for every single second of your adventures and stories. They were your partners in crime, but now you've been making memories with new people in college. You made the most of those long-distance phone calls, but seeing your besties' reactions to your stories in person is priceless.

You'll spend a lot of time during your reunion this summer talking about your semester and making new memories with your day ones, too. You may even talk about the people you used to know from high school, and what they're up to nowadays.

You Hang With People You Wouldn't Have Before

Going to college has actually made more room in your crew for new friends. In high school, there were clear groups of people who would hang out together. You might have chilled with the girls who were on your field hockey team, and befriended the guy who sat next to you in class. Your lab partner was a pretty rad person to have around, too.

After graduation, though, it becomes less about lunch table cliques and more about forever friendships. You may find yourself hanging out with people you wouldn't have even talked to back in the day. Those new friendships are some of the sweetest, and you'll wonder why you weren't making memories together so much earlier.

You Reminisce About High School

During all of that catching up, you're bound to get a bit nostalgic. Growing up together means you and your besties have endless inside jokes. There was the time the volleyball hit you in the face in gym class, and the afternoons when you rode scooters on the sidewalk of your neighborhood. You'd swap your chocolate pudding and pretzels every day at lunch. Ugh, those were the best times.

High school came with a thousand memories, too. Although you have so much ahead of you in your 20s, those adventures are ones you'll never forget. After all, those moments are what initially bonded you and your besties.

You Still Basically Live At Their Houses

In high school, you'd likely spend every afternoon at your friends' houses. You basically shared parents, and you've noticed things about your BFF's brother since he's grown up, too. After a semester of college has gone by, you might think walking through her front door wouldn't feel so comfortable, but her family is just as excited to see you for the first time in so long.

They were on the sidelines of your soccer games, and know to always have popcorn in the cabinet for when you're around. You've been invited on family vacations, and this summer you're going to spend a lot of time at their lake house.

Nothing's really too different, even after spending some time away at college. What's to come during your college years is honestly the sweetest — especially because your high school besties will still be by your side.