7 Things You Definitely Notice About Your BFF's Brother When He's All Grown Up

Jessica Byrum/Stocksy

We're all big kids now. The days of racing around the neighborhood on scooters, making messes out of Play-Doh, and eating chocolate pudding at snack time are unfortunately over. Sure, we still dunk our Oreos in milk and rely on chicken nuggets for dinner. But, growing up means we look, think, and act a little different -- it's just part of the territory. If you grew up with your best friends, you probably have spent a lot of time with their families. Over the years, they've changed as well, and there are definitely some things you notice about your best friend's brother, in particular, now that you're all grown up.

For one, he has traded in the monster trucks and action figures for a hot, brand new car. Cooties are officially overrated now, but messing with your best friend's brother will never get old, no matter how many years go by.

Oh yes, growing up can be a whirlwind, and you all probably looked forward to being 20-something since you were 12. Now that you're here, it might not be all it's cracked up to be all of the time, and it's not until you notice the differences in the people who have been there since day one that you feel truly #old. Here are seven things you may have noticed about your best friend's brother now that he's all grown.

He's Not So Immature Anymore

Throwing spiders into sleeping bags, and playing copy cat aren't necessarily the norm anymore. Sure, you still make fun of each other, but your jokes have become just a little more refined.

You may even notice how much more mature your best friend's brother is, particularly in the way he handles situations. He's not the sarcastic sidekick anymore, but has now taken on the role of Superman. He has goals and dreams, and will be a listening ear from time to time, too. Who knew butt cracks and burps would get old?

He's Landed A Job Or Two

Coming with maturity, is some money. Your best friend's brother isn't the broke teenager on the dirt bike anymore. He's since landed his first job, maybe at a restaurant or in retail, and has worked his way up the ladder a bit to a spot where he's undeniably crushing it.

He might be picking up the tab now when you go out to eat, or blowing some bucks on better Christmas presents and big boy toys. He's put the time and passion into his work, and deserves every paycheck that comes his way.

He's More Attractive

Our best friend's brother turned into somewhat of bae. Maybe he's hitting the gym now, or just all of those years of sports have left him quite in shape -- either way, he's much hotter than he used to be.

Sure, you'd never tell him that, but your bestie will be in on your low-key crush. He's got the brains, the bod, and he's related to your best friend -- what could be better?

He's Able To Go To Cooler Places With You

Nowadays, birthday parties are at the brewery instead of the bowling alley. You might have gone on some better and more adult family vacations with your bestie's crew -- scoping out the resorts with the best pool bars and extreme excursions.

Truth is, before you guys grew up, your stomping grounds were restricted to the playground. Now, the world is your oyster, and your best friend's brother is able to come along for all the new adventures when you decide to take a break from adulting.

He's More Relaxed

"Catch me if you can!" Well, now you can.

Your best friend's brother is much more chill than he used to be. He's switched out racing for relaxation, and even prefers a night in with the family over a reckless night on the town with his friends every once in awhile. You won't catch him speeding nearly as much in his car, and he won't get fired up over silly situations anymore.

Truth is, when you get older, you slow down a bit. Life's a marathon, not a sprint -- and who really likes running anyways?

He's Much Smarter

Your best friend's brother grew up teasing you, and now he has some new ammo. He might not be trying to wrestle you and your bestie anymore, or be shooting spitballs across the room. But, he's most definitely going to use every opportunity he can get to absolutely school you and show you his new smarts.

He's been studying up, and knows how to solve complex calculus problems or fix a tire. When life hands him lemons, he snaps his figures and makes lemonade. He's wit is on point, and his grades are always golden.

You can learn a lot from him now, and he'll become one of your best teachers in life.

He's More Protective

Ah, salmon skin roll. Your best friend's brother is kind of the man of the house now. Where before he used to cause the danger, now he feels the need to protect your from it. He'll low-key screen all the guys you're seeing, and set his standards for you and your bestie higher than you might even. He'll be there when you need a bodyguard at the bar, and your ride home when the night ended a little reckless.

Truth is, growing up isn't always easy. You're happy he's gotten a little older, too, especially when it means wedgies and worms are few and far between.