8 Epic Holidays Every Friend Group Should Start Celebrating Now


Life's always a party with our people. You've probably already had a handful of adventures with your besties. Truth is, nobody is quite down for a late night drive to the diner or a spontaneous slumber party quite like our crew. They're the best ones to have around when you want to make memories, or share a good laugh. The number of inside jokes you have is honestly inspiring for all of the other dynamic duos in the world. Will the good times ever stop? I sure hope not, and these unique holidays to celebrate with your friends will surely keep the good vibes going.

What would we honestly do without our friends? Each one is different in their own way, and brings something special to the group. There's the funny friend, the spontaneous friend, and the one who DGAF. Every squad seems to have an Aries who's always down to do something daring, or a wild child who has her heart set on wandering the world. Yeah, our bunch is a bit eclectic, but all together, they're unstoppable.

They continuously make even the saltiest of situations a little sweeter, and we're constantly looking for reasons to celebrate living life with such rad best friends. These eight holidays might seem a little out of the ordinary, but are the perfect for you and your partners in crime.

National Best Friends Day

Alright, let's start with something a little simple. National Best Friends Day is absolutely the time to show your appreciation for the people you love in your life. You've heard of Galentine's Day, and of course Valentine's Day, but a couple of chilly days with candy hearts in February just isn't enough.

On National Best Friends Day (June 8), have brunch with your entire bestie bunch or just spend the day adventuring around together. Maybe you'll post a picture on social media and get a little nostalgic over all of the memories you've made over the years. Thank goodness for that select multiple feature on Instagram, right?

Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

Breakfast is by far the best meal of the day (in my personal opinion). It would be hard to make brunch with bottomless mimosas and bacon even better, right? But, on Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, our usual morning meal gets a serious upgrade. The very first Saturday in February each year marks this awesome holiday.

Let me give you the scoop. You're sweet on your besties, so on this day, break out the hot fudge, sprinkles, and maybe even some chocolate-covered strawberries. Like Joey from Friends, we don't love sharing food, but a pint with our person sounds almost too perfect. Swap out your bowls of cereal for spoonfuls of a different kind of sugar, and celebrate having friends who make life so sweet.

National Waffle Day

The best friendships have a foundation in food. My best friend and I honestly became friends over a loaded baked potato. The rest is history, and many laughs shared over tater tots and French fries.

On National Waffle Day (Aug. 24), you and your besties won't want to miss out on another opportunity to celebrate something so good. Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation would agree that, once again, breakfast is the best meal of the day. In addition to that, there are three important things in life: friends, work, and waffles (With work obviously coming in third.) We don't want to sugarcoat it, but sharing a waffle with your main squeeze on this day would make for a memorable morning and oh-so-sweet celebration.

National Drink Wine Day

Stop and smell the rosé. On National Drink Wine Day (Feb. 18), you and your besties will want to split a bottle or two and enjoy the finer things in life (if you're of legal drinking age, of course).

Maybe you've always settled for something cheaper when shopping around the liquor store, but today's the day you ball out on a budget a bit. Pick up a nice Pinot Grigio, or maybe a Cabernet. You could even pack a picnic basket and a couple of board games, and go to your local winery for a day of sunshine and Chardonnay. Your friends have always been there to make life's pour decisions with you, so now it's time to toast to the good times.

National Pickle Day

Your best friends are kind of a big dill. They've been there through thick and thin, and will forever be the ones you go to when you're truly just in a pickle. It only seems right that you spend this national holiday splitting a jar of something a little sweet-and-sour.

You and your besties could go and get burgers and enjoy a few slices right in your sandwich, or go to a local deli for a speciality or gourmet pickle party. Life can get crazy, and we're lucky we have our best friends to keep us grounded. On National Pickle Day (Nov. 14), keep calm and crunch on with your crew.

National Selfie Day

Is your social media ready? Some of our favorite pictures feature our best friends. Sure, there are a few selfies in our camera roll we're weirdly proud of, but like anything in life, taking photos is better with a friend.

You and your besties could totally break the Internet on this unique holiday with a selfie that really shows off your friendship. Have a photo shoot, or post a throwback on this day to not just celebrate National Selfie Day (June 21), but your super cool friendship. Maybe even throw #squadgoals in your caption. Your feed will have never been so on point.

National Napping Day

We love our beds, but the best napping buddies are actually our besties. Cuddling up with blankets, putting on a movie, and snuggling up with our real significant others makes for an afternoon well-spent on National Napping Day.

Just take it from Joey and Ross. Napping is so needed past kindergarten, and catching Z's is better with your crew. It might be the quietest party you ever attend, but you'll all leave feeling incredibly refreshed and ready for more adventures.

International Dance Day

Everybody dance now. That's right. There's a holiday dedicated to dancing, so cue up your playlist and find your crew. Truth is, you have dance parties on the reg with your people. But, on International Dance Day (April 29), I hope you twist and shout more than ever before.

The world is on the move, and you're celebrating the endless memories and scream-singing moments to come. Break out your signature style, or just jam to the movie soundtracks you know and love. Your best friends are your party people, and you wouldn't want to spend a holiday like this with anyone else.