Etsy's 2018 Dorm Decor Trends Are Here & Will Give You Major Inspo

Every fall, I viewed heading back to college as a chance to start totally fresh. Going shopping for my dorm room was an opportunity to pick out decor that would not only set up the rest of the school year for success, but also be a creative outlet to express myself. (Let's be real, though: It was a chance to have the coolest room on campus, too.) If you need a little inspo to create the dorm room of your dreams this year, Etsy's 2018 dorm decor trends are here, so get ready to swoon.

All dorm rooms start out the same, like a blank canvas for you to do absolutely anything you want with. If your goal is to have a room that's the trendiest on your entire floor, look no further than Etsy's trend guide that'll serve as a helping hand. It's full of ideas and some picks from their top five most-searched decor trends this year: monstera, celestial wall hangings, feminist products, wall storage, and faux headboards.

I love Etsy, because if you have a vision in your mind, you're sure to find it. Kick the semester off right with the perfect dorm room that you'll never want to leave.

1Monstera Deserves A Spot In Your Room

Monstera Leaf Ring Dish


If you want a dorm that matches your su-cute-lent vibes, decorate with some monstera branches. I personally love monstera so much that I want to put a ring on it — literally. Keep all of your jewelry organized with this sweet ring dish that will also bring a pop of color to your desk or dresser.

2This Celestial Wall Hanging Is So Dreamy

Brass Wall Hanging Celestial Wall Decor


Dorm rooms have a ton of empty wall space for you to have fun with. Some people might fill up their walls with posters, but a wall hanging will truly make your room out of this world. Be on trend with this star and moon decoration that's perfect for your new home away from home.

3This Girl Power Pillow Was Made For Your Bed

Girl Power Pillow


Showcase your girl power with a cute pillow like this pink one. A colorful throw pillow will add some vibrancy to your dorm decor in the easiest way possible. It will also be super cozy for your late nights studying in bed, or movie night with your roomies.

4Give Yourself Some Space With Wall Organizers

Pine Pegboard Wall Shelf


Let's face it: The dorms can be kind of cramped. Not to mention, the furniture in there is seriously lacking for all of the things you want to bring with you to college. You'll need to get smart with your storage space to give yourself some extra room. Instead of adding bins under your bed, make it cute with these adorable wall organizers. Not only is this pegboard great for hanging up your sweaters and hats, but adding a couple of picture frames of your friends back home to the shelves will give it a cozy feel.

5A Headboard Will Make Your Space Totally Chic

Tall Dorm Velvet Headboard


No offense to dorm beds, but they are bland AF. This is when you get to turn that drab mattress into a perfectly cozy studying oasis. Along with some colorful sheets and extra pillows, glam up your bed with a fun headboard. There are five design options, so get the headboard of your dreams.