8 Resolutions For Staying In Touch With Your Home Friends When You're Back At School

It's almost time to head back to school. This summer flew by, and I'm just as shocked as you are. You've loved every beach day spent with your best friends, and the spontaneous road trips you've taken — but if we're being honest, you've also been counting down the days until you can move back to college. Of course, you're going to miss your besties back home, and wish you could pack them in your suitcase. You pinky promised to talk all the time, but that doesn't feel like enough. So, you may want to make some resolutions for staying in touch with your home friends that are super simple to stick with throughout the year.

In past semesters, you've tried to stay in touch as much as possible, but life always seems to get in the way. During the week, any free time outside of class is spent grabbing coffee or planning for the next day. Your nights will be spent studying in the library or going to dance team practice. Your schedule is jam-packed, but it's important to make time for the people who matter most to you. These eight resolutions will help you stay close to your hometown besties once you've gone back to college.

Have A FaceTime Date Every Friday

Make a pact with your besties that you'll FaceTime every Friday. Whether you're catching up over your morning cup of coffee in bed, or doing your makeup for pizza night with the girls, find some down time in your schedules to sync up.

Truth is, when you go weeks without talking, you tend to forget things you really wanted to tell them, like details from sorority recruitment week or who you're crushing on in chemistry. Sure, your friend group texts all the time, but seeing their faces and reactions to your college stories is so much more special.

Send Packages Around The Holidays

Around the holidays, make a resolution with yourself to send a package to each one of your best pals from home. It doesn't have to be a big present or anything extravagant — just some candy, a cute or punny card, and maybe even a pair of fuzzy socks would be pretty sweet. It'll remind them that you're thinking of them, especially if you can't be together for the festivities. Not to mention, they'll be so excited when they get an email notification from the mail room.

Cover Each Other's Coffee During Midterms

Studying for midterms can be exhausting, but the one thing that makes it easier to get through is a cup of coffee, courtesy of your best friends from home (via Venmo or by sending gift cards). Before you head off to school, make a resolution with your main squeezes that you'll cover each other's caffeine during the most stressful week of the semester. Once those late nights in the library roll around, you truly want nothing more than for your besties to remind you it's going to be OK. This way, they'll be there with you in the spirit of Starbucks.

Send Memes You See On Social Media

Sending memes will never go out of style. In fact, make a resolution with your best friends that every time you see something funny, you'll pass it along. You probably won't need to try too hard to stick to this one, considering it's pretty much the status quo right now. Say you're scrolling on Twitter or Instagram and see a Spongebob meme. (Only your best friends from home truly understand your love for Patrick Star.) You'll send it in the group chat, and hope that your friends are laughing as hard as you are.

Tune Into Your Favorite Shows

You and your besties have always bonded over your favorite TV shows, and when you head back to school, you'll still want to gossip about them. Sure, you're probably having trouble at times keeping up with your own planner, let alone the lives of the Kardashians, but you know your besties will totally spoil an episode for you. So, make a resolution with your group to tune into your favorite show every week. After all, this sort of thing is enjoyed much more when you recap with friends, and your group chat will be lit.

Take An Annual Weekend Trip

Over the years, you'll find all kinds of people to travel with. Your roommates will book a trip for spring break, and you might study abroad with a couple of girlfriends in your creative writing course. (But let's be honest: Nothing really beats hopping on planes with your pals since day one.) You've started checking off places on your bucket lists together, so why quit now?

Make a resolution that you'll take a trip together at least once a year. This will be an annual getaway, where you can explore the world and follow your wanderlust. After all, you'll need some new pictures for the next round of birthday posts, am I right?

Plan A Reunion Party

You and your besties always bring the party to any occasion. You've found so many unique holidays to celebrate with your crew (National Waffle Day, anyone?), but your reunion will be the best reason to get together yet. When you're reunited for the first time in months, there will be lots of hugging, and maybe even some happy tears. You'll break out the playlists full of your favorite songs and dance until dawn. You don't want to waste a second when you're with your best friends again.

Visit Each Other At School

Possibly the best resolution you can make this semester is to visit your besties at their schools. They'll show you all of their favorite spots on campus, and you'll finally get to meet their college friends. Odds are, you've all said a thousand times that you'd make the drive and spend a weekend at one another's dorms, but life tends to get in the way.

Victoria Warnken/Elite Daily

When you head back to school this year, break the cycle. Plan a day trip in advance, or make it your mission to pack your bags and head to the big city. College can be an entirely different world, and you'll want to stay in touch with your best friends from home.