Here’s Where You Can Shop SOL Body, ColourPop’s Buzzy Sister Brand

Courtesy of SOL Body

The geniuses behind ColourPop Cosmetics and Fourth Ray Beauty have done it again, people! This time around, though they've moved on from makeup and skincare and focused on the body, dreaming up a new brand with a particularly shimmery debut product. If you've heard the news and are wondering where to buy SOL Body's new Shimmering Body Oils, I totally understand why you might be unsure. After all, the brand has no website, and yet the products are online exclusives. What gives? Read on to learn exactly how to snag SOL Body now that the brand has officially gone live, so you can make sure you get your glowy goods before they sell out.

SEED Beauty knows a thing or two about launching great beauty brands, from the über-affordable ColourPop to Fourth Ray Beauty, ColourPop's sister skincare brand. Rather than create a body care product line within either of the aforementioned brands, SEED Beauty chose instead to create an entirely new brand dedicated to all things body, and thus, SOL Body was born. The brand's first drop is an instant must-have for summer, as pretty much everyone is dying to amp up their glow this season.

The Shimmering Body Oils are here, and they couldn't be more gorgeous:

Courtesy of SOL Body

Swoon. Glitzy, shimmery goodness in a dry oil formula? Count me in. Products like Tom Ford's Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil and Fenty Beauty's Body Lava were some of the first to put this kind of formula on the map, and since then, a billion brands have put their own spin on it.

What makes SOL Body's version different? For starters, there are four distinct shades, so users can select the undertone of their glow:

Courtesy of SOL Body

Fair and light skin tones will most likely graviate towards "Platinum," an ivory gold with silver and gold pearls, and "Soft Gold" a champagne gold with sliver and gold pearl, while medium to deep skin tones will suit "Warm Gold"a gold with silver, gold, and pink pearls, and "Bronze," a bronze with copper and gold pearls.

Oh, yeah, they're also only $15 apiece, making them way cheaper than most competitor products:

Courtesy of SOL Body

Plus they're vegan and cruelty-free, plus they're made in the USA, plus they're incredible. Need I go on? Now, let's talk about how to snag a bottle for yourself. Even though SOL Body is its own brand, it's sold exclusively on the ColourPop website, meaning you'll need to head over there to cop some glow. TBH, that means you can totally justify buying a few ColourPop goodies at the same time, since you're aleady placing an order. Love that!

Might I suggest snagging something from the California Love Collection when you order? After all, what's a glowy bod without an equally-bronzy eye?

There's no word yet on what SOL Body will drop next, but it's safe to say these Shimmering Body Oils are a strong debut. If you agree, don't forget to shop the new line via ColourPop's site now.