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These Astrological Pairings Will Have A Chaotic Valentine's Day

by Valerie Mesa

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and while this holiday is known to be the most romantic day of the year, this year's astro-weather couldn't be more opposite for some. In particular, Valentine's Day 2020 will be the worst for these astrological pairings: Aries-Sagittarius and Scorpio-Aquarius. Naturally, this is all thanks to the astrological transits taking place on Valentine's Day. So, if you have any personal planets (sun, moon, or rising sign) in the zodiac signs mentioned above, you might experience some frustration throughout the day, especially for those of you paired up.

On Feb. 14, the sun will be traveling through stellar Aquarius while the moon slithers through the smoldering depths of Scorpio. These energies are naturally at odds with each other, and it's because they're both fixed signs. This is similar to experiencing a battle of wills. Scorpio prefers to keep things low key, as it is preoccupied with the thought of merging with another mind, body, and soul. Aquarius, on the other hand, thrives on mentally stimulating exchanges with like-minded intellectuals, but more importantly, it craves freedom. Scorpio's water is fixated on emotions; Aquarius' air is focused on the future.

Venus — planet of love, beauty, relationships, and pleasure — will be in warrior-like Aries, which will spark a desire for red-hot passions and personal independence. On the dark side, this fiery Venusian transit will be challenged by the nodes of the moon — North and South Node — which will likely bring you to a crossroad in terms of your values and relationships, whether it be personally or romantically speaking. On a brighter note, the sun and Mars will be in harmonious energy flow, which will help your levels of assertion and confidence.

In the meantime, here's why Valentine's Day 2020 will be the worst for Aries-Sagittarius and Scorpio-Aquarius couples:


Aries And Sagittarius: They'll Be Hot And Heavy — And Not In A Good Way

This is an interesting Valentine's Day pairing because, whenever Venus and Mars make any sort of contact in the sky, sparks will fly. Venus is too early in the degrees of Aries to make contact with Mars in Sagittarius on this day, but that doesn't mean this pairing won't feel the effects. For instance, there's no doubt irresistible Venus will serve as a major confidence boost for Aries, not to mention its audaciousness, which is already part of its charm.

Meanwhile, with assertive Mars — which also happens to be Aries' planetary ruler — starting a bonfire in Sagittarius, there could be an overwhelming sense of restlessness and desire to venture into unknown territory.

In the end, both of these fire signs will be feeling inspired in more ways than one, but that still doesn't mean they'll be willing to compromise. On the contrary, this could easily turn into a competition or a prideful encounter.

Scorpio And Aquarius: They Make A Hot Mess Of Moodiness

Scorpios and Aquarians are typically attracted to each other, despite both of their astrological energies being at odds. However, on a day like Valentine's Day, where the sun is energizing and revitalizing Aquarius' freedom-loving personality and futuristic visions, the idea of tending to Scorpio's emotional extremes and vicious intensity will be the last thing on an Aquarian's mind.

The moon will also be in Scorpio, which will emphasize the shadow side of this fixed water sign, amidst shedding light on all that is lingering beneath the surface. This astrological pairing could very well experience a magnetic attraction one another, but soon realize they couldn't be more different. Scorpio will likely become irritated by Aquarius' general aloofness and detachment, while Aquarius can't help but enjoy getting a rise out of Scorpio. This is a sinister match.