Periwinkle Hair Is Set To Be The Most Magical Beauty Trend Of The Year

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In January, Lady Gaga walked the red carpet of the Golden Globes sporting a very ethereal hair color that toed the line between a dusty blue and fairy purple. While unique, her hue is part of a magical beauty movement, as proven by the wave of photos of periwinkle hair that has been appearing on Instagram, Twitter, and the like as of late. Even the word "periwinkle" sounds magical and the way it looks is no different, so if you've been lusting after a super fantastical hue let this one make your shortlist.

Nowadays, virtually no color is off limits when it comes to dying your hair. From "red velvet" and "smoked marshmallow" (um, yum) to "tinsel" and slime green, the options are seemingly endless — and excellently named, might I add. You can go natural or you can go technicolor, you can apply it from root to tip or in highlight, ombré, or balayage form. You can even get rainbow stripes put in your hair, if you so please, so dream up your dream strands because they can definitely become a reality.

If you're ready to take the plunge and join team periwinkle, the first step is therefore deciding how you want the color to be integrated into your style.

The most straightforward option would be to dye your entire head the same shade of periwinkle. Like any other color, the hue can vary greatly, either by appearing in lighter or darker form or by leaning towards more of a bluish periwinkle or a purply one. Consult with your colorist to see which one might be the best for you and your hair.

A root-to-tip dye job will almost definitely require you to bleach your entire head, so keep this in mind when going in to get your color. Ask your stylist about shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair that will help keep your periwinkle bright and your strands healthy and strong.

This periwinkle boasts a pearlescent quality and if you're into the high gloss effect, check with your stylist about whether or not they can achieve a periwinkle shade with "metallic" hair dye, which is basically a super shiny glaze.

Having periwinkle painted in à la balayage style can help you achieve a look that feels much more natural (well, as natural as periwinkle can get) thanks to the way the color would blend into the hair much like natural highlights do. Your natural color would still peep out at the roots, while the whimsical shade would gradually fade in.

Alternatively, ombré would be another great way to incorporate periwinkle in a more natural and less full-on way. The color would saturate the tips of your style and fade out to your natural hair color closer to the roots.

An entirely periwinkle ombré starting with dark roots and fading out into pastel tips boasts an especially fairy-like effect. If you've previously repeatedly bleached your hair this effect might happen naturally, seeing as the tips of your hair, which have been bleached the most, are porous and would hold the color less well than the your roots.

And finally, remember that no hair is too short for a dose of otherworldly color.