Tinsel Hair Color Is Here To Make The Holidays (& Your Head) Shine

Modern techniques have made it so that you can dye your hair and achieve pretty much any color, design, or finish you want. From rainbow prism hair to locks that glitter, seemingly nothing is off-limits. Which is why this 2018 tinsel hair color trend, which might actually be prettier than a fully trimmed tree, doesn't necessarily come as a surprise, but is a welcomed gift all the same.

If you're looking for a hair color that feels seasonally festive you really don't have to look far. From cranberry red to flannel hair (yes, really), hues that reference this time of the year are pretty abundant, all things considered. But tinsel hair? It boasts something a little special. Just the mere mentioning of the holiday décor favorite brings a certain glittery magic to mind. It's a color that feels extra fresh and playfully festive, and and way more rare than any other cleverly named variation of red or brown or blonde out there. So, if you're looking for a holiday look that really rocks, you might have just found it.

Created by Kate Reid, expert hair colorist and COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY Global Design Director, the hue boasts that same icy shimmer as tinsel and has a similarly silver quality. It's got that ever-changing finish that you can't put your finger on or accurately describe, and looks like something straight out of Narnia. In short, it rocks.

To amp up the trend even more, Reid added a dusty rose hue onto the ends of one of her tinsel-haired client's strands, giving it a slick ombré effect. It's the kind of dye job that will turn major heads at whatever holiday party or big night out you might have coming up, no fancy dress or ugly Christmas sweater necessary.

So, how does one achieve a tinsel hue? When you go to your stylist, ask for a cool ash toner to remove the red and orange tones from your hair. This will cause it to become a neutral deep blonde or brunette and it will be void of brassy tones. "Let your hairdresser know limitations with maintenance and commitment to upkeep," recommends Reid. "This information is very helpful in picking out the right shade of Tinsel for the client."

In terms of maintenance, Reid recommends using KEVIN.MURPHY’s COLOURING.ANGELS glosses, which "impart a kiss of color and a dose of shine, and have been created as the perfect treatment after your tinsel dye for longevity, brightness and balance." The COOL.ANGEL gloss, in particular, should be used on tinsel hair as it will refresh, enhance and tone the color while moisturizing and delivering shine.

Sounds easy enough, right? 'Tis the season to get into the holiday spirit, so why not start at your roots? Go for tinsel hair and you'll be decking whatever hall you enter and slaying the carpet while doing so. That Holiday Cheermeister award? (Shout out to my fellow Grinch fans.) It just might be going to you and your festive AF hair this year.