"Smoked Marshmallow" Is Already One Of 2019's Top Hair Color Trends, & It Couldn't Be Easier To Maintain

Megan Martinez/Instagram; Linda de Zeeuw/Instagram

As someone who always wanted to go blonde but didn't want to deal with the upkeep, balayage hair trends are some of my all-time favorites, as they allow your rootage to become part of your look over time, so the feel is natural and blended, not harsh and grown-out. Fortunately, this look is alive and well in 2019, and if you're wondering how to get "smoked marshmallow" hair, one of the hottest 2019 hair trends, you're about to get all the deets, courtesy of some expert hairstylists and myself. Okay, all I'll really be doing is ooh-ing and aw-ing over how great this color is, but I'm still putting this all together, so you're welcome.

Trendspotters at Allure were quick to notice a new blonde balayage trend becoming more and more popular, and they credit the color to Megan Martinez, a colorist from Bakersfield, California, who calls smoked marshmallow hair her own creation. The secret to the look, Meghan told Allure, is dying strands in a way that works with your soon-to-grow out roots, not against them. "Sometimes you don’t have time to upkeep your roots, so when you have a beautiful blend you have a little bit more leeway," she told Allure, and I couldn't agree more.

Cue smoked marshmallow blonde, one part creamy, one part edgy, all parts gorgeous and perfectly blended:

I asked Master Stylists Linda de Zeeuw and Nick Kersten from the Rob Peetoom Salon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to give me a little more info on the shade, and their analyses were spot-on. "The smoked marshmallow look is a variation of the existing balayage and highlight colour techniques," explains de Zeeuw. "This colour trend is perfect for those who don’t have the time to upkeep the roots every month, as you can maintain the color every two to three months and that way it is less damaging to the hair."

Basically, this is a blonde look that won't break the bank or take up all your free time. Forget touching up roots every month and spending hours in a salon chair — when the perfect blend is created that works with your root color, the look not only appears more natural, but it's easier to keep up with, too.

"To get this smoky effect, the colour specialist uses highlights and lowlights in a horizontal placement to achieve the softest rootblend," explains de Zeeuw:

While this approach is of course ideal for anyone with dark roots, that doesn't mean others can't get in on the fun, according to de Zeeuw. "This color technique can be used in many different kinds of colors, from blonds to brunettes, so it’s suitable for everybody!" he declares. "If your base is completely natural this color is easy to achieve, but if you have pre-colored dark hair, it will take a few appointments before you get the lightness that you want."

It'll be so worth it for that flawless blend, though:

As for why it's blowing up right now, Kersten says it's a combination of celebrity inspo and seasonal care. "If you look at the Golden Globes pictures, celebrities like Julia Roberts and Emily Blunt are rocking this hair color," she says. "Also, this look is going to be popular this season because in the wintertime our hair and skin are more fragile. That’s why we have to treat them with a lot of love and not damage them too much."

Emily Blunt looked so stunning with her smoked marshmallow updo at the Golden Globes, didn't she?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Along with not bleaching the life out of your hair in the winter, Kersten also recommends hitting up the salon for deep conditioning hair treatments, as well as using repairing haircare at home. At Rob Peetoom Williamsburg, stylists rely on Davines “Natural Tech” products to ensure hair is nourished and replenished, and at home, opting for toning products that are also strengthening is a great win-win for your locks. The new UNITE Hair Blonda line has a variety to choose from, and the Blonda Fix ($32, is my personal favorite for toning, brightening, and repairing all at once.

I know we're only a few weeks into 2019, but this is definitely going to remain one of my top hair color trends for the year. It's so attainable and beautiful, and great hair that's easy to maintain is always high priority in my book. In fact, I might make trying out smoked marshmallow hair one of my New Year's resolutions — it'll probably be the only one I keep!