I Feel So Seen After Reading All Of These Hilarious Christmas Memes


Like it or not, it's that time of the year when the Christmas spirit is upon us. Whether that means embracing your inner Grinch, fighting through the December lull, or being in your ~ feelings ~ about all the holiday decor that's decking every available surface, there's a meme for your every mood. TBH, all of these Christmas 2018 memes are making me say "same," because there's nothing more real than the inevitable rollercoaster of emotions you'll experience while counting down to Dec. 25. So grab a glass of wine and pull up a seat, because no one quite understands the holiday struggle bus quite like the Twitterverse.

Every December, the internet never disappoints when it comes to announcing the countdown to Christmas with a slew of memes dedicated to the so-called merriest time of the year. Despite all the Christmas cheer that's spread around during the season, there's also awkward AF work holiday parties, the reality that you'll probably be spending most of your Christmas dinner dodging questions about your relationship status and/or life choices from relatives, and the fact that the December lull is a very real thing. Plus, let's be real, we all have our Grinch-esque moments, which may or may not creep into your dating life.

Luckily, we can all count on denizens of Twitter to cheer us up (or, at least, make us feel like we're not alone) leading up to New Year's Eve. It's been a rough year, y'all, so what better what to celebrate the end of 2018 than with these all too-relatable memes?

The grumpy Mt. Crumpet recluse was a big social media player this year, and for good reason, because TBH, who can't relate? After The Grinch revamp came out in November, a weird meme of the green-hued hermit dancing went viral, and it's perfect for so many occasions.

I think we all can relate to one of these individuals and probably find the other side completely mystifying.

We owe even more respect than usual to teachers during the holidays. Kids are amped up in the countdown to Christmas, and something tells me that they're not the only ones looking forward to winter vacation.

If you find yourself saying "Hate, hate, hate. Double hate. Loathe entirely," about most situations during the holidays, this Lord of The Rings oldie but goodie is for you.

Santa Snoop has got the Christmas story time covered.

Or, really, anytime when you're not getting enough attention.

Speaking of the Grinch, is it bad if you accept that adulting means basically embodying the Whoville Christmas-crasher in real life?

Most of us would love to kick of 2019 on the right foot by being productive and getting work done during your Christmas vacation. Unfortunately, totally binge-worthy shows like The Office and Riverdale exist to make that a total pipe dream.

The December lull is alive and well, and the lack of motivation is real during that one month period between Thanksgiving and Christmas — especially when work holiday parties and the prospect of having a few cocktails are involved.

I'm pretty sure the "Winter is coming" Game of Thrones meme is pretty much programmed into everyone's brain by now, and this one expertly combines that and the "Don't say it" meme that resurfaced in November.

With just few days left before Christmas comes and goes, there's no better to get yourself mentally prepared for holiday overload than by checking out all the seasonal memes on Twitter and maybe even creating a few of your own.