14 Funny Tweets That Sum Up Dealing With (& Surviving) Your Relatives Over The Holidays

When in doubt, laugh it out. That's the secret recipe to surviving and thriving in the most awkward situations in life, am I right? There were times when your family brought up embarrassing stories right in front of your new SO, or the moments when you just had to smile and nod. Been there, done that — and these funny tweets about spending the holidays with family are relatable AF.

The cast of High School Musical had it right: "We're all in this together." At first, you assumed that nobody else would understand the struggle of being called a "kid" — but then, getting asked a thousand #adult questions about your future. Ugh, what gives? (Girl, you should've known that you're never alone.)

Most of us have been in the exact same boat — dodging certain family members who tend to talk your ear off, and inevitably becoming way too passionate about the gift exchange. There have been times when you contemplated handing out note sheets with answers to, "How's school?" or, "Have you started applying to jobs yet?" (Sore subject, Aunt Karen. Please step aside. You're standing right in front of grandma's homemade chocolate chip cookies.)

These thoughts have gone through my head, too. Are we all just at the same party? These 14 funny tweets about the holidays with your family make you wonder, and also say "same."

You Know What's Coming, So You Brace Yourself
roflo on Twitter

Over the years and past few semesters of the same 'ole questions, you've contemplated just coming up with a catchphrase. It would be one single sentence that explains what you're studying in college, and your plans for the future — even though you may have no idea. You would say it to every family member who walked through the door, with a smile across your face. That's how you prepare for what's coming, right?

Everyone Always Has An Opinion On Your Life
virgonodded on Twitter

Oh goodness, you love your family members, but they always have an opinion on your life. They really just want what's best for you, and you can't entirely tune it out. But, learn to filter what works and what is just part of the classic Thanksgiving dinner convos.

At Least One Awkward Conversation About Pop Culture Goes Down
ellaceron on Twitter

Surprisingly, your older relatives and family members are pretty in tune with popular culture. They likely know the latest update on Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, and ask you what "woke" means. (You know, just to stay informed.)

You appreciate these moments in the conversation, because nobody is bringing up graduation. But, you also have to cringe when you're talking about Justin Bieber and how he got more attractive over the years with your cousins, and your parents are hanging right in the next room.

Can You Just Rent A Partner For These Family Events?
oliviaamcgintyy on Twitter

Maybe you're single and loving life, waiting for the stars in the universe to align, or not interested in branching out into the dating world. All of those options are absolutely OK. But, that doesn't stop at least one family member from asking you about your relationship status, likely over a pot of homemade soup.

Suddenly, your current situation goes from cozy and content, to uncomfortable AF. Can you just rent a significant other for these kinds of family events? Now, you might be onto something.

You Try To Answer Those Questions As Truthfully (And Sarcastically) As Possible
malenasmusic on Twitter

On the bright side, your sarcasm has a field day at family dinners. Everyone's eating turkey and mashed potatoes, and somebody asks you to pass the corn. This is their icebreaker into a much larger and deeper conversation about your life and #adulting. It's inevitable, and so you pass the bowl and prepare to tell the hard truth.

How are classes going? Well, you're coping with chemistry and didn't fall asleep in the library last week. Everybody laughs, but little do they know, you're just spitting out straight #facts.

You Learn That Being Home Is All About Balance And Explaining Meme Culture
andrewbheimer on Twitter

When it comes to social media and meme culture, your parents aren't totally clueless. They have Facebook and see your witty comments and posts. Your dad has come to understand the meaning behind, "Let's get this bread," and your mom always reacts to posts, instead of just liking them.

You're honestly pretty proud of how far they've come. But, when you're home, you have to find the balance between their world and yours. So, you watch their favorite television shows, and then explain the pure beauty of Salt Bae.

Contrary To Popular Belief, You Do Have A Plan
collegeprobiem on Twitter

It might not seem like you have everything figured out when you're talking with your family members. But, contrary to popular belief, you do have somewhat of a five-year plan.

You plan on being that girl who loves to travel, and comes to Thanksgiving dinners with amazing stories to tell from your trips abroad. Maybe you're going to live in Paris for a year, and completely dodge these conversation altogether. Once again, you might be onto something.

You Always End Up Teaching Your Parents About Technology
ariscott on Twitter

Just like those questions about college and your future, teaching your parents about technology is inevitable during Thanksgiving break. Suddenly, you've become the one in the room with all the answers. (Things like this, only millennials would understand.)

Your mom comes over to you on the couch with her phone. She wants to post a cute holiday message, but doesn't know how to add the photo. At first, you think to yourself, "Ah, a teaching moment!" But then, you just grab it and do it yourself. Much easier, huh?

...And If You're Not Teaching It, You're Hearing About It
avnul on Twitter

Can you imagine if your dad had a Twitter account? He would tweet his jokes out to the world on the reg, adding hashtags like #LOL or #funnystuff. Naturally, you'd throw him a like, because sometimes his sense of humor is pretty funny.

When the Thanksgiving dinner convos come around though, you kind of cringe. Your aunt wants to start a food blog, and your grandma just doesn't understand profile pictures. You could interrupt and explain the Internet, or just listen to their confusion and hope for the best. (Option two? Yeah, me too.)

Sometimes, You Just Say Things And Have To Go With It
dtraindan on Twitter

You know that episode of The Office when Michael Scott starts a sentence and doesn't really know where it's going to end up? Well, that's a Thanksgiving dinner conversation in a nutshell.

One minute, somebody is asking you a normal and nice question. You start talking and come up with a five-year plan on the spot. You think to yourself, "Maybe I should switch my major to improv," because you're truly selling this story to the crowd. But then, you say something unexpected like "squirrels." Well, it happens to the best of us.

You're Grateful When The Conversation Turns To The Real Important Stuff
dietpepsbri on Twitter

Why are your family members asking about your future when there are much more pressing matters in the world? Seriously, people need to start talking about the secrets from your favorite sitcoms and who invented words.

More often than not, you can expect at least one unusual or weird Google search to happen over dinner. Carving the turkey is put on pause while you contemplate the Tostitos logo. (Spoiler alert: It's two people dipping their chips into salsa. You're welcome.)

You Come To Some Tough Realizations When Dinner Is Over
mckenziecatlett on Twitter

Let me give you the scoop so that you can prepare yourself for what might come. All of those questions about what you're doing with your life — well, they don't necessarily stop. In fact, once you graduate college, you start asking yourself them on the reg. Welp!

Take a deep breath, because in reality, nobody has all of the answers. Your family members may very well ask you over and over again if you have a job or are in a relationship. Truth is, you're right where you're supposed to be. Just respectfully and honestly say, "I don't know," and then B-line for only the best snacks.

Sometimes, You Don't Totally Tell The Truth
collegeprobiem on Twitter

Honesty should always be your best policy. But, you've found over the years that dodging questions and giving not-so-technically-right answers is the way to go at times over the holidays.

Inside your head, you hear a little voice saying, "Well, that's not totally true," and continue to smile and nod. You bring up any other conversation topic imaginable, and pretend to be a lawyer for a hot sec. Um, no further questions. Thanks!

...But, On The Bright Side, "We're All In This Together"
roflo on Twitter

*Cue the High School Musical tune and pull out your basketball jersey.* That's right — "we're all in this together." From the awkward silences, to the long pauses in the middle of conversations, you're not alone in what you're feeling or experiencing.

Just scroll through Twitter and realize this fact for yourself. You already see endless tweets about what went down over turkey, and say, "Phew," when your scenario wasn't quite as bad.

Honestly, we're basically all at the same party. At least, that's what it seems like. Maybe we should just have one big Friendsgiving meal together next year? Let's work on that.