9 Things Only Millennials Would Ever Understand & It's Probably Better That Way

Texting, light leaks, the constant "struggle" that is so real — millennial culture has made quite the mark, and I'm here for it. Over the years, it's only grown, as this generation is becoming a bunch of adults. You're signing leases on your first apartment, filling it with succulents, and changing the world from the comfort of your couch. Yes, it's a beautiful time to be alive, and you love considering yourself a "foodie." Let's be honest, though: There are some things only millennials would understand, and it's probably better that way. (I mean, does anybody really want to explain "Netflix and chill?")

You'd truly need an entire afternoon with your family members to talk through oversized jean jackets, and the concept of "breaking the Internet." Sometimes, you don't even bother mentioning the latest trends on Instagram until you're around your roommates. Your college friends understand your love for reality television and what memes to send you in the morning.

One day, you'll sit your parents down and tell them the story of how "lit" came to life. For now, you're just living your #bestlife. You wake up in the morning, grab some cold brew, and catch up with your friends in the group chat. You're multi-tasking almost every minute, and taking selfies of your haircut or artsy shots of plates of food. To some, you probably come from a different planet. Don't worry — your fellow millennials will always understand. Now, has anyone figured out adulting yet?

The True Joy Of Being A '90s Kid

Let's take a walk down Nostalgia Lane. Nobody understands being a '90s kid better than millennials, and you probably still have your slap bracelets. You remember taking pictures on disposable cameras and wearing denim overalls and clogs on the regular. On the weekends, you rode your scooter down the street with the neighborhood crew and begged Mom to go to Blockbuster for a movie and some Milk Duds. Not to mention, you were obsessed with watching your favorite "old-school" Nickelodeon shows.

You'd love to bring this era back, and break out your Tamagotchi for one last play date. Do you think the Backstreet Boys would get together for a concert, too?

Your Obsession With Anything Millennial Pink

Millennials want to live their life in pink. Not just any shade, though. Yes, this generation has dubbed its own hue, truly making a mark on time. Essentially, this is a pastel pink that makes every room feel bright and spontaneous. It's a pop of color that turns every space into an aesthetically-pleasing place to be.

So far, you've been lucky enough to stay in Airbnbs that are millennial pink, and find the right tones in your favorite coffee shops. You've even ordered those drinks off the secret menu that sport a perfectly saturated shade of pink. It's all very "la vie en rose," if you will!

The Milestone That Was Your First iPod

Do you remember your first iPod? Odds are, it's probably still in one of your drawers waiting for nostalgia to hit. You'll pull it out and turn on the small screen. Only a few apps will pop up, most of which are games. Naturally, you'll play a couple rounds of Temple Run to see if you still have the skills.

Back in the day, you'd spend hours syncing up your playlists to this little device and buying music in the Apple Store. Your parents helped you untangle your headphones, and soon enough, you were a master at navigating the main menus. Now, you're onto bigger things. (I mean, have you seen the size of that phone screen?)

The Constant Need To Travel The World

The travel bug never goes away when you're a millennial. No matter how often you hop on planes, the wanderlust will still find you a few days later. You'll come back from a trip, and already be planning the next one. Will you ever slow down? Probably not until you've checked everything off your bucket list.

Sometimes, you blame the internet for giving you such a passion for this planet. Your friends are traveling to Thailand, Bali, and all around Europe. Suddenly, you want in, and are renting a camper van to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, too. You even have a bunch of Airbnbs saved on the side. Whoops!

The Love For Listening To Podcasts

Podcasts are a guilty pleasure for so many millennials. Instead of listening to the radio in the car, you'll put on the latest episode from your favorite comedian. There are the crime shows, health blogs, and the political ones that keep you up-to-date on world news. The options are honestly endless.

Soon enough, you find your niché, or start taking recommendations from your roommates. When you're not listening to podcasts, you're streaming music straight from your phone via Bluetooth. (What's with all this technology, huh?)

Your Choice To Follow An Alternative Career Path

To this day, my parents don't quite understand what I'm doing with my life. Working remotely just wasn't as popular with that generation. My family members constantly ask me about my office, or what it's like to work from home every day. Following an alternative career path, or not having a traditional workplace, is something that comes with millennial culture.

Nowadays, you can travel the world and get paid. Bloggers are finding ways to turn experiences and creative passions into paychecks, while others are running apps from the comfort of their home. The nine-to-five life isn't your only option anymore, and that's hard for some to understand.

The Need To Find A Local Coffee Shop

Finding a local coffee shop and becoming a regular is a dream come true for any millennial. You fully plan on scoping out a spot on your block, wherever you go. You'll bring your laptop and ask for the Wi-Fi password at the counter. The barista will ask for your preference on whipped cream or caramel swirls, and you'll know exactly what you want. To a bystander, this whole process probably seems quite complicated. It's all part of the experience, though, and something this generation has down to a science.

...And Eat Avocado Toast In The Morning

This generation is all about its avocado toast. You just want to be healthy, and spreading a layer of something green on a slice of bread seems to do the trick. You'll sprinkle a bit of pink Himalayan salt, or even some spicy pepper flakes to kick it up a notch. That's the best way to start any day, am I right? On the side, you'll likely have a cold brew, or maybe an açaí bowl. Your older family member doesn't understand the trend, but they're just salty that they can't snag a bite. Quinoa, anyone?

The Reason Why Every Space Needs A Succulent

Two words: Aesthetically pleasing. Millennials are all about creating spaces for themselves that make sense. You want to have the rack in the kitchen to hang your extraordinary mugs, and the neon signs over your bed. You dream of filling your apartment with neutral pieces, and using gold and wood as accents. Not to mention, most of these items will be coming from IKEA. It's all about good vibes, and putting a succulent in every room is a must — or one of those plants that hangs from the ceiling. That would be just fine, too.