7 Travel Blogger Apps To Download To Step Up Your Influencer Game

So, you want to be a travel blogger, huh? Well, let me tell you: It's not all about dreamy trips to Europe and carrying around a film camera. That's part of it, but there are also a lot of late nights, cups of coffee, and creativity that goes into constantly producing solid #content. I have no doubt that you're artsy, smart, and ambitious enough to do it. But, the best travel blogger apps to download will totally step up your game, and help you get going.

By now, you likely have your favorite influencers you follow on YouTube and Instagram. They've been your biggest sources of inspiration, but navigating the industry by yourself is not so easy and clear. You may have downloaded some social media guides, or done some research on how to collaborate with brands. It's a lot more complex than you originally thought, but you're passionate about what you're creating and ready to take on any challenge.

You started with creating your own YouTube channel, and filming some vlogs. There were the tech problems, editing tricks, and that time your audio decided to disappear. (Perfect, that's what I was hoping for!) It's been quite the wild ride already, and you're just looking for some apps that'll help you get the best job done. Lucky for you, I've gathered up exactly what you should download, to kickstart your career as a travel blogger and influencer.

1. Airbnb


Being a travel blogger and influencer requires, well, traveling. You need to jet-set to new places that are off the radar, and recreate them for your followers and feed. You'll have to try new foods, go on some excursions, and give your honest reviews of every experience later on. It just comes with the territory.

But, it's no question that traveling isn't cheap. You're constantly finding ways to save money, and downloading the Airbnb app will help your bank account a lot. Everywhere you go, book a place to stay through this app instead of spending all your pennies on a hotel or private hostel room. (Not to mention, you can find some apartments and homes that are super aesthetically pleasing!)

2. Pinterest


Every creative gets stuck sometimes. You'll pick up your camera and just have no idea how to pose, or what to shoot. It's natural, but definitely can be a big problem when you're trying to post new content on the reg.

During these times, don't freak out (Although, I know that's easier said than done.) Instead, try to find inspiration in places that you may have never thought to look. Personally, I love doing vague searches on the Pinterest app, and seeing what creative ideas other people have pursued. You don't want to replicate their visions right down to every detail, but checking out new photographers and editing styles is a great way to get going again.

3. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

Being a blogger means you have at least one editing app on your phone. Over the years, I tried so many before settling on my favorites. I worked with filters in one program, and messed with the light curves in another. Finally, I landed on Adobe Lightroom, which has a free mobile version, just for on-the-rise influencers like you.

Bloggers love this editing app because it has so many options. Hues, saturation, and shadows can all be manipulated in this one place. You can find your editing style and apply it to multiple photos to create a consistent feed. If you're having trouble getting started, maybe consider purchasing a preset pack to get the gist of the program.



UNUM is all about creating a consistent feed for your 'Gram. You can upload your photos to the app, and then move them around to see how they'd look once they've been posted. (Pretty sweet, if I do say so myself.)

Truth is, as much as you might love certain pictures you get when you study abroad, or go out to brunch with your besties — sometimes, they just don't flow when they're side-by-side. In the blogger and influencer world, this makes a big difference. You want people to be attracted to what you're creating, and that starts with your brand and visuals as a whole. Be proactive and download this app to bring yourself to the next level.

5. Unfold


Creating beautiful Instagram stories requires an app, too. Nowadays, it's not just about what you post directly on your feed. Your followers are tapping that bubble, and expecting to see even more fire #content. They want to see short clips and photo collages that you've put together from your latest trip to the Pacific Northwest. With the Unfold app, you have a place to create visuals that will inspire.

My favorite thing about this app is the different frames. You can move around your images, and lay them out in a way that enhances colors, or puts focus on the background. Certain packs that are available for purchase within the app will put your pictures into a Polaroid, and you can even add some blurbs in the space below. Give it a try, OK?

6. Notes


What would a blogger do without the Notes app? Truth be told, I live and breathe by this app, and the ability to write down everything that's going through my head. When I'm out get an idea for a vlog or photo shoot, I'll write it in my notes. If something particularly funny or memorable happens that I want to remember for content down the road, I'll start typing away. See how that works?

Especially when you're traveling, it's convenient to pull out your phone and jot down the names of restaurants, or spots you decided to check out. Later on, you'll use that to create travel guides, or give recommendations to your loyal followers. (Trust me: Life as a blogger and influencer can get busy, and you will forget about it otherwise.)

7. Postmates


Hear me out on this one: Life as a blogger can be chaotic. When you're deep into editing programs, dedicating hours to filming new content, or writing up blog posts, the last thing you want to do is stop and cook yourself some food. But, you have to eat — there's absolutely no doubt about that. So, I suggest that you download the Postmates app for when you don't have time to hit the kitchen and whip up a home-cooked meal.

This app will use your location to find local restaurants, and then allow you to get their food delivered directly to your door. Not all areas use Postmates, so you may need find a service that works better for you. You may find that UberEats, GrubHub, or Seamless is more popular in your area. Either way, creating requires brain power. So, be sure to download an app that'll fuel the blogger and influencer in you.