7 Millennial Pink Places You Can Actually Rent On Airbnb For Your Bachelorette

Life is better when it's lived in millennial pink. It's not a proven fact, but you know from Instagram and following those trendy bloggers that it certainly makes any experience a whole lot better. Posing against pink walls in lively cities has become your favorite hobby, and you tend to seek out the color of this generation everywhere you go. You order the dreamiest drink off of the secret menu at Starbucks, and would love to have a cotton candy bar at your wedding reception. These millennial pink places on Airbnb would be perfect for something like a bachelorette party. (Just pack a pair of rose-colored sunglasses, OK?)

There's something about the color pink that makes you want to blush. You feel warm inside every time you're in the presence of a cute couch or strawberry ice cream cone. You may even keep some fresh flowers in your kitchen that sport the hue, just to brighten your day.

Let's be honest: When you started making plans with your significant other for your wedding, you instantly thought of big, puffy peonies. You looked into venues that were pink, and dreamy destinations for your big day. Hopefully, you took the bachelorette party into some consideration. These seven Airbnbs around the world are waiting for you, and will make any millennial pink lover feel at home.

This Pink House That's Straight Out Of A Postcard

Anything pink feels straight out of a postcard. But, this Airbnb is everything you need for a bachelorette party and checking something off your bucket list.

Located in Oia, Greece, this pink house sits along the hills with a stunning view of the ocean just outside. There's a jacuzzi for when you want to relax after a long day of exploring the town, and about a thousand photo opportunities just in the comfort of your room. (You've always wanted to travel like a blogger, and now you know exactly where to go!)

This Magical Pink Place That May Have Unicorns, TBH

When you walk into this Airbnb in the English countryside, you'll feel like you've entered the land of unicorns and rainbows. The staircases are lined with flowers and twinkle lights, and the walls are covered in glitter. Is this even real? (Spoiler alert: Yes, it is.)

Naturally, the pink lover in you will squeal, especially when you see your bed with all blush-colored pillows. Marrying your significant other will be a dream come true, but having your bachelorette party in a place like this will truly whisk you off your feet.

This Lovely Pink Apartment In A Unique Destination

You may have heard about the dreamy waterfalls of Iceland. You know that the city of Reykjavík has some lively nightlife, and it's just a drive away from some seriously adventurous locations. But, what you didn't realize is that there's a pink apartment right in the center that's waiting for you and your girl crew. Say what, now?

You'll wake up in a unique destination, and spend your days exploring the shops and restaurants nearby. When you're feeling outdoorsy, you'll throw on some hiking boots and a jacket, and head out of town. (Places like the Blue Lagoon should be on your bucket list, purely for the mud mask.) This won't be your average bachelorette party, and a millennial pink lover like you wouldn't want it any other way.

This Pink House With A Rooftop Pool (Yes, Please!)

Set your sights on Spain for another dreamy Airbnb that's pink and has a dope pool. This house is located just 15 minutes from the downtown area of Barcelona, which is such a lively city.

During the day, you'll go to all the tourist spots and eat loads of paella. But then, you and the girls will retreat back to your aesthetically pleasing place for an afternoon siesta. Packing sunscreen for this trip will be a must, considering you'll be soaking up so much sun. Sign me up to take a dip in this destination, too.

This Pink Lady Located On The West Coast

The West Coast is often referred to as the "best coast," and is probably one of the best locations for a bachelorette party. With beautiful beaches, and charming Airbnbs, what more you could want?

This pink mansion is located in Eureka, which is close to the renowned redwoods of the California coast. You won't be disturbed by the hustle and bustle of cities like Los Angeles, but rather be able to relax in a lovely bathtub for an entire afternoon. Every princess needs a castle, and this just may be yours (considering it's pink and all).

This Cozy Pink Home Away From Home

There's something about Ireland that already feels so cozy. You can imagine yourself roaming around the Cliffs of Moher in an oversized sweater, and checking out all the local pubs. You'll gather your girls up for an afternoon in the countryside, and kiss the Blarney Stone. When all is said and done, you'll want to move into this millennial pink Airbnb in Newtownmountkennedy, Ireland, because it's just so picture-perfect. Do you think bae will come next time?

This Bright Pink Home To Stay In After A Safari

For the bachelorettes out there who have a huge sense of adventure and bubbly personality, there's this bright pink home in Cape Town, South Africa. The plane ride will be a bit long, but it'll be worth it to make some memories in such a unique place. You can book a safari, or just roam down the colorful streets of Bo Kaap neighborhood.

On your wedding day when you're telling stories, you'll have to talk about your bachelorette party. It was all about pink, and as unforgettable as ever.