9 Things You Can Relate To If You Wish You Lived On The West Coast, Best Coast

Word on the street is that the West Coast is the "best coast." You grew up somewhere else in the country, so you don't know this fact for sure, but you can't deny your daydreams about being a California kid. Maybe you love to surf, or have found yourself following the trendiest fashion bloggers over the years. There are a few things that are all too true if you wish you lived on the West Coast, and it's safe to say you should pack your bags and finally head to where the weather is warm.

When you think of the West Coast, you probably picture the Pacific Coast Highway, surfers, and endless sunshine. You've heard the beaches are beautiful, and you could find the best açaí bowl while walking on the pier. You really want to be the next Lauren Conrad living in Los Angeles. You've watched enough reruns of The Hills to know that the coastline comes with highway traffic and city life, too. Growing up on that side of the country would've made your world so much different than it is now, though. These nine things are currently too true for you, and you're wishing every day was spent on the West Coast (aka, best coast.)

Your Closest Beach Might Be Far Away

If you're from the East Coast, then your summers might include a lot of road trips to the beach. You spend at least a half hour driving down to the shore with your cooler all packed up, just to get your fill of sun and surf.

Being closer to such a sweet spot would be the dream, and it's a struggle you can't imagine you'd ever come across on the West Coast. Not to mention, the sand is pretty rough and there's a lot of seaweed wherever you go. You've gotten used to looking out for jellyfish and stepping on shells, but you seriously wish you could learn how to surf in some bigger, "best coast" waves.

You Take City Trips

Although you might not be close to the best beaches in the U.S., you've taken many city trips. There's Boston, Philadelphia, and of course, The Big Apple. Cruising in a yellow taxi and experiencing the bright lights of Times Square is an amazing experience, but you wish you were surrounded by national parks and wineries instead. You'd trade the complicated subway system for a convertible ride along the coast any day.

You Know Snow All Too Well

Seriously, winter is always coming. Growing up anywhere but the West Coast meant that you've faced some pretty chilly weather. You've been bundled up in blanket scarves until the middle of spring (when Mother Nature decided to throw in one last snow storm), and just can't stand the cold. Even when you go to work in the summertime, you can't avoid the below-freezing temperatures thanks to the aggressive air conditioning.

If you lived in a place like California, you'd be outside in only lightweight sweaters and rocking sandals well into the winter months. The day you finally move to the other side of the country, you'll surely leave behind your shovel. You know that fact for sure.

You Own Way Too Many Sweaters

If you're coming from the East Coast, you have a pretty large stash of sweaters in your closet. As soon as the temperatures drop, everybody pulls out their turtlenecks until May when the weather is finally a bit warmer. You'd love to swap out your oversized cardigans and scarves for sandals and jean shorts any day.

The majority of the time, you have to think about what's practical as opposed to stylish. Those bulky boots aren't ideal when you're trying to look chic, but you grew up with snow instead of surf. The fashion bloggers you follow always look ready for a trendy music festival, and you wish you could channel any one of their closets.

Your Social Media Struggle Is All Too Real

Leave it to Los Angeles and any spot along the West Coast to have the best backdrops for social media. You see pictures all the time on Instagram of bloggers posed against the pink wall on Melrose Avenue, and have major FOMO. Your feed could use some serious inspiration, but you just can't seem to find it right where you are.

Growing up elsewhere in the country meant posting selfies blowing snow at the camera, and capturing photos with dull color schemes. When there are national parks in your backyard, it's a lot easy to produce something captivating for your feed.

You're Always In A Rush

Living on the East Coast has made it impossible to ditch your planner. Your day revolves around the clock, and you've become a pro at multi-tasking. Diving into your bed at the end of the day is always a sigh of relief.

Life just seems a lot chiller and more positive on the West Coast. When the sun is shining, you can't imagine people being in foul moods commuting to work. They might even smile at strangers passing by on the sidewalk, and make the most of the Los Angeles traffic.

You've Always Wanted To Try In-N-Out Burger

The second you make it to the West Coast, your first stop will be In-N-Out Burger. You've heard from all of your friends who have tried the fries for themselves that it's worth the hype. You'll likely order a double-double and a fountain soda, and post the obligatory 'Gram to make all of your followers jealous (and hungry.) Even though you haven't had a single bite of a burger yet, you're already craving the best flavors of California.

You Have A National Park On Your Bucket List

If you've always wished you lived on the West Coast, then you're probably also the most adventurous in your crew. There's at least one national park on your bucket list, and road tripping along the Pacific Coast Highway is your ideal spring break. You've heard so much about the bright teal waters and legendary beaches in Cali, but you know that once you head to the West Coast, there are even more sights to see.

You want to check out Joshua Tree National Park, and see the sand dunes of Death Valley. Even the vibrant Antelope Canyon in Arizona and the mountains of Utah would be unreal.

You've Planned A Trip To See It For Yourself

Seriously, you can't wait any longer to experience the West Coast. If you've been wishing since the days you were in middle school that you lived on the "best coast," then a trip is honestly overdue. You've probably planned to hit the road during the summer to see spots like Big Sur, or are hopping on a plane and checking out Portland in the springtime. Watching movies like La La Land, has only made your daydreams that much more vibrant, and those dreams will be reality very soon.