9 Millennial Pink Places Across The Globe That'll Make Your 'Gram So Vibrant

by Ciara Johnson

Do a quick scroll down your Instagram feed and you'll probably see a dominant color - pink. Not just any pink - millennial pink. Millennial pink has been dubbed as the color of Generation Y. It's not too light and it's not too dark. It may resemble the color of bubblegum, and it is undoubtedly the perfect shade of pink. You may have noticed this shade of pink incorporated in your favorite restaurants, clothing stores, and even your favorite '90s cupcake has officially made it yet another millennial trend. The color makes everyone and everything look cute AF, so we’re not complaining. If you’re looking for your next Instagram backdrop, then take note of these millennial pink places around the world.

If your favorite color is pink, you'll jump for joy every time you stumble upon a pink couch, or even a chic table. It's the little things, right? You'll want to pose behind every pink backdrop and sit in every pink-cushioned chair. You'll probably even be inspired to incorporate millennial pink into your apartment or wardrobe, because it's now acceptable for adults, and we're all about it. Fingers crossed that millennial pink isn't just a phase and it's here to stay.

This Presidential Pink House
Julian Finney/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Forget the White House! What about a pink house?! According to Expedia, La Casa Rosada (which means Pink House) is home to the official offices of Argentina’s president. You can pose up close and even reserve a tour. Can we all move into this beautifully pink place, or what?

An Architect's Pink Dream

This pink complex is an architect's (and Instagrammer’s) dream come true! Designed by Ricardo Bofill, La Muralla Roja (which means The Red Wall) is beyond stunning. You can get lost here as you wander through the maze-like halls and grand stairways of this fortress-like building. You can book a room on Airbnb, as showed above, if you’re dreaming of the perfect pink vacation by the sea

The Pink City

Can we buy a ticket to the Pink City of Jaipur, ASAP? Apparently, according to Jaipur Travel Guide, the king had the city painted pink because he saw the color as a sign of hospitality for a royal visit. The color is still enforced by law to this day. We’re not mad about it, and it's an amazing backdrop for spectacular pictures.

A Pink Lake Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

Mexico is known for its beaches and resorts, but this pink lake alone is worth the trip. Located in the Yucatan, according to The Culture Trip, Las Coloradas obtains this pink hue from the lake’s algae and shrimp. Swimming is no longer allowed, but I think it’s worth it to see this magical lake in real life.

This Pink Hidden Gem In Santorini

Santorini, Greece is known for its white washed homes with blue accents, but if you wander around long enough, you can get your fix of millennial pink too.

According to its Airbnb listing, this cool Greek cave house features a charming private terrace, and it will provide you with the opportunity to see how dreamy Santorini's sunsets are, IRL. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit for the hot tub!

This Pink AF Italian Restaurant
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With a slogan like "Pink As F*ck," you’ll notice this pink restaurant before you even step inside. Pietro Nolita is an Italian restaurant located in New York City, and its pink entrance certainly makes a bright statement on the sidewalk.

This gem features pink bar stools, tables, walls, chairs, and sometimes even pink food. Don't forget to grab your camera, and show up with an empty stomach to eat all of the delicious pasta at this cozy, pink spot on Elizabeth street.

A Pink Pop-Up Museum
Kena Betancur/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This interactive pop-up museum in Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco will give you so many sweet vibes. If ice cream and pink are two of your favorite things, this is the place for you. Almost every wall inside is painted pink, so you'll really be in your glory.

Don’t forget your camera, either. This place was practically designed to impress your Instagram feed. Just head to the website to purchase a ticket and get a taste of the museum’s millennial pink aesthetic.

This Pink London Tea House
theenglishr on Twitter

OK, this pink place looks like it's fit for a princess. Known for it's blush-colored cushions, Sketch is a teahouse in London. Talk about having afternoon tea in style! Channel your inner royalty as you sip on your tea while being surrounded by everything pink.

This Artist's Home And Studio In Mexico City
sasha_m_vintage on Twitter

I think we've all dreamed of living in a pink house as children. According to, Luis Barragan had turned his dreams into reality with pink accents throughout his home and studio. If you ever find yourself in Mexico City, you should try to see this dreamy home up close.

Let's just say that we're down for this millennial pink movement. It gives us the feels, in a good way. It also doesn't hurt that it makes our Instagram feeds pop.