Here's How Ariana Grande's Family Reportedly Reacted To Her Breakup With Pete Davidson

by Jamie LeeLo
Frederick M. Brown/Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Would you believe me if I told you that while the rest of the world was reveling in Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's relationship, her family may have been low-key hoping it wouldn't work out? I know. Me neither. While it's not confirmed this is her family's actual stance on the breakup, new reports are claiming the Grande fam is happy Grande and Davidson's relationship is over. Ariana Grande's family's reaction to her breakup with Pete Davidson is one of relief, according to reports, and TBH, I'm really surprised. I thought everyone was team Pete and Ari! Elite Daily reached out to Grande's team for comment on the report but did not hear back by the time of publication.

As I'm sure you recall, Grande and Davidson embarked on a whirlwind engagement after publicly dating for a few weeks. Their shocking courtship came right after Grande's breakup with her late ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, and Davidson's breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Cazzie David. Just as everyone was recovering from the romance whiplash, Davidson popped the question to Grande. He reportedly asked Grande to marry him in June 2018, and by mid-October 2018, just four months later, the wedding was off. Now, sources are telling People magazine Grande's family is actually relieved.

One insider explained, "She [Ariana] threw herself into the relationship with Pete. She is young, but at least mature enough to realize this wasn’t the right relationship or the right time to get married." The source added, "[Her loved ones] always thought the engagement to Pete happened way too quickly. They didn’t want her to get married to Pete. And Ariana never got to the wedding planning stage. It was all way too soon."

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Undeniably, Grande has had an intense handful of years beginning with the horrific Manchester Attack in May 2017. Since then, she's taken fame breaks, dropped a chart-topping new album, began her relationship with Pete Davidson, and mourned the loss of Mac Miller. According to the source, her family is reportedly encouraging her to take this time to relax and de-stress.

"Ariana has had several stressful situations in the past couple of years. She really isn’t in a position to make huge life decisions," the insider said. "Her family thinks she should just focus on work and not stress about other stuff."

Davidson has reportedly moved out of Grande's New York City apartment and both parties "are relieved." The source said, “Pete’s no longer at the house because why would he be? They broke up. He has no reason to go there. Everyone on both sides are relieved it’s over.”

As for Pete, he's reportedly canceled comedy shows since the breakup went public. However, on Saturday, Oct. 20, Davidson did appear on a show in West Hollywood that he co-hosted with Judd Apatow titled Judd & Pete for America. During that performance, he said to the audience, "Well, as you could tell, I don't want to be here. There's a lot going on." He also joked about how it turns out he was "stupid" for getting matching tattoos with Grande early in their relationship.


Still, fans continue to keep their ears and eyes open for more details and will never stop sending love to both Davidson and Grande.