15 Tweets About Being Single During The Holidays That'll Make You Say, "Did I Write That?"

by Candice Jalili

As someone who spent the vast majority of her life single, I know what it's like to be single during the holidays. I know what it's like answering all of those incessant questions from relatives who can't seem to understand how in the world a catch like you is still single. I know what it's like helping all your friends' boyfriends plan elaborate gifts from them when you're looking forward to something from one person: mom. So when I saw some tweets about being single during the holidays, I fully understood that they were SO REAL.

The worst part of being single during the holidays? Well, I would have to go with the loneliness. It's like, every other day of the year being single isn't that big of a deal, but then, this one season rolls around, and suddenly, your singleness is being rubbed in your face by everyone who's in a relationship. And don't even get me started on the family members who will go to any lengths to make absolutely certain that you don't forget how everyone else is seamlessly finding love, while you seem to be, for some inexplicable reason, plagued with lifelong loneliness.

So read through these tweets and put your loneliness to rest. You are not alone in your loneliness when it comes to the holidays!

This is the first time she's been single since she was 10.

He only thinks about being single late at night.

She can't wait to remind her entire family — at every single holiday — over and over and over again how single she is.

This person has a great idea for taking yourself out on a date. (The Mariah Carey Christmas album is a great touch.)

Time for his family to ask about his nonexistent girlfriend!

His singleness is getting in the way of his holiday enjoyment!

This person has a point. Being single during the holidays is better than getting cheated on.

Who wants to apply to be his fake significant other?!

And while we're at it, who wants to apply to be her fake boyfriend?

Seriously, so many applications are open here, you guys. Just don't start catching feelings.

She's ready to finally put an END to all of those questions.

The holidays just rub her singleness in her face.

She hates that all her friends are leaving her to go to the movies alone.

He's fully bracing himself for his family members' interrogations.

Her mom made a funny joke when she suggested she be single.

OK, now that we've taken enough time to wallow in our sorrows, let me leave you with this positive note — a little holiday season pick-me-up, if you will.

Yes, you're single this holiday season, and yes, your family is probably going to be extremely annoying about it, BUT there are some silver linings. You're single because you're refusing to settle for someone who won't make you happy. And even if you're sitting there wallowing about the fact that you know who could have made you happy, but you're just not with them, let me offer you this little piece of advice: You're not with that person for a reason.

While the specific reason — whatever it may be — that you're not with this person may not be obvious right now, you'll likely find out later on and be thankful things worked out the way they did. So for now, embrace being single and all the freedom it gives you. You rule!

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