These Hilariously Relatable "Don't Say It" Memes Will Make You Say, "It Me"

Like all internet-surfing millennials, I really, really love a good, old-fashioned meme that leaves me thinking "wow, that's so me." And even though "big cow," "moth and lamp," and "let's get this bread" are straight-up hilarious, these "Don't Say It" memes have emerged from the depths of the Twitterverse, and they're honestly more relatable than any viral tweet I've yet to see. TBH, I am sooo guilty for saying each and every one of these (highly absurd) things.

In a nut shell, the "Don't Say It" meme basically makes fun of when you're trying to avoid a sticky situation, and your subconscious is relentlessly telling you not to say something dumb, over and over again. You keep repeating "don't say it, don't say it, don't say it" in your head, but in the end, you say it. You just couldn't help yourself.

It all started way back on Oct. 21, 2017, according to KnowYourMeme, when Twitter user @Pandamoanimum tweeted that their brain was saying "don't say it" when they hailed a taxi, and automatically asked how the driver's night has been. It gained a ton of popularity, and on Nov. 7, 2018, the same user posted something similar, which went completely viral. The rest of Twitter decided to start making their own, and that's how it came to be.

Several versions of the meme poke fun at how people handle certain social situations. Whether you're at the nail salon, talking to someone older than you, or checking out at a store, there are so many dumb things you could possibly say, and even though you try to refrain, you usually end up saying them anyhow. Check out a few examples (and try not to cringe too hard) from the tweets, below.

A lot of the "Don't Say It" memes are super relatable for those who are guilty of dropping classic "dad jokes." While it's probably best not to say them, who can resist when the time is right? Anyway, these ones are sure to connect with any dad at heart.

Others make hilarious pop cultural references, whether it's a quote from That 70s Show or if it's simply an ode to the glorious Spongebob Squarepants. If you're a Netflix queen like myself, you'll most definitely recognize at least half — if not all — of these amazing references.

Then, of course, these memes tend to get political, because how could they not? Regardless of where you stand, nobody can resist a good political joke from time to time.

Maybe you don't need advice on what not to say in certain situations, but instead, you need relationship guidance. If that's the case, the "he's not your man if" meme is hilarious and will totally give you a better idea of who that dude you're dating actually is. If he does X, Y, and Z, he might not be your man — he might be someone else. See below for an example.

They're seriously hilarious, and will probably answer like, 99 percent of your dating questions.

Based on how often I end up regretting the silly things that I say, "Don't Say It" is definitely making me realize how little common sense I have. But, as some might say, "Do it for the meme."