11 Tweets About The Holidays That'll Make You Feel All Warm & Fuzzy Inside

It's no wonder why this is the most wonderful time of the year. With fairy lights and sparkly bows glistening throughout your town, festive music streaming on the radio, and your loved ones by your side, you can't help but feel all merry and bright during the holidays. Give me a good Christmas movie and hot cocoa, and I'm instantly in my happy place. I don't even need cozy blankets, because I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside from the excitement. I'm not the only one who feels this way, either — and tweets about the holidays will instantly give you the feels.

This year raced by, and I can't believe we're so close to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. With time moving so quickly, it can be a little difficult to transition into the holiday spirit. It usually takes me breaking out my Christmas tree, putting on the *NSYNC Christmas album, and decorating my apartment to make me feel all jolly. If you're just not feeling it quite yet, hopefully, these 11 tweets will help you get in the mood and planning your very own cozy night in baking sugar cookies and playing Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You."

When The Christmas Lights Begin To Go Up
doctor_dave80 on Twitter

The first house on the block to decorate has got it right. As far as I'm concerned, there's never a thing as "too early" when it comes to putting up Christmas lights — especially because they make passersby instantly feel the magic of the holidays.

Let's Be Honest: It's Always A Perfect Time To Play "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree"
hannahlouisa_xo on Twitter

Who made all of these rules that said it's "too early" to listen to Christmas music before December? If you're feeling it's the right time to listen to a little Mariah Carey or Brenda Lee, then I say go for it! Anyone who says otherwise may very well be a Grinch or just lying to themselves about how much they love Christmas music.

Even Your Fur Babies Are Pawsitively Excited About The Howlidays
isagenixmarti on Twitter

Your pets are just as excited to ring in the holiday season. It means gingerbread-flavored dog treats and a few presents under the Christmas tree, too. That's why it's perfectly fine to celebrate by dancing around with your furry best friends.

Facts: Pie Love The Holidays So Much, Especially Because They Involve Homemade Pumpkin Pie
wgrzheather on Twitter

Sorry, turkey, but it just wouldn't be a successful Thanksgiving without the pie. I only have pies for, well, pie! Pumpkin, sweet potato, chocolate, pecan, apple — you name it. I'll take any pie this holiday season and be perfectly content.

Dancing Your Way Over To All Of The Holiday Food Like...
tresmittyy on Twitter

There's nothing more exciting than when the food is ready to be served, and it's time to start filling up your plate like a boss. Sure, you could act all chill like you don't want to just devour everything on the spread, but it's so much more fun to groove your way over to pure foodie bliss.

Give Me All The Pumpkin-Flavored Treats
thecynthecyn on Twitter

If you weren't already a foodie, the holidays will surely turn you into one. Every pumpkin spice foodie pic I see on Instagram has me just as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. I'll take three of those pumpkin rolls, please and thank you.

There's Nothing Better Than Heading Home For The Holidays
therealkamie on Twitter

No matter what's on your holiday wish list, the only thing you want this year is to be back home with your family. There really is nothing better than spending time with the ones you love — it's the only gift that's truly priceless.

Let's Talk Leftovers, Shall We?
reynoldswrap on Twitter

Of course, Twitter isn't solely a place for jokes, memes, and pictures of your pet. My favorite is when brands join in the fun by tweeting out some hilariously festive stuff. It just goes to show that everyone is gearing up for the holidays... and the leftovers, duh!

Thinking About All Of Those Glorious Days Off
25days on Twitter

Sure, the turkey dinner is great and all, but the holidays are also wonderful for the time off of work you're #blessed with. Hearing things like "half day," "work from home," and "short week" is sweet music to your ears.

Christmas Cookies? Yes, Please!
juliannelilholt on Twitter

To be honest, I think I love cookies just as much as Santa does. So, when I see festively-decorated ones like these beautiful snowflake cookies, I'm in sweet holiday heaven.

Counting Down The Days With Excitement Like...
elfmoviequotes on Twitter

When you love the holidays so much, you love counting down the days until Christmas. You also can make the countdown itself just as much fun as Christmas day. In fact, that's what advent calendars were made for. You get to treat yourself for 25 days of December with some chocolate or other goodies. That truly is the definition of living your best life, am I right?