10 Tweets About Being Single On Thanksgiving That Are Way Too Relatable

During Thanksgiving, you usually head home to see your family for a full day of stuffing your face. If you're single, you're not bringing anyone home with you, and may be tweeting about it a lot. Additionally, your family members may be saying something about your relationship status that may rub you the wrong way. Or you're thinking about how much your cousin and their partner are relationship goals while all you're committed to is sweet potato casserole (me). Tweets about being single on Thanksgiving really just hit the nail on the head. Or the gravy on the turkey.

While you're sitting around, helping your family out to prep meals, or hopping over to a local Friendsgiving feast, you may think about how you're not bringing someone with you to the festivities. And while there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to being single, sometimes it's nice to vent out any frustrations you may have — or read other peoples' frustrations or feelings that may read a lot like your own. I gathered up a list of tweets about being single on Thanksgiving that are all too relatable. Read on to see what people had to say about their single life around Thanksgiving.

Mashed potatoes are everything.
calebbielskii on Twitter

Honestly, like. the dedication I have to mashed potatoes could be described as complicated. I love it so much, but sometimes it puts me in pain, you know? (That post-Thanksgiving feast pain is strong.)

Simple, but true.
rowdy_rae on Twitter

People are usually broadcasting their loved ones extra hard during the holidays, which may make you all the more aware if you don't have a special someone in your life.

When they've lost hope...sort of.
mal_morton on Twitter

Here's a tiny reminder from a 25-year-old that 30 is actually pretty young.

Here's a fresh dose of tough love.
morgan_hayes97 on Twitter

I will just eat my mashed potatoes. Thank you, Morgan. Can't guarantee anything on the "chill out" end of things. I'll try.

Love when they try to set you up.
lomeggie on Twitter

It's like they're basically just saying, "You're sad and alone? Let me fix that for you!" Welcome to Thanksgiving 2018, AKA people desperately trying to set you up.

Social media can be evil sometimes.
brown_savannah on Twitter

Instagram, the social media Satan that can sometimes make you sad suddenly, is maybe something to not scroll through if you're feeling a little down about the single life.

It can be an adjustment if you're not used to it.
fredo_mov on Twitter

If you're used to bringing your partner home for the holidays, it can be a big awakening to your relationship status when that routine of going home together is disrupted. Hopefully, being around family helps.

You can be happy for the other couples out there.
snotgurldaily on Twitter

They do look cute sometimes. Maybe. But cuffing season lasts until February, just remember that.

I've seen a glimpse into my future.
mundhenkekay on Twitter

My sister does not have children but for some reason, being the cool drunk aunt seems like a future of mine.

Wow me.
b_brookshire_ on Twitter

Although to be fair, I've never brought anyone home on Thanksgiving, so it would be news if I did bring someone home.

Now that you've enjoyed those tweets, it's time to look forward to the most important part of Thanksgiving: the food. Oh, and getting a cute fall picture for Instagram to show how festive and autumnal you are. Yep, those are the important things.