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These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Break Up With You Over Text

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Is the song "Text Message Breakup" by Kelly running through your mind right now? Or is the fact that I can still remember that song just a testament to how old I am? Regardless, the sentiment stands true, and breaking up with someone over a text message in some situations, might be the last thing you want to do. Obviously, the best course of action is to end things in a way that you feel is most fitting to the way your relationship was, and what you and your partner deserve. Unfortunately, there are still a million different reasons why that's easier said than done, especially for the zodiac signs who are most likely to break up with you over text message.

If you're on the receiving end of a text message breakup, it can feel absolutely mind-boggling. You know you're screenshotting that breakup text and sending it to all of your best friends immediately so they can help you figure out how to deal. While your immediate reaction might be to feel infuriated, there are two sides to every story. Sometimes breaking up with someone over text message is really the safest course of action. If your partner has a horrible temper, or your relationship was just a casual, fleeting fling, why put yourself through more pain or discomfort? If you're ending things after just a few dates, why make the break up more dramatic by scheduling an in-person meeting? Like I said, there are a million reasons why a text message breakup might make sense.

Whatever the case, the following zodiac signs are definitely known for ending it by sending it:


Aries: They're So Impulsive, They Definitely Hit "Send"

Aries tends to go with their gut and trust their impulses, so if they're not feeling the relationship anymore, they'll want to end it as soon as possible. Since it can take a while to schedule a meeting, they're likely to just reach for the phone and get it over with. Keeping the relationship going when they're not into it, even for just a little while longer, seems like a waste of time to both the Aries and their partner.

Taurus: They're Not Interested In Meeting You In Person

When a Taurus is over their relationship, they are really over it. There's no doubt in their mind that an expiration point has been reached. Because Taureans is so committed to their relationships, it takes them a long time to process a potential breakup, and they probably already feel like they wasted way too much energy on it. Why waste even more by having some long and draining conversation about why everything went wrong?

Libra: They Want To Avoid Confrontation At All Costs

Libras really hate it when social interactions get dicey or aggressive, and so they'll go out of their way to avoid a dramatic breakup. The idea of having to tell their partner, in person, that they no longer want to be with them just makes them so uncomfortable. An emotional conversation about why the relationship isn't working? A Libra says, "No, thanks" to that. As soon as they hit "send" on that compassionately written breakup text, they feel flooded with relief.

Pisces: They Can't Go Through With It In Person

Actually going through with a breakup is super difficult for a sensitive Pisces. They're so romantic that they hate the idea of their relationship going sour in the first place. Plus, even if it's over, they still have a lot of love for you. The thought of hurting their partner's feelings scares them to bits. So if a Pisces tries to break up with someone in person, they might not even end up breaking it off at all. At least they don't have to see their partner's sad face when they do it over a text.

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